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    Anne only shook her head and started to head toward the house.


    "Yes sir..." Callie mumbled, her heart sinking at that since she knew she wouldn't be able to run.


    "Don't wanna move, Daddy..." Leah whimpered as she headed toward the table.


    "You know the rules, Matthew." Jenny said, shaking her head.

    "No running in the house."


    "Fine then." Shanzai said with a frown.

    "You can make your own dinner."
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    Missy frowned, "What's wrong mom?"

    "I just wondered what you would do."

    Karvic smiled, "It will be good to get you started again."

    "We need to get you ready to defend yourself."

    He turned to Lexi, "Right Lexi?"

    Tyler frowned, "That's too bad."

    "If you learned to behave then you wouldn't have to."

    "But you are misbehaving and so you need to have someone keep an eye on you."

    Matt whined, "Mom that's not fair."

    "I didn't hurt anything."

    Banzai frowned, "That's no fair Shanzai."

    "She's not learned a <ding> thing and you want me to give her bear back."
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    This thread is now closed it has a continuation thread Here
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