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    Mike Brooks

    Mike didn't like this mission at all. He should be with Abby, he should there protecting her. Not that he didn't think the soldiers weren't capable of it. It was just that to them she was means to their mission. If it came down to saving her life or the research that Matthew may or may not have in his apartment, then the research would win. That was unacceptable to him. A week ago he didn't even know her name and now...It would be hard for him if something happened to her. He cared about her. The city was overran and the soldiers weren't prepared. Mike had tried to warn them but it seemed he got stuck with people who didn't respect a retired Army Ranger and a current cop. While maybe he was former, since the city went to hell and there was no police force. Most of his fellow officers were surely dead. Anyway, these kids thought they were right. Not him, even though he had saw the night he met Abby what these draggers could do first hand. Half the group he was with was dead after a herd attacked them. Mike escaped by telling the three remaining soldiers that it was better live and fight another day then be one of those things. The one soldier said they still had to follow orders which Mike was about to yell he didn't have to listen to those orders since he wasn't in the military anymore when he saw someone walking by. She seemed alive, she wasn't dragging herself like the dead. When he got closer, much to annoyance of the soldiers, he saw she was holding a shovel.

    "You might want to upgrade that weapon if you plan on staying here."

    Mike told Azra and glared at the one soldier who was about to say there was no need to talk to this woman. They were here for Matthew's research not rescuing people.

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    Dagny and Freya Bloom

    Dagny hesitated. It was a real, live person. She was speaking, and had asked Dagny a question. Dagny had not expected to run into another living person ever, but especially not so soon and in the midst of the city that had been overrun. It took her a moment to process the woman's words.

    "I-I'm Dagny. This is Freya." She found her voice. Dagny pulled gently on Freya's arm, walking toward Abby. "It's nice to see a real person." She offered Abby a warm smile.

    A weak little smile spread across Freya's face. She was excited to see Abby, who looked very nice and inviting.
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    Azra Fox

    Azra was startled by the sound of Mike's voice. She had not spoken to another human being in nearly a week. She took in the sight of Mike and the others as a smile spread across her face. She was glad to see them. But she was more glad to see their weapons.

    "I'd be happy to," Azra said, a slight mocking tone in her voice. "Have you got any to spare?"

    She put a hand on her hip. She was tough, but it wouldn't harm her to put on a tougher image in front of a new group of strangers.
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    Abby Hall

    Abby understood Dagny's hesitation, she hadn't expected to run into anyone still alive in Cincinnati either. Abby smiled at the girls and said.

    "It's nice to meet you both. Although you need to get out of here."

    She realized that her idea of just heading to Matthew's place, then finding Mike, and getting back to the base as quickly as possible would not work. She couldn't just leave the girls here. They'd be in danger, actually everyone was in danger, and Abby couldn't leave them behind.

    "There's a military base, by Columbus, that you can go to."

    The base hadn't been too keen when she, Mike, and his family had arrived. It was supposed to be top secret. Well, damn it, it was the government's responsibility to protect its people. Dagny and Freya should be allowed to be safe too.

    "I'm heading there once I get what I came here for."
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    Mike Brooks

    Mike smirked at Azra and reached behind his back to get the spare gun he had in waistband. He held it out to her and said.

    "I'll give it to you, as long as you promise not to shoot me with it."

    Right now he was more worried about the dead then the living. He had figured everyone in the city would be dead. Azra wasn't, though. She deserved to have a fighting chance if they went separate ways.

    "I'm sure this goes without saying but you should probably get the hell out of here."

    He could see from the corner of his eye that the soldiers were getting annoyed with him for talking to her. They were only here for their mission. He got that, he had served in the military. Missions were important but so were people. To him, it had been an honor to serve because he was protecting his country and its people. Perhaps these kids were just too green to understand that the mission meant nothing if there were no people to protect.
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    Dagny and Freya Bloom

    Dagny liked the idea of a military base. There would be plenty of weapons and the place was intended to be defensible, so it would certainly be easy to protect themselves.

    "I guess we should have stayed there then. That's where we came from. But we wanted to come back to Cincinnati to see if we could find our parents. So far....we've been unsuccessful."

    Dagny didn't want to say out loud that she thought her parents were dead. That she figured they were dragging themselves around the city like everyone else. If she admitted it, then it would be real, and that was too horrific for her to even think about.

    "What did you come here to do? We can help." Dagny offered, hoping that Abby would accept so they wouldn't have to continue on alone.

    Freya was busy staring off toward the end of the street. She knew when her sister was distracted to tired, she had to watch for draggers. She wasn't going to fail in her duties again. Dagny wouldn't forgive her twice. Her child-like face was serious and focused.
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    Azra Fox

    Azra nodded and took the gun from Mike.

    "Thanks, and I only shoot the draggers. The living get to keep on living."

    She checked the safety on the gun and then tucked it into the waistband of her jeans.

    "I was planning on getting out of here as quickly as I could. Now that I have a decent weapon, that seems a more likely possibility. Although, if you have room for one more I could come along with you all."

    She sincerely hoped Mike would accept her offer. She was tired of being alone. And she didn't think another group of living humans would come by to pick her up any time soon.
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    Abby Hall

    "I'm sorry."

    Abby told Dagny when she implied that her and Freya's parents were dead. It was very likely and Abby knew she was lucky that her family lived in the South. Not that it meant they'd remain safe. If this couldn't be contained or stopped...She tried not to think about it but Abby realized that it was very likely this epidemic could spread across the country. Dagny's question got her mind off of what could happen if she didn't get that research.

    "I worked at the research lab and one of the scientists, Matthew, he...He unleashed this...Not on purporse, mind you."

    Why was she defending Matthew? He thought he could play God and look what happened...Maybe because she had cared about him once. Although the man at the end wasn't the one she had considered her friend and once a lover. Abby sighed as she continued on.

    "He's dead now but I'm hoping that he took his research home and we might stop this before more people...more cities fall."
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    Mike Brooks

    "You're welcome."

    Mike smiled at Azra. Glad that he had made the right decision to give her a gun. When she suggested coming with them, the soldiers grumbled that this wasn't part of the mission. Mike ignored them and told Azra.

    "I'd be fine with you coming but I'm not leaving the city yet. I can't, not while my friend is here."

    Well, Abby felt more like then a friend to him but he didn't know how she felt about him. One of the soldiers said.

    "Dr. Hall is fine. The lieutenant will-"

    "I won't believe she's fine until I see her with my own damn eyes!"

    Mike growled at the soldier. He was sure the lieutenant was very capable of protecting Abby, if thought it was in the best interests of the mission to protect her. If it wasn't...No, Mike wouldn't allow himself to think something bad had happened to Abby. She hadn't been in his life long but he couldn't picture his life without her now. His growling caused the soldiers to glare but not argue more.
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    Dagny and Freya Bloom

    Dagny nodded as Abby explained her mission. Part of her thought it seemed foolhardy, but another part of her understood. After all, she had come all the way from Columbus searching for her parents. In vain.

    "Alright. We'll help you find it, if it's there. Let's go."

    Dagny tucked the pistol into her jeans and stood, ready to move forward and follow Abby.

    Freya squinted into the sun. She saw nothing on the horizon. It was strange, she thought. They hadn't seen any draggers in hours. The city was overrun, and when they first arrived there had been no reprieve from them. Now it was quiet.

    She looked back to her sister, ready to go off with a complete stranger in search of...well, Freya didn't know exactly what. She would follow Dagny wherever she went.
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