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Thread: Banning Game

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    HA you're banned for being angelic
    Sworn, bloody!


    The Old Peculier perpetrator of warm English beer

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    Xetal you're banned for you love of warm English beer.
    "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference." Reinhold Niebuhr

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    HA you're banned for sacrilege

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    Xetal you're banned because your avatar's eyes are shiny.

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    All the better to gloat over your honorable banning for having two peple in your avatar

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    Xetal you're banned for having more posts then me.

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    HA you're banned for being more economical than me

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    Xetal you're banned because you are older then me.

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    HA you're banned for ageism

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    Xetal you're banned because it is now the weekend.

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