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    Nessa nodded, "I'll get you another blanket." She went to the closet and pulled out another blanket and carried it into Allie's room, "Here you go." She spread it over her and asked, "Is that better?"

    Jaime shook his head, "This one okay."

    "I got it only a second after it landed and wiped it off."

    Jarvin nodded, "That's good."

    "You too can get back to enjoying each other's company."

    He smiled, "Right?"

    Elydon growled, "Because I gave them all sorts of things and they just act like I'm a monster."

    He frowned. "I don't like it.
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    "A bit..." Allie mumbled as she nodded slightly and remained tightly curled up.


    "There are still germs on it, Jaime." Alayna said, shaking her head.

    "Now go get another one."


    "Yep." Jolari said with a laugh.

    "I know that he'll be happy to come home."


    "Like what did you give them?" Astalanim asked with a frown.
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    This thread is now closed it has a continuation thread Here
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