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    The sun was painting the rooftops with gold, oranges and red flickers of color. The sunset was particularly breathtaking this evening. A lone figure strode across the bridge toward Neshephton.

    Tatianna had been chased off by the mocking, indolent soldiers, seeking to take her parents home over and get it ready to sell. The Captain had enough compassion to let the girl pack two bags but then he had the soldiers evict her.

    The young woman stumbled away from her neighborhood, deeply in shock. They had told her of her mothers death inside the Convent but never let her see her. People she had known for all of her life turned away and refused to even look at her as she walked through the neighborhood, one even called out ‘traitor’ as she walked by. Tatianna did not understand but she finally met the injustice with her own anger and lifted her chin defiantly, to walk with purpose.

    She made a small figure striding across the bridge carrying her two bags which now felt like they held lead. Her arms, back and neck ached she kept walking, convincing herself to go one more step… a few more steps… just a short way longer. Her fingers were going numb from holding the handles of the bags. She finally had to give in and set the bags down for just a short rest.


    “Well? Where is my little prize?” The Cardinal Havaran demanded. The Captain of the dispatch unit blanched.

    “You… you wanted her brought here?” he stammered. The Cardinal turned his hawkish features to glare at the soldier.

    “I told you I wanted the house claimed and Tatianna taken care of…”

    “I thought you meant getting her out of the way! I had her evicted and sent away!”

    “YOU FOOL! I wanted her brought HERE! I had plans for her…” The Cardinal snarled. He thought a moment as he stared out the window. “Take some men and find her. She is MY property now. I figure Alling owes me…” the evil chuckle that escaped his lips was completely incongruent with the robes of office he wore.


    Neshephton loomed ahead and Tatianna was surprised by how clean and tidy the entire city appeared. It was supposed to be the city of the rejected and none could get more rejected than she was… “Watch over me Yhwy…” she whispered nervously as she approached the end of the bridge.

    This is a continuation thread, the old thread is Here by Cyberwing Titled Neshephton
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    This is a continuation thread, the old thread is Here
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    Isabelle Lucianos

    Isabelle wasn't happy about having to make a deal with Dustin but she believed that finding out what he knew was the most important thing, especially when Tatianna would be leaving for her meeting with the Cardinal shortly. She found Samuel who was helping the newly turned Helen. She motioned for him to come over to her.

    We have a problem...

    She muttered to him in such a quiet voice that even a vampire would have trouble eavesdropping. Samuel frowned and once Isabelle explained what was going on, he replied.

    ...We'll have to give him what he wants. If we don't then...

    It went without saying that Tatianna and members of Isabelle's family could be killed. Isabelle sighed angrily though, she didn't like making a deal with Dustin before he told them what Nathan had planned. Worry came across her face as she thought of the leader of her family she wasn't the best of terms with.

    What about Marilena? Won't she be angry that I'm cutting deals without her input?

    I'll take the blame. If she demands to know, I cut him the deal. My family is the one going to deal with him and Helen anyway.

    Isabelle had a relieved smile on her face at Samuel's response.

    Thanks, I appreciate that.

    Anything for my little cousin's girl.

    Samuel replied with a smile of his own. They were heading down the tunnels to where Dustin was waiting. Samuel sadly agreed he'd have to leave with them to Natium. Dustin couldn't fully be trusted and Helen was a newborn. She needed an elder vampire with her to teach her how to properly act. Especially around humans.

    What about Veronica?

    He and Veronica just got back together and Isabelle felt bad Samuel would be leaving again.

    If it's meant to be, we'll be together. She'll understand.

    At least he hoped she would and he'd come back as soon as he could. Isabelle agreed with Samuel and they headed inside the room where Dustin was waiting to work out the his deal in exchange for his information about what Nathan was going to do at the bridge tonight.

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    She's trying to redeem herself and I'll help her every step of the way.
    "Poor Isabelle, I can understand her desire to prove herself.... If I can help her, please let me know. I know she doesn't like humans much but if I can help, I would." Tatianna added. Didn't she know about family struggles and the difficulty in 'fitting in' with the scheme of things?

    Isabelle wasn't perfect but Spencer loved her for all her wonderful traits and faults. He would be there for her and help her have a true place in the Lucianos family or at least have a place in his.

    When this is over with the Cardinal, what will you do then?

    "If things go well, I want to be with Jackson. If things don't go well, I don't think I will have any options OR choices...." Tatianna replied, fear racing through her like a sudden chill. The feeling was so intense she shivered in spite of the warmth from the underground pool.
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    Spencer Caspian

    I'll let her know but she doesn't dislike all humans. She seems to like you. She wasn't around them very much and Nathan...And well, no offense, he just views your type as food so he didn't help.

    Not that Spencer thought Nathan's opinion on anything mattered but he did understand that Isabelle wasn't around humans that much when she was younger and associating one's self with someone like Nathan didn't help the point. He reached out and squeezed Tatianna's shoulder.

    It probably sounds cliche but try to stay positive. If you keep the goal of being with Jackson in your mind, it could help you through this.

    They had no idea what was going to happen and Spencer knew lots of things could go wrong, especially if Dustin had helped Nathan do something...So he couldn't just tell her worries were silly and that it would all be fine because he knew that wasn't true. He heard the sound of footsteps and got up.

    I know it's not easy but try not to worry too much, it won't help.

    He had assumed the footsteps were of one of Tatianna's friends and was shocked to see Isabelle, Samuel, Dustin, and Helen walking by towards one of the exits with a Heart Operative. Since being turned Helen was very obedient to Samuel. She did what was asked without question and luckily for the newborn vampire she had been turned by a good man. Someone who wouldn't take advantage of her and would set her free of that master/servant role once he felt she could survive on her own. He rushed over to Isabelle and asked her quietly.

    What's going on?
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    Isabelle Lucianos

    Say hello to the soon to be Daniel and Emily Slater of Natium.

    The annoyance wasn't hard to hear in Isabelle's voice as she gave Spencer a brief summary of what happened. She disliked having to make a deal with Dustin before he was willing to tell them anything but what choice did she have? He had all the time in the world while Tatianna did not. Nathan had something planned and it involved that bridge. More people could be hurt then just that Cardinal, Isabelle and Samuel had to do something. Even if it meant letting Dustin and his girlfriend leave the city and start new lives in Natium. Dustin knew Isabelle didn't like him much and told her.

    Don't be so angry, someday we could be friends. Swapping stories of how Nathan tried to ruin our lives over goblets of blood.

    That would depend on how good the intel you give is.

    You'll find out once we are safely on the road to Natium. I just hope this errand boy has a fast horse.

    Dustin refused to say anything until they were out of Neshephton and on the road to Natium. He had promised to tell Samuel and the Heart Operative everything he knew. Hopefully the Heart Operative would be able to return fast enough with the news to make a difference at the bridge. Samuel said to his cousin.

    I need to go with them, make sure he follows through with his end of the bargain and Helen can't be alone yet. I don't have time to tell Veronica...

    He felt bad leaving her without saying a word but as everyone kept reminding each other, time was not a luxury.

    I'll try to be back soon but...Would you both make sure she knows that I didn't have a choice but to leave and please keep her safe?

    Samuel's plan was to return as soon as he could to Neshephton to be with Veronica but he had no idea how long he would be gone. His uncle, Spencer's father and the leader of their family, would probably be angry with him for the new arrivals he promised a new home to. He supposed to be an ambassador for his family, not offering immunity to people associated with criminals. Well he'd deal with it, it was a good thing vampires were immortal. As long as neither he nor Veronica got killed, they had all eternity to be together. Isabelle promised she would and after saying his goodbyes to her and his cousin, Samuel left with the Heart Operative, Dustin, and Helen. The operative rode a horse, while the other three were in a carriage heading for Natium. It was a long trip and they wouldn't be able to make it before the sun would come up, so the carriage would protect the three vampires from the sun's harmful rays. As soon as Dustin felt he was a safe distance from Neshephton he would tell Samuel and the Heart Operative about the extra bomb on the bridge and some of Nathan's other plans.
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    Jackson Bardou

    Jackson didn't want to wake up, if he stayed asleep then he could pretend the bridge meeting with the crazy Cardinal was never going to happen and he could just keep Tatianna in his arms forever. Being with her was his new dream in life and it felt that would soon be taken away. He reached for her in his sleep and found an empty bed. He sighed and wondered if she had already left. He could see her doing that, to spare him having to tell her goodbye. He couldn't sleep now though and wondered if she had left yet. He didn't know when the plan was going to go down and got out of bed. Changing his clothes into something that didn't look so wrinkled. If Tatianna was going to leave him, he wanted to kiss her goodbye. He headed out of the room in his werewolf form. He used his nose to track down her scent. It was still strong, it meant she was still here. When he found her, he morphed back into his human form.

    Were you going to leave without telling me goodbye?

    He asked with a hint of hurt in his voice that he didn't realize was there.
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    Spencer Caspian

    Spencer easily heard the annoyance and quiet anger in his girlfriend's voice when she told him the conditions of Dustin's knowledge. Samuel had already saved Helen from death and he had been told they could have new lives but apparently that had not been enough. Although from Dustin's point view Spencer could see why he demanded the new lives before he spilled the beans. He didn't know if the Lucianos or the Caspians would keep their end of the bargain. If Spencer had been in Dustin's shoes, he would have demanded the same. He nodded his head to his cousin.

    I'll make sure she's safe and sound for you to love when you return. Travel safe Samuel.

    He felt a little sad for Samuel that he had just got back together with Veronica and he had to leave again. There was no choice though, he had turned Helen. She needed him to teach her how to be a proper vampire and Dustin would say nothing until Helen would come with him to Natium. It wasn't something that could been done quickly, Tatianna and the Lucianos that would protect her at the bridge would leave soon...Spencer just hoped that the Heart Operative did have a fast horse so they could prevent a bigger disaster then what was supposed to happen at the bridge.
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    Were you going to leave without telling me goodbye?

    He asked with a hint of hurt in his voice that he didn't realize was there.

    Tatianna smiled up at him. She had hoped she might be able to leave without the pain of saying goodbye but had lingered here because of the adamant hope in her heart Jackson would come find her. Spencer had come as this battle within her heart was raging. She would have to thank him for delaying her so that she did get to see Jackson again.
    "Truthfully, yes I was thinking about it but it was a struggle with my desire to see you and be with you until the last possible moment." She patted the bench next to her. She was being selfish perhaps but she wished to be with him.
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    Jackson Bardou

    Well I'd rather be with you until you have to leave then have you leaving without saying goodbye.

    Jackson replied as he sat down next to Tatianna on the bench. He didn't want her to go but he also knew there was no point trying to talk her out of it. He just hoped she'd come back to him. He took her her hand and told her quietly.

    I love you and even if...If this is all we'll ever have then it's okay. I'd rather have these few days with you then live to be 100 and have never known you Yanna.

    He didn't like that it sounded like a goodbye to him but he wanted to make sure she heard it. He meant what he said and he knew if something happened at the bridge, he would regret not telling Tatianna. He wanted no regrets when he told her goodbye tonight.
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