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Thread: Character Bios

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    Character Bios

    Character Bios

    This is where you'll post your character bios and have them approved! I'm looking forward to getting to know all your characters!

    Playable Characters

    : Humans are the most common race in Arcanium. Most humans can't use magic. In the ones that can however, it shows up in the form of a Grace. Graces are incredibly rare and allow a human to be increbibly gifted in ONE specific catergory such as: baking, swimming, hunting, animal speech to one particular species, hand to hand combat, etc... Just because a human has a Grace does not mean that they are invincible in that area. Before the Mixing Disaster (that's what they call the war) humans had cross bred with elves and sometimes on rare occasions humans will have an unsual eye color like an elf but these humans are generally not excepted very well in current times. Usually the humans with Graces are the ones that have some elven blood in them. Also humans with Graces are prone to having two different colored eyes but the don't always.

    Elves: Elves wield elemental magic: Water, fire, earth, and air, they also wield shadow and light, light magic is healing magic and shadow is literally light manipulation. Elves specialize in ONE form of this magic. Elves can bond with dragons or other creatures and create a link called a Soulex, this literally bonds their souls and they share a mental connection and can share power. Elves can have any eye color, including orange, violet, lavendar, light blue, dark green, pink, etc... Only not red. Also elves look human and can effectively blend in human society as long as their magic is not found out.

    Demons: Demons are creatures that can take the form of a human or elf. They are deciteful by nature and are almost always in a situation for personal gain. Demons must be affiliated with a certain negative attribute. Example: Demon of Lust, Pain, suffering, pride, ect... Demons have burgudy eyes and when there magic is animated the have red eyes. Demons have the ability to infect people with their negative attribute but only through contact and they cannot control a person, simply suade them. Also some half demons exist because they have bred with the humans and elves. Basically the half demons have more morality, they tend to be linked to telekinetic magic, no ones why. Examples: move objects (small), mind reading (through contact), etc...

    Shifters: Shifters are exactly that, Shifters, they can pick ONE animal form that they can change into at will. In this form though they are slightly larger than normal animals of that species and they keep whatever eye color they have before they change. For example, a shifter with blue eyes changes into an owl, that owl will have blue eyes. Shifters are becoming more and more rare but still are around, they spend a lot of time hiding because humans hate magic and consider their ability magic and elven officials will try to pressure them into taking sides.

    Dragons: Dragons are intelligent and generally not blood thirsty. They can live in peace with the elves however sometimes they become feral or rouge and attempt to kill anything or anyone that crosses there path. They have an increbily strong life force and can use that to feed their riders magic but cannot wield it on there own. They are massive and are only one color.

    Schlyvokk: The Schlyvokk are vampire like creatures. They are intelligent but not civilized. The are blood thristy and extremely aggressive. They cannot live with others because they too competitive and will kill even there own kind. They are ridiculously fast and strong. They don't use weapons other than their own claws. Their biggest downfall is they are slow to learn. and sunlight slows them down. The Schlyvokk are venomous and can turn any other creature (except dragons) if the venom does not kill them. They must be infect by bite. The venom can be treated by elven light magic or by human medicines.

    Tyenhok Warriors: Tyenhok warriors live across the Athoric sea (a smallish inland sea) to the north. The have a barbaric society and are very similiar to vikings. The have different clans which they come from. They wield no magic but are similiar to half giants. They are very large, (imagine Hagrid from HP) and increibly strong. They are also very resistant. Many wield special axes or hammers that only the Tyenhok know how to forge.

    Whose side are you on? (any questions feel free to ask!)
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    Nathum / Nathia / N'Ath

    Demon Name: Nathum
    Human Name: Nathia
    Elf Name: N'Ath

    Nathum is a young female demon who disguises herself as both a human and an elf. She lives among both kinds to satisfy her needs.

    She feeds on emotional pain, which gives her high levels of pleasure and increases her magical energy, allowing her to perform some basic dark magic moves. She's also very manipulative and pushes both men and elves into emotional suffering.
    She's not magically strong, but when she's able to store enough magical energy, she can have some one time wild moves.
    She's also a fireporter. Touching fire, she can use its strength and vibration to teleport to other places.

    Items of Note:
    Morningberries. These are some very special fruits that she uses to disguise her in front of both humans and elves. She uses the fruit's juice to cover her eyes which gives her an aura of glamour around her that makes her human self look completely different from her elf self.
    She has Morningberries at both of her homes, among elves and humans. She's the only one who knows how to extract its juice and make it work.

    Brief Description:
    For demon standards, she's a young one, but she's over 100 years old. In both of her human and elf forms she looks like an 18 year-old woman.
    She's short, thin, and has white hair. Her eyes are usually burgundy and red when she uses her demonic powers, but they may look different when she wears morningberry juice.
    She's very beautiful and charming when she posses as a human or as an elf, since that's part of the nature of her disguise. As a demon, she loses most of her softness, but keeps some of her charm.

    The war between humans and elves has offered her all sorts of joy since she's a demon who feeds on emotional pain. Still, she's become a bit of a glutton and established in both sides to get the most out of these creatures.
    She's related with a powerful demon family, but she severed those ties long ago and sought to satisfy her needs on her own.
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    Name: Kriska Westin
    Race: Elf
    Element: water

    physical: Kriska is tall and thin. She appears very graceful. She skin is incredibly pale, almost ghostly. Her hair is completely white, with no trace of blonde just white. Her eyes are a very deep purple, voilet color and create a very intense contrast with her pale skin and white hair.

    : Kriska is fairly delicate and weak physically but she is extremely gifted with her magic. She uses her control over water to create a bow and arrows made entirely of ice and that is her prefered weapon of choice. She is a dragon rider. Her dragon's name is Leaira. Leaira is among the smallest of the dragon's but what she lacks in size she makes up for in speed. Kriska and Leaira generally use the bow and arrows because they are fast and deadly with them.

    Personality: Kriska is very delicate and shy. She is very innocent most of the time and has been known to appear like an angel to some. She is extrememly kind hearted towards her friends but it takes a while for her to open up because she's so shy. Once she has become your friend though she is fiercely loyal and will protect you under any circumstances. She appears weak and almost meek but can be very dangerous and deadly with her bow. Also Kriska is a twin.

    Leaira: Leaira.jpg
    Leaira is very much like her rider. She is a bit shy and can appear almost meek to certain people. She is very small, only just large enough for Kriska to ride on. She likes to be in the company of others but does not like making decisions for the group.

    History: Kriska is young in Elven standards. She about 23 years of age and appears 19. She bonded with Leaira when she was approximately 16 years old. She lived with her parents and her twin sister, Bram, in an Elven city until she bonded, then she went to training to become a knight for the king as most bonded elves do. She has just finished her training and is used as a scout or as a messanger rather than a soldier because of her speed and lack of strength.

    Kriska is an NPC character
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    Name: Bram Orel
    Race: Elf
    Element: Fire

    Physical: Bram is sturdy and strong. She is average hieght. She has short brown hair and brown eyes. Her skin is tanned and she appears strong. She couldn't look more opposite from her twin.

    Abilities: Bram is stronger than a human and she wields fire as her element. She is a Dragon rider as well and her dragon, Krypte, is among the largest of the dragons. They aren't nearly as fast as Leaira and Kriska but the are much stronger.

    Personality: Bram is very laid back and easy going. She'll make friends with just about anyone and is very quick to smile. She tends to be the responsible member in a group and is a natural leader so she rose quickly in the ranks. She likes to get things done but isn't afraid to relax. She is a great friend and often very enjoyable as a traveling partner. She is fiercely protective of her twin sister and will do anything to protect her under any circumstances. The fastest (and one of the only) ways to make Bram angry is threatening her sister.

    Krypte: Krypte.jpg
    Krypte is also very much like his rider. He is faster to anger than her but he is generally very laid back. He is incredibly powerful because of his size and uses it to his advantage. He is very protective of his rider and her twin. Krypte loves Kriska and Leaira dearly and will do anything to protect them. He is generally kind and not very quick to judge.

    Bram is an NPC character
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    Name: Ekeedi Thorn
    Race: Human
    Grace: stealth

    Physical: Ekeedi is a young boy, roughly 14 years in age. He has flaming red hair two different colored eyes. One eye is a light green and the other a dark blue. He is muscular but thin and a slightly under fed. His clothes are baggy and dirty.

    Abilities: Ekeedi is Graced with stealth. His abillity to remain quiet and sneak around is very good.

    Personality: Ekeedi is a go-get-'em type of person. He is suspiscious of new comers but it doesn't take much to convince him that your alright. He has sort of a guilible nature which leads him to getting used a lot. He is often used as a thief because of his Grace and he is in and out of trouble with the city guard. He is minorly ADHD and very easily distracted. He is a loyal friend and has always wanted to know his mother.

    History: Ekeedi lives in one of the big cities. He is a member of a gang of sorts and uses his Grace to steal. Generally it's harmless, a few coind here, a piece of bread there. He has an innocent and guilible personality. His parents abandoned him when he was just a baby because of his Grace. They feared his ability and what it would do to their reputation. He was taken in and raised until to age of 9 by an elderly woman but she passed away leaving Ekeedi with no one left. He has roamed to streets with this gang of young bandits for several years and they have become his new family although he has always wished to know his mother.

    Ekeedi is an NPC character
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    Eli.jpg eli wolf.jpg
    Name: Kalin Elyse Traycon (Insistantly goes by Eli because it was a childhood nickname given by her father)
    Race: Shifter
    Form: Wolf
    Age: 21
    Height: 5'4"
    weight: 110-120 pounds
    Appearance: human- Eli has dark brown/ red hair, almost auburn. She has incredibly vivid green eyes, almost unnatural looking because they practically glow green but most find them incredibly attractive. She has full lips and a very beautiful face. Her skin is tanned from a life spent outside. Her body as attractive curves and appears very sturdy and strong.
    Appearance: shifted- Eli shifts into a black wolf with a red undercoat. Her eyes always contain a slight green-ish tint when she is shifted.
    Abilities: Eli can shift into two different wolf forms. She has a battle/travel form in which she is much larger than any regular wolf. She also has a halfling form in which she is small enough to blend in in a human or elven city because she is no bigger than a regular dog. Eli has reflexes that are faster than any humans and she is incredibly fast and prefers to out run an opponent. Her senses are heightened and she can see very well at night. Eli is also very strong because of her years running around on all fours but can still be out powered when not in battle form. When forced into battle Eli uses her Sai, weapons that were a gift from her father. Rather than using her Sai she prefers hand to hand and is very skilled because of her enhanced reflexes, speed, and strength. Also, Eli can talk to other wolves or dogs but only when in her shifted form. If she appears human then she can't speak with them.
    Personality: Eli is reckless and mischevious. She can be a bit of a hot head, particularly when someone talks about her family. She lives on a day to day basis and answers to no one. She can be a bit quirky but that's part of her charm. She likes to live life on the wild side and is always game for pushing the limits. She is a terrible flirt. She has been known to be described as intoxicating. She is a hopeless romantic but has trouble trusting people entirely. Once her heart has been opened she is a fiercely loyal friend. She can appear almost cruel to some who do not know her well though and is the most distrustful of humans.
    History: Eli was an infant when the war started. She grew up not knowing that she carried the Shifter bloodline. Her father had it but he had married a human and her two older brothers and younger sister were not shifters. Eli didn't come into her ability until she was almost 17 years old. It was right after she discovered her ability that her family was murdered. She blames humans for their murder because she lived in a human town and her first shift was in front of her 'friends'. When they saw her shift they freaked out and ran, several days later her family was murdered and the towns people did nothing about it. She was run out of town just after. She still carries guilt about being the only one to survive and often times views it as her fault that her family died. She never really learned to control her ability to shift either because her father was the only other shifter she knew and he died before he could teach her. Sometimes in moments when emotionally she is overwhelmed she'll shift by accident. This causes problems because she is a bit of a hot head, something that she has attributed to being a shifter because she can't remember being that way before she came into her power.
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    Name: Acard
    Race: Schlyvokk
    Age: 180 (27 in human years)
    Height: 6'5"
    weight: 220 pounds
    Appearance: Acard has black eyes and pale skin. His hair is short and brown. He has evolved far into the Schlyvokk form and has sharp pointed teeth. He is muscular and was once human.
    Abilities: Acard is stronger than any human, elf, or shifter. He has speed beyond what anyone could imagine and can strike in the blink of an eye. His nails are long and difficult to break so he often uses then as a daggers. He can't move around in the day light however because he is so old in Schlyvokk terms.
    Personality: Acard is cruel and calculating. He loevs to use people and is never too quick to attack when he thinks someone could be used by him. He has no heart and has been known to be even crueler than demons. He has lost all traces of morality. He speaks in a gravelly voice and semi slow. He is intelligent, among the smartest Schlyvokk.
    History: Acard was human once. He lived on a farm with his wife and two daughters when the Schlyvokk hit. The Schlyvokk killed his family and as Acard begged for death the Schlyvokk being cruel turned him instead. Acard learned quickly and in his grieving embraced the life of a Schlyvokk, feeding on blood and life force. Soon enough he surpassed the Schlyvokk who had turned him and was his teacher. He killed his teacher and climbed the ranks in the Schlyvokk community quickly. Now he is well known and feared by all.

    Acard is an NPC
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    Name: Derryn "Red" Oscota (Goes by "Red" because of the red streak in his hair)
    Race: Shifter
    Form: Ocelot
    Age: 23

    Appearance as Human:
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 150 pounds (Mostly muscle mass)
    Hair: Sandy blonde with natural red streak.
    Eyes: Emerald Green
    Skin: Light skin
    Derryn's human form is just slightly smaller than average height for a human. Despite that, he is very well built, strong and athletic. His eyes are a bright emerald green color that almost appears to have flecks of gold in them if the light shines on them properly. He is ambidextrous, but favors his left hand.

    Appearance as Ocelot:
    Size: 38" length plus an additional 18" tail length
    Weight: 40 pounds
    Fur: Tan with white underbelly and dark brown spots. A natural red streak runs from his nose, up between his eyes, and down to the base of the back of his neck.
    Eyes: Emerald Green
    Derryn's ocelot form is slightly larger than the average ocelot, around the size of some of the largest ocelots. Like his human form, he has a natural red streak on his head, that is very unusual for an ocelot. His eyes also retain the same bright emerald green color.

    Appearance as Hybrid:
    Height: 5'2"
    Tail Length: 28"
    Weight: 135 pounds (mainly muscle)
    Hair: Sandy blonde with natural red streak.
    Fur: Tan with white chin, chest and belly and dark brown spots.
    Eyes: Emerald Green
    Derryn's hybrid form is smaller than his human, yet larger than the ocelot forms. His muscle mass is much more toned and defined in the hybrid form, despite the smaller size. He has the same hair and eyes as he does in his human form.

    Derryn was raised as a warrior, and he has continued his training even on his own. He is very strong, quick, and agile. His hybrid form, despite its smaller stature, is more powerful and agile. If he has to fight, he will often use his hybrid form. For the greatest speed and agility he will shift into his full ocelot form. This is mostly defensive or escape, not for actual combat. His senses, even in his human form, are more heightened than normal. He is able to see better, even at night. The hybrid and ocelot forms have even more acute senses, and even greater night vision. When fighting, Derryn prefers swords. He often uses a long sword in his left hand and a smaller sword or long dagger in his right. His bare hand-to-hand combat is just below his sword-fighting skills, and will be used when necessary.

    Derryn, in his heart, is a guardian and protector. He comes from a family of guardians, and takes it very seriously. He was the chosen protector of Irena Delacord, and takes that very seriously. He has protected her for eight years, and she is not only his charge, but also his best friend. He has feelings for the human girl, but ones he denies, as he believes that would get in the way of his duty. He always treats her with the utmost of respect. He is suspicious of others, especially humans and elves, as both are the reason that he and Irena have no real place to call home.

    For generations, the Oscota family were the protectors of the Delacord family, an influential human noble family. While the males of the family tended to take on more of the guardian roles, the women of the family also did their share to safeguard and protect the family. That task became even more dangerous when the family became a mix of human and elf. When the war broke out, the elders in the Delacord family strove to bring peace between the warring sides. That turned the family into targets to both the humans and the elves. When Derryn was 15, the Delacord estate came under attack. He didn't know if it was humans or elves that attacked, as they had suffered attacks from both before. This attack, though, was greater than any other, and the estate was being overrun. Derryn's father commanded him to take 10 year old Irena Delacord from the estate to their designated safe house and wait for them to arrive with the rest of the family. Derryn did as he was told, and fled, unfortunately the rest of the family never arrived. Derryn waited for days in the safe house, until the threat of hunger forced them to leave the safe house and return to the estate to see what had happened. When they arrived, the estate was in ruins, fires having long since burned out. Bodies of humans, elves, and family members were strewn about. It was obvious to them both that they were the only survivors of both families. Derryn spend the next few hours burying the dead members of both families, which was not an easy task for one 15 year old boy. With the families buried and a brief memorial, the two left the estate and the city behind, and struggled to live life in the wilds, only going to cities when absolutely necessary.
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    Name: Irena Delacord
    Race: Human
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 130 pounds (Slim to average)
    Hair: Long golden-blonde
    Eyes: Violet
    Skin: Fair, almost Ivory

    Irena is of average height and weight, perhaps a little bit on the slender side. Her golden-blonde hair is long, just above her waist. Her skin is very light, almost ivory in complexion. The most striking part is her bright violet eyes, a very unusual trait for a human. This is one thing that she inherited from her elven grandmother. It is also what often gets her mistaken for an elf among the humans.

    Irena has the ability to speak with and befriend animals of all types. Animals generally will not run away, as they would others.

    Irena is a quiet girl that has an air of sadness around her. The loss of her family eight years ago affects her to her soul. She is very close to her protector, Derryn, whom she affectionately calls "Red" due to the red streak in his hair. She is generally a little skittish and shy around others, often hiding behind Derryn or other animals that happen to be near. She is most at peace when she is with Derryn or other animals.

    Irena was the youngest daughter of the Delacord Family, an influential human noble family. Irena's grandfather had married an elf, and the family was influential in trying to bridge the divide between human an elf for many years. When the war broke out the family tried in vain to bring about peace. Over the next few years, they became targets to both humans and elves who disliked their stand. When Irena was 10, her family estate came under attack and she was quickly ushered to safety by Derryn. They stayed in a safe house for several days before the need for food sent them back to the estate. When they arrived, the estate was in ruins, fires having long since burned out. Bodies of humans, elves, and family members were strewn about. It was obvious to them both that they were the only survivors of both families. Irena was in shock and could do nothing while Derryn buried the dead family members. During the brief memorial, as Derryn said a few words, Irena finally broke down and wept, as the reality of the situation hit her. Due to the danger, they didn't stay there, but left the estate and the city behind, and struggled to live life in the wilds, only going to cities when absolutely necessary. Irena was never the same after that point. Once a bright and carefree girl, now shy and quiet, preferring the company of Derryn and animals to any other.
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    Name: Gabriel Coshwell
    Race: Elf
    Element: Shadow
    Age: 317 (Appears 24)
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 200
    Appearance: Gabriel is tall and well muscled with fairly broad shoulders. He has golden hair and golden eyes. His skin is light. While his body language is always light and easy going his eyes say he is always on guard.
    Abilities: Gabriel can manipulate the way light flows around him literally allowing him to disappear. He effects shadows and can occasionally be spotted because of an irregular shadow particularly by someone who knows exactly what to look for. He can also consentrate light beam so that he can use them to temporarily blind people. He prefers small throwing weapons such as shuriken and daggers however he has one weapon which is unique to him. It is a large shuriken that he carries on his back. The blades are retractable. Gabriel is also bonded with a large snowy owl named Enoraka
    Gabe's chakram.jpg
    Personality: Gabriel is very laid back and easy going. He never seems to worry about anything. However this is mostly a facade. He is very careful and calculating. He is among the best at what he does (He's an assassin) and never truly lets his guard down. His ability to change from his intense and scary personality on the job in which he takes everything seriously and is incredibly precise to his normal personality shocks some. On the job Gabriel is nothing more than a stone cold killer and in his mind it is simply a battle for survival. Outside of work he is very pleasant and loves to joke around just like a kid. He is slightly mischevious and likes to have fun with friends.
    History: Gabriel grew up as an orphan before being adopted by a wealthy elven family. He showed great ability with his magic and so they sent him off to learn more. There he bonded with Enoraka. When they tried to tell him that he must become a knight for the king, as most bonded do, Gabriel refused. He used his magic to help him escape and now travels around running an underground thieves guild and taking assassin jobs on the side.

    Enoraka: She is a large snowy owl that bonded with Gabriel. She has tendencies to be jealous of whoever steals his attention and can be quite judgemental when it comes to new comers. She loves Gabriel dearly and would die to protect him in a heart beat. Once she warms up to someone she tolerants them alright but still may bite just to prove she's in charge.

    Gabriel is an NPC
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