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    Character Biographies...

    Character Biographies...

    Here's the thread for biographies or descriptions for our characters or any important NPCs we might encounter.

    Major Powers:
    Minor Powers:
    Items of Note:
    Brief Description: (Height, weight, appearant age, gender, colorings, etc)
    World/Universe of Origin:

    Add or subtract to that format as you see fit.

    Dave Thomas
    The Janitor
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    Name: George Jefferson Cloney, also known as: Qwaring's Clone #1

    Species: An energy-based clone of a First.

    Titles: The Clone God of Out of Continuity Stuff

    Major Powers: Cloney has two major abilities.
    * The first is a dumb-luck power, which protects him from mortal harm. He can be attacked and injured, but any attempt to kill him will be blocked or deflected by random happenstance or an improbably series of events. It will always seem as if Cloney has survived any deadly situation or attack by mere chance, but it is always his dumb-luck that is constantly saving him.
    * The second power is Cloney's ability to take advantage of the fact that he exists as a comicbook character. To Cloney, reality is a series of comicbook panels that he can jump between as easily as others jump between rooms. He can exit through the "fourth wall", which only he can sense. Once "off-panel" he enters into a void where all of the panels that make up the entire past, present and future of every world and reality of the multiversal continuum exists. Everything and everywhere that ever was, is and will be floats in an infinite sea of comicbook panels that are arranged seemingly at random in this void (even though the occupants of these realities, and the readers outside of these realities will see them as happening in a specific order). Cloney is able to leap and run through this void, and across the sea of panels, in order to travel from one point in the enitre multiverse to another point. Cloney can travel to almost any point in time, space and reality. Although the randomness of the sea of panels and Cloney's own idiocy often makes this method of travel unreliable and he will usually get lost.

    Minor Powers: Cloney is an energy being. His body is made up of an energy field that is organized into a solid matrix that is meant to mimic First biology. The nature of his physical being is reliant on his own mind, which means that he is only as vulnerable or limited as he believes himself. Cloney has normal physical attributes (speed, strength and agility). But he has no need to eat, drink or breath in order to survive, though he does eat and drink a lot becaus he thinks he needs to and enjoys dong so. He is immune to poisons, radiation, toxins, viruses and other dangers to humans, unless he believes they are hazardous to him (in which case he will respond to them in some idiotic way).

    Items of Note: Cloney wears a pair of cool looking sunglasses that he stole from a highly advanced civilization. Any technological features the sunglesses may possess have long since been damaged and rendered useless by the Cloney's hi-jinx.
    Cloney also carries a map that he uses on his travels across the multiversal continuum. It's really a cobbled together collection of papers, held together by tape, staples, clips and glue. The mosaic of papers are seemingly random and will look like garbage or nonsense to everyone that sees them. The map is made up of mall maps, kids place-mats from diners, old calendars, comic strips, food packages, furniture assembly instructions, cross-word puzzles, coloring book mazes and a partial map of Dollywood. Somehow, in some insane way, this map actually makes sense to Cloney and matches how he sees reality and the void he travels across. On a good day he just might be able to navigate his way across the infinite stetches of reality, but on most days he's able to read the map well enough to realize he's once again lost.

    Allies: Cloney's closest friends and allies are Ruri, Gamma, The Saurian Lawyer, Zombie Colonel Sanders and Millennium, Lord Imperial of the First and Cloney's grandson. He's also on reasonably good terms with the population of the planet Veriosk, in the CrossGen universe, which Cloney is somehow the emperor of. Currently, Cloney is traveling the multiverse with Ruri, Gamma, Meteorette and a seemingly nameless janitor, and so far none of them have tried to kill him.

    Enemies: Cloney has the uncanny ability to acquire enemies or simply people that wish he would die or suffer bodily harm on nearly every world he travels to. Some people got to be haters. A list of important enemies will begin as the RP continues.

    Brief Description: Cloney is orange. His skin, hair, teeth, tongue and everything are various shades of orange. He also glows. His hair is often a wild, waving mess that sticks up and out oddly. His unmuscular frame is of average height and only a pinch above average weight, due to Cloney unconsciously realizing that his binge eating should show in some small way.

    Universe of Origin: CrossGen Universe

    History: Once upon a time, there was a minor godling known as Qwaring. Qwaring was a brilliant inventor that sought to find a way to attain more power and true godhood. He discovered a way of extracting all of his weaknesses using machines. The process tore free some of his own energy and every trait that he believed held him back from perfection. This imperfect energy formed a stable energy matrix, which soon took shape as the energy being known as George Jefferson Cloney.

    Cloney was born a greedy, alcoholic, woman-chasing, lazy, dellusional, kleptomaniacal, gluttonous, dim-witted, cowardly, idiot. There was also something else that was a part of the energy that makes up his physical form, a trans-universal fluctuation that somehow lets him slip out of reality, and into a void where everywhere and everywhen in the multiverse is accessable. With the ability to travel anywhere, Cloney escaped from Qwaring and began a life of misadventures and troublemaking on a multiversal scale. He soon gained godhood of his own, which granted him his dumb-luck based immortality.

    Cloney has spent countless aeons travelling through all times and points within reality, annoying others and causing trouble. Though he doesn't intentionally seek out trouble, his own faults, knack for idiocy and love of alcohol always seems to lead him down that path.

    Also, at some point Cloney owned a planet and had a dog faced son called Jack. That's not important in any way, but he sometimes mentions these things.
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    Blog Entries

    Dave Thomas

    Species: Human

    Major Powers: He's neat and organized and meticulous and very detail oriented.

    Minor Powers: He can cook. He's no Bobby Flay, but his cooking is good.

    Items of Note: All access security card for Wayne Towers.

    Brief Description:
    Dave is a slightly overweight, middle-aged security supervisor for Wayne Towers. He takes his job very seriously and is completely "by-the-book", much to the annoyance of his peers. He thinks Batman should play more by the rules, and is always talking about how much better he could do if he were in the situation. He believes he has what he calls "mad skills." In reality, he has no real skills, he's just lucky most of the time. If he ever had to face real threats, he'd probably freak out. He's also a neat-freak. Everything has to be in its place, in the proper order. He has an incredible attention to detail and is a creature of habit.

    Place of Origin:
    DC Universe, Gotham City

    History: Dave was born in a community hospital in Gotham City. Dave went to public school in Gotham City. Dave's parents were killed in Gotham City. Dave lived in an orphanage in Gotham City. Dave wanted to be a police officer in Gotham City. Dave failed the police psychiatric and physical examinations in Gotham City. Dave became a security guard at Wayne Towers in Gotham City. Dave did such a good job he became a security supervisor at Wayne Towers in Gotham City. Dave was happy in Gotham City. Then Dave was taken away from Gotham City and his life was turned completely upside down.
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    Species: Most probably human
    Major Powers: Apathy
    Minor Powers: None
    Items of Note: At the moment he is dressed as Robin with The Riddler's Staff
    Brief Description: Average Height, Average Weight, Average Looks, Average Guy
    History: The Janitor got the job from a friend who was working on the ship. He didn't really have to do anything because most often the ship would clean itself, but he felt the need to feel useful and would make a mess right in front of him so he could clean it up before the ship could.
    Personality: The Janitor has the amazing ability to let this come as they will and flow with the currents. He has lived by one simple sentance which he read as a child and it changed his entire life. He somebody were to see underneath his clothes there wouldn't be a tattoo - but if there were it would be the phrase that changed his life "This Too Shall Pass"
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    Name: Ruri Hoshino

    Status/Species: Altered humaniod
    Apparent Age: 17 - 18 or there about

    Major Abilities: Due to nanotech implants on the back of hand, capable of interfacing with most technology for information, overriding, and reformating. Extensive memeory of things seen, read, or mentioned.

    Minor Abilities: Unknown to Ruri, she has nigh total override capabilities of the Monitor tower. Given the original model was destroyed and the new model doesn't have all the back doors, it limits the use of that.

    Equipment: Any equipment from Juno's ship, a laptop, and various fighter jets.
    Ruri also commands the Nadesico, an intergalatic space ship with multiple fighter mecha and ships, a large energy cannon, a gravimetric energy sheild, and an AI with a good amount of information stored. Usually, the ship is used to cart around any allies she has or try to limit the chaos of QC#1.
    Sadly, the ship and all its wonderous resources did not travel with her on this universe hopping debacle. Fortuantely, she has a personal energy shield/survival field and a com system. Maybe a few other items but not displayed at this time.

    Appearance: Ruri is a lithe human girl in a strange sort of military uniform. She carries no weapons however. She has pale skin, silver hair which is usually tied in two pony tails, and amber eyes. Her eyes have white streaks flash across them when she interfaces with computers directly. She often appears unemotional and very deadpan.
    Sex: female
    Hair: Silver
    Eyes: Yellow-brown, though white streaks overlap it when accessing information
    Height: Classified
    Personality: What Spock would be if he was an teen girl, mixed with various corruption due to exposure to Juno, Mini-Juno, QC#1, and the other 'idiots' that she has associated with.

    World of Origin: CrossGen Universe but based after the anime legend

    Brief Bio: Ruri first appeared on Juno's Nadesico and promptly served as the voice of logic and reason for the crew. During this time her impant tatoo was altered by an unknown being. After the Nadesico was destroyed, she followed Juno to the new ship Nirvana and traveled with the crew some more.

    Eventually, Lord Mattson revealed that Ruri was an experiment in creating a lifeform to oversee his keep when he was absent. Due to an as of yet unknown accident, Ruri was awakened early and somehow became as she is by boarding the Nadesico. Mattson allowed Ruri to remain with Juno and his crew since the Keep was in ruins and he had other matters to attend with.

    A bit later Ruri ended up at the Oan Bar & Grill. She asked for a job and explained that all her possessions and money were stolen when she was on leave. Shortly after that Raven showed, claiming Ruri had Titan energy inside her. Sensing an opportunity to find the Captain (Juno) and rejoin the crew, she went along with the group of Titans. After seeing the destruction the Shadow of Trigon, Ruri decided that even if she was mortal, she had to try to stop this. Between witnessing gods at war, Anubis on a rampage, nucular explosions, and everything else, Ruri decided she could be a child no longer.

    Reunited with QC#1 during the Titans' Affair, she traveled with him while he hunted down Juno and the crew. Ruri talked with L.A.W. and wished to be aged. After that was granted, she rejoined the crew in their new quest--to reunite Juno's parents. Ruri continues to provide logic and reason for the crew however, she has recently realized her own moment of being an idiot--she didn't wish her wardrobe to be altered to her new size.

    After helping with a deranged impersonation of NoCal, being caught in a fight between Qwalk and CLNZ, and getting a new wardrobe, Ruri agreed to help with the Quacko Quest.

    After helping/being drug along with Clone craziness, Ruri took a sabatical. She has unofficially returned during one of the Clone's parties with a Nadesico of her own.

    For those wondering about the anime/manga character shamelessly ripped off, check out. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruri_Hoshino
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