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    Rise of the Dead

    Rise of the Dead

    Abby Hall

    Dr. Abigail "Abby" Hall was working late as usual in her office. Not that Abby had much to get home to. Sure there was probably some television show on that she wanted to watch but that was what DVR was for and she had left food out for her cat. He was pretty self sufficient and probably didn't care if she was gone as long as he had a clean litter box and food. Her cell phone beeped and she looked up from the test results she was reading. It was time to call her mom. Had it been a week already since she last talked to her? Wow time did fly and she didn't even have time to have fun. She dialed her mother's number and went through the usual talk of how things were. Her parents were loving retirement, her father felt younger then he had in years and liked all the time he had for fishing now. Her mother loved her garden and told Abby she needed to take a vacation and visit them. Of course she was busy at work as usual and no she didn't have a boyfriend. She didn't have time to date which her mother loved to remind her that time was ticking and she should have children before she got too old. She was only 36 but you would think she was approaching 60 hearing her mother talk. Abby sighed, it was the same talk as usual with her mother. It's not like the woman didn't have any grandchildren. Abby's younger brother had two daughters for her parents to spoil rotten.

    Mom I don't have-

    There was a knock on her door and Abby frowned. She thought pretty much everyone had went home. She told her mother to hang on and walked to the door. She opened it and found a young man on the other side. Abby had seen him around in the cafeteria but she didn't know his name. He didn't work in her department.


    Dr. Hall I'm sorry to bother you but I need someone to talk to. It's important and I don't know where else to go.

    ...Mom, I'll have to call you back.

    Abby told her mother and hung up her cell phone. She motioned for the man to come in and shut the door behind them.

    What's going on?

    It's going to sound crazy but you know Dr. Sampson right?

    Abby nodded her head, they used to date, and the man continued.

    I think he's lost his mind. He-

    Look, umm...what's your name?


    Look Tom, if you are having issues with Dr. Sampson you need to go to-

    I can't go to him! He won't be any help.

    Tom said cutting Abby off from telling him to go to the head of the research lab. Abby was confused because she didn't see how she would of help. She was only in charge of her own department and had no control over anyone else.

    And what makes you think I can help you?

    Because maybe you can reverse what Dr, Sampson did.

    What did he do?

    I...You'll have to see it to believe it.

    Tom replied and Abby was curious now and told Tom to take her to see what Dr. Sampson had done. Although she wasn't sure she truly wanted to see it...
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    Virgil and Nikki Zealous
    Jackson Rathbone.jpgOlivia Wilde.jpg

    Virgil was in his apartment shirtless, with a beer in one hand and a fat cigar in the other. He was sitting in the lawn chair he used as a recliner in front of his small TV when he heard a knock on his door. He set his beer down on an upside down plastic flowerpot he used for an end table and got up. It was late, if this was a good visit he'd dumb all the beer in his fridge out the window. He was pretty sure. He grabbed a colt .45 he had on the kitchen table and stuck it in the back of his pants. He went to the door, keeping one hand on his hip, close to the handle of the gun. He opened the door to see his sister standing at the door. At least he got to keep his beer.

    "What do you want Nikki?" Virgil asked with trepidation, "It's late, don't you have school in the morning?"

    "Um, it's Friday... do you really not care enough to keep track of what day it is?" Nikki asked with an almost parental tone of voice. She made a face at the smell of his cigars. "I want you to come out with me tonight." Nikki didn't make it a question.

    Virgil set down his gun and headed back inside. Nikki followed him in, closing the door behind him. He rubbed his neck a bit as he sat back down in his lawn chair. He took another drink of beer and began trying his hardest to ignore Nikki. He really wasn't interested in going out. His beer was cheaper than what he'd have to buy at any of Nikki's clubs. She always tried to take him out to meet new people. It never really happened, since she couldn't really talk to girls for him, and he refused to do it himself. After a minute of staring out the side of Virgil's head Nikki blew out a sigh.

    "Look, just come out. I like it when you come out with me, and it's good for you. What are you gonna do if I don't force you out with me you'd spend your whole life here, at the liquor store, or under the hood of you car," Nikki tried reasoning with him. All she got for her effort was a grunt from Virgil. Pretty typical response. "If you don't come out I'll go home with a guy tonight," she hated using her pocket ace so quickly, but she was running late as it was.

    Virgil got up and went to his bedroom. He came back out with a shirt on. Sleeveless of course, to show off his muscular, tattooed arms. He put the cigar out in his ash tray and grabbed two unopened ones and put them in the pocket of his shirt. He would've kept blowing her off, if he knew she wasn't bluffing. His sister liked to have a good time, and at least she was discreet about it most of the time. He found out she wasn't lying when one of the guys had followed her to his apartment. The ambulance had taken him away.

    "Fine, where are we going?" Virgil asked sourly.

    Nikki didn't answer, just followed him down to the car. When he got in she just began driving. He'd find out soon enough.
    "I know I'm paranoid, but I still think they might be out to get me"

    Die Tonight, Live Forever!

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    Mason Lagister

    Mason walked slowly toward the stand. Ever step was followed by the clank of metal on wooden floor. He couldn't even spread his legs far enough to take a decent step, his bright orange jumpsuit making it very apparent who the accused was in this room. He sat down on the stand quietly and faced the microphone. Somebody stuck a book in front of him.

    Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

    Yes. His answer was terse and emotionless.

    Now a lawyer walked up to him and smiled, probably thinking this lawyer could intimidate Mason. Mason showed no emotion as he began to get questioned once again about what happened. He knew this was going to be a long process and he was sure that he was already going to lose, the state had appointed his lawyer, and she was still very new. He lowered his head lightly, looking at the cuffs on his wrists, he really was going to jail.

    So you say you were at the bar two hours prior to the murder of your family, did you drink a lot?


    Was it safe for you to drive home?


    But you did anyway, didn't you?



    Had to get home.

    So the law didn't apply to you?


    He couldn't believe this lawyer. Making it look like he was a criminal before and always will be. Such blatant simple tactics. He looked at his parent in laws, his mother-in-law was crying. His father-in-law looked furious, clearly they believed he had done it as well.

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    Dylan and Mike Brooks

    In a nice suburb in Cincinnati, Ohio Dylan Brooks was enjoying a quiet evening with his family. His older brother Mike had joined Dylan, his wife Katie, and their ten year old son Sam for supper. Sam idolized his uncle. He was a retired Army Ranger and was now working as a police officer. Sam was having his uncle tell him lots of stories. Not that Mike minded, he loved his nephew very much. Dylan helped Katie clean the table and he looked over at the clock and saw it was getting close to Sam's bedtime.

    Sam that's enough of Uncle Mike's stories for one night. You have to get ready for bed.

    But Dad it's Friday! I don't have school tomorrow.

    Doesn't matter kiddo.

    Dylan replied to his son who wasn't happy. He wanted to stay up late and hear more of his uncle's stories. It wasn't a school night, so he didn't see why he had to go to bed early. Mike told his nephew.

    Your dad's right. Besides you need to get lots of sleep if we're going fishing at the river tomorrow.


    Sam asked in excitement and both his father and uncle nodded their heads. He rushed up the stairs to get ready for bed now. Dylan chuckled.

    I believe that's the fastest I've ever seen him go up those stairs.

    That's because Uncle Mike's good at bribing him. Katie you don't mind us three having a guys' day without you, do you?

    Mike asked his sister-in-law. It had been a while since Dylan, Mike, and Sam could just hang out. Sam had school, Dylan was busy trying to find time for his family in between working and training to be an EMT, and Mike was busy as a cop. Mike had gotten a rare weekend off and he and Dylan thought it would be good to spend some time together with Sam along. Since Mike had retired from the military the brothers had gotten closer then they had been in years.

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    Katie Brooks

    Katie Brooks agreed with her husband when Dylan told Sam to go to bed. Even on school nights, Sam tried to fight about going to bed. Ever since he was a baby he always thought he'd miss something if he went to bed. She laughed when her son headed up stairs because of the news of the fishing trip.

    Maybe you should bribe him every night Mike. It would make bed time easier.

    She shook her head when he asked if she minded that the three of them were going fishing without her.

    Nah, it'll be nice and quiet around here for once.

    She teased, although she didn't truly mind Dylan and Sam being home.

    Besides I'm working for Lucy tomorrow, it's her daughter birthday. By the way, she says hi.

    Katie told Mike with a wink. Lucy was a single mother and a friend of Katie's. She had met Mike at Sam's birthday party and thought he was cute and wanted Katie to set them up. Although Mike was stubborn about her match making attempt. She turned to Dylan.

    And as long as I don't have to clean the fish you can bring home as many as you want for supper tomorrow.
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    Dylan and Mike Brooks

    That it would be.

    Dylan said with a chuckle when Katie said Mike could bribe their son every night. He loved his son very much but that boy was so stubborn about bed time. He chuckled even more seeing his brother's expression when Katie mentioned Lucy. Mike was a bachelor and dated casually. He thought Lucy had been pretty and was a nice woman but he wasn't going to make promises. Especially not when a kid was involved.

    How nice, tell her I said hi back.

    He had nothing against kids but he didn't want any himself. He was content spoiling Sam rotten and then giving him back to Dylan and Katie to deal with. So he didn't date single mothers because he didn't want to hurt the kid when things ended. Dylan smiled at his wife.

    Sounds fair.

    Dylan told his wife and gave her a kiss when she said he could clean the fish they caught. Mike looked away, he always told himself he didn't want the whole wife and kid thing that Dylan had. He always had a dangerous job. Either being a soldier or a cop and he didn't want to have a family who would be hurt over his loss for years to come. Still he sometimes felt a little envy at seeing what his brother had. Luckily Sam came down ready for bed to tell everyone good night.

    We'll catch lots of big fish Mom. We'll have so many we'll be eating fish for a whole week!

    Dylan and Mike agreed with him and then Mike said his goodbyes. He headed home to his one bedroom apartment while Dylan and Katie sent Sam off to bed and then spent the night having some quality time together. Something they didn't always have with their work schedules.
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    Katie Brooks

    I will.

    Katie replied back to Mike when he said to tell Lucy hi. She didn't get why he was content being alone. She had been with Dylan since she was 18, she couldn't imagine not having a family and being alone. She soon forgot about that though when she kissed Dylan back and smiled at her son when Sam told her that they would catch lots of big fish.

    I bet you'll catch the biggest too.

    Sam nodded his head in agreement and after the family told Mike goodbye, she and Dylan sent Sam off to bed. He still didn't want to go right to sleep, it was Friday night and he should get to stay up late but he was reminded that he would need to sleep to catch all those fish so he eventually did so his parents could spend some quality time alone.
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    Kristina Hunter

    Kristina pulled her phone out of her pocket, and saw a text from her friend Nikki. Nikki told her she was on her way. Putting out her cigarette, she went ahead and walked into the club. It was some place down on Fountain Square. It was a pretty nice place all told. She went up to the bartender and motioned at him.

    "Johnny Walker," she told him, his eyes raised up a bit, unusual drink for a woman.

    Once she got her drink and paid she went and sat out at one of the tall tables outside. It was a fairly nice night at least. She already saw several guys looking her way. She rolled her eyes, she wasn't in the mood to deal with them tonight. She hoped Nikki got here soon.
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    Mason Lagister

    Day two of his trial had ended. He was now on a van being transferred back to his holding cell while the trial went on. He looked out the window, they were passing fountain square now, everybody looked relaxed out there. It wasn't a bad night after all. The van stopped about ten minutes later, and the backdoor opened up with the cops all tensed from transferring the prisoner. Mason stood up and walked out the door without resistance or complaint, he hopped down with a clang of metal on blacktop as the cops escorted him to his familiar cell. They continued to give Mason orders, but he made no replies and followed everything they said.
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    Abby Hall

    Abby's mind was telling her to run, run far away and never come back as she and Tom headed to Dr. Sampson's lab. She had tried to get Tom to tell her more about what Dr. Sampson had done that bothered him so much but the young man refused to say anything else. Saying she'd never believe him if she didn't see it with her own eyes. That made the voice scream louder to get out of here but she didn't listen. Well curiosity did kill the cat, she thought dryly. She could hear loud bangs as she approached the entrance to Dr. Sampson's lab and it made her frown. She gave Tom a questioning look but he just opened the door for her. As soon as they entered the lab, Dr. Sampson demanded.

    Why is she here?!

    Because what you did was-

    You have no right to tell me-

    Excuse me but what is going on Matthew?

    Abby asked, she and Matthew had dated for a couple of months. It didn't work since they were both more devoted to their jobs then each other. Still there was a look in his eyes she had never seen before.

    What is going on Abby is that I-

    You're playing God and that's wrong. It needs to be killed.


    Abby said looking over at Tom while Matthew scoffed.

    I'm not killing her. She's a person and she needs to be studied, we can modify things, make it possible-

    No she needs to be put of her misery before-

    Abby was getting more confused as Matthew and Tom argued when she realized the source of the banging was from a locked door. There was a padlock on the door but something was trying to get out. It stopped the men's arguing for a brief moment.

    Matthew what's in there?!

    A way to immortality Abby.

    No you mean the extinction of the human race.

    Tom countered. The voice in her head was screaming to run. It was almost as loud as the banging was. Abby moved back from the door as she heard Matthew and Tom continue to argue. They needed to get away she thought before it or she got out. She was about to tell the two men that when door flung open and Abby screamed at the sight. It was a woman or had been once. Her skin was pale and the look in her eyes. It wasn't human. She growled at Matthew who was the nearest to her and grabbed him. Knocking him to the floor and tearing apart his chest as she began to eat him. Abby was frozen in fear at the sight, it was something out of a horror movie.

    Oh fu-RUN!

    Tom yelled and grabbed Abby's arm. Tom's yelling got the woman's attention and she got off of Matthew to go after Abby and Tom instead. There was more food options available after all. Abby looked back could see the woman but also saw Matthew trying to get up, he wasn't dead.

    We can't-

    We have to!

    Tom told her and then they both heard the sound of the security alarm, Matthew had hit in before he collapsed onto the floor. Abby wasn't sure what to do. She might not date Matthew anymore but she just couldn't leave him there to die.

    But he needs help!

    Then you help him, I'm out of here!

    Tom yelled pushing Abby out of his way as he ran down the hall to find an exit. Abby saw the woman coming and ducked into a closet to avoid her. Not to be mean but she honestly hoped the woman would go after Tom since he wasn't honorable enough to go back for Matthew. As soon as she thought it though, she knew that was horrible. Oh God maybe she should have went home early after all.
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