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    Ok!! Starting it now! I'm stoked! I just don't know how to start...
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    Opening posts are always the most difficult. Maybe a brief (or verbose) narration of the setting and location? That tends to be a good way to start usually.

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    Kay! It's up! I made Ozmite a mining city with low economic levels...
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    I like the idea of a port city too btw, my character idea (one of them any-who) is a swashbuckler type character
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    I know it's late, but I'm checking that first post before I go to bed!

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    I think we'll introduce the port city later, not too long from now because I like the idea of how it gives so many possibilities! plus it's not too far from Ozmite because they are both on the Eastern half of the country. and Hey! I'm still up so... I hardly sleep regular hours though so it's not really too surprising.. I can't wait to see how this gets started tomorrow... I could see Eli's story line starting out in a bar of some sort... either that or she's just coming into the city I can't decide which, I'm going to wait and see how others open theirs
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    So I edited Ozmite a little bit so that there are two different districts in the city. There's the upper class nobles who live in the nice part of the city and still have lots of money I believe that's the Alden district. and I made the majority of the city a lower-middle class to lower class district called the Ardeth district. I firgured that would add a bit of a contrast to the city and give us some more options for story line.
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    Shifters Overview:

    There are three sub-races of Shifters. These sub-races are referred to collectively as Shifters, but among the Shifter community, they are separate and distinct. They are the Ahroun, Tarouk, and the Neshoul. All Shifters share the same common trait in that they are able to shift between human or elven form to that of any one animal. When Shifters do switch forms, their eye color remains the same in whatever form they take. Therefore, if their humanoid eyes are blue, then their animal form will also have blue eyes. Typical eye colors tend to follow either the human or the elven colorings, but tend to be subdued in color. In very rare circumstances, the Shifter could have brightly colored eyes that are one of four colors: Green, Silver, Orange or Blue. These Shifters' eyes would almost seem to glow with their own inner light. These Shifters are extremely rare, and can be found in each of the sub-races of Shifters. These Shifters with the special eyes are referred to as Harain.

    All Shifters are able to understand the language of humans or elves, depending on their humanoid form, as well as the language of the genus of their animal form, such as canines if able to shift into wolf form, or felines if able to shift into tiger form, and so on. They can only speak the language of the form that they are able to take. For those Shifters that have a hybrid form, when they are in that form, they can speak to both the humanoid side as well as the animal side. The Shifters also have their own language that they can use, no matter what form they are in, and are able to use it to communicate with other Shifters when necessary.

    The Ahroun Warriors

    The Ahroun Warriors are an ancient bloodline of Shifters that are shift into wolf form. Legends of the werewolves come from these powerful warriors. They used to be numerous and were used as warriors in many Shifter tribes. Their numbers have greatly diminished over time, so they are very rare.

    Ahroun Warriors' humanoid form is human, while they have two wolf forms. The halfling form is no bigger than a regular wolf or dog, and is often used to blend in with other wolves or even in cities and towns when necessary. The other form is much larger and more powerful. Shoulders about five feet in height, and incredibly strong, they are frightening to behold. They are very strong and quick in this form, and it is often used for battle.

    Most Ahroun Warriors do not have a hybrid form. The ones that do often tend to be leaders of their tribe or pack. Their hybrid form, like that of the wolf battle form, is very large and powerful. They are taller and far more muscular than their human forms, and are often seen with orange or violet eyes though others can occur. Very few of these warriors will have the glowing eyes of a Harain.

    The Tarouk

    These are the most common sub-race of Shifters. Their humanoid form is usually human, but there have been a few that have been elves. When Shifters are encountered, most of the time it is a Tarouk that is encountered.

    The Tarouk's animal form is usually larger than the normal animal of that size, or at least at the larger end of the average size. Their humanoid form size would vary depending on their animal form. A small animal might result in a humanoid form that is on the shorter end of the scale, while a larger animal would result in a humanoid form that is taller. Most Tarouk's also have a hybrid form that is a mix of their humanoid and animal traits, with a size that is somewhere between the two forms.

    The Neshoul

    The Neshoul
    are the rarest of all the Shifters. Like the Ahroun Warriors, they are an ancient and noble blood line. Their humanoid form is almost always elven, and they tend to position themselves in positions of authority. The most common animal forms for Neshoul are cats, jackals, snakes, or hawks.

    Their hybrid form is a little different from that of the Tarouk. Their heads change, they may grow a tail, and if they are winged, the wings would not sprout from the back, rather, they would stretch from the arm to the side. They would, in many ways, resemble the Egyptian hieroglyphics.

    The Neshoul
    also have limited magical powers. The cats and hawks have limited light magics, while the jackals and snakes tend to have limited shadow magics.

    The Harain

    The Harain
    are a subset of all Shifter sub-races that are identified by their bright, almost glowing, eyes. They are extremely rare, and most Shifters don't even know much about them, knowledge of them being lost in history. Humans have their Graces, and Shifters have The Harain.
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