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    I'm certain there is one but after reading Dave's last post, I just had the horrible thought of a dalek app.

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.
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    Oh dear, I'm terribly sorry for this lapse. Computer issues, found out dropping laptops is unhealthy for them. School has been hell since I came back, but I have some time today. So here goes on catching up...

    Xorzam sounds absolutely fantastic. Coming from the mind of a genious, for sure.

    I do watch a decent amount of anime, but the one Ruri is from is totally blank to my mind so it's all up to you.

    And that avatar is absolutely perfect, I never realized Roger Wilco was a dashing janitor.

    Alright, i think that's everything. Back to the IC
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    I posted. Batman is giving our characters a car in order to get them out of the batcave.

    Meteorette is stuck to the side of the car with the robot's binding gel. I figure this way we can take her with and give her a reason for being quiet and inactive in M's absence. When he returns she can break free of the gel.

    Through the batmobile's computer Ruri should be able to locate information about some alien technology being studied at Wayne Industries that can be used as the missing power source. That will take us to meet with Jas' character. Does that sound good to everyone else?
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    It sounds good to me. And here Dave was looking forward to a peaceful night.
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