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Thread: The Seekers

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    The Seekers

    The Seekers

    Sasha stared at the runnels of water against the window. She ached everywhere and the IV felt uncomfortable enough she didn’t want to move her right hand. They were all dead, Colin, Rod and Becka... Everyone on the team was dead except her, Sister Lucia announced coolly, as an aide quietly dressed her wounds. Tears started from Sasha’s eyes and raced down her bruised and lacerated face.
    “Colin? Are you sure….”
    “Try to tell me everything you can recall. What exactly happened?” Sister Lucia asked. Her arms crossed her tall thin frame; her face was drawn into a tightly controlled expression, only her eyes revealed her doubtful thoughts.
    “The demon directed them to attack me first. I was standing at the pinnacle of the Light. Colin, Becka and Rod were behind me. The vampires came at me while I was opening my Bible. They had picked up various sized branches and they were hitting me even though I was inside the circle. I remember hearing Colin swear and yell something but I was too involved with the attack by that point to understand him. Something struck me from behind. I remember seeing Colin tearing the vampires away from me in the chaos.”
    “Do you remember anything else?” Sister Lucia asked patiently, withholding any comment. Sasha closed her eyes trying to concentrate through the fog in her thoughts as pain coursed through her battered body.
    “Then something or someone yanked me up and slammed me against the massive trunk of the old oak tree. I must have passed out because everything went dark and I can’t remember anything else.” Sasha muttered through swollen lips.
    “Brody got there too late, two of the creatures escaped. Try to rest now and maybe you can recall more at a later time,” Sister Lucia replied, looking down at Sasha dubiously, her tone more accusatory than kind. The pain was winning this battle and Sasha was finding it very hard to concentrate. She closed her eyes and tried to breathe through the intense pain. Suddenly Sasha felt the sting of something in her veins and opened her eyes to see the aide withdrawing the needle from the IV port. Relief from the throbbing pain swept through her and Sasha slipped back into unconsciousness.

    Sister Lucia went to her office and pulled out her private cell phone, ending the minimal buzzing of the ‘silent’ ring.
    “Yes? Good, send them here as soon as you can. None of this is adding up. I’ll be waiting.” She frowned and went to stare out the window at the downpour. Evidence was washing away, how could they learn the truth now she wondered? She hoped Brody could round up some of their better Seekers. Many of them did not like working in teams but it was always safest for everyone involved…well usually. Sister Lucia shook her head, she didn’t want to believe the mysterious caller, ‘…a traitor on the team? Was Sasha a traitor?’ Sister Lucia looked down at her desk and released a long sigh of frustration. The only team survivor was Sasha, it looked very bad. She had too many questions to place any credence to what the woman said. She would set a trap and if the woman was possessed, turned or lying; she would find out.
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    Sister Lucia looked over Sasha's chart. The young woman had been worked over pretty badly there was no question about that but the question was, why was she still alive when the others had not survived? She leaned over to study the monitor and watched Sasha with suspicious eyes.
    "Sister Lucia? Who did you have in mind to call for this new team?" The petite, smiling aide was a complete opposite of her boss. Although she was very professional she just had an overall kinder appearance that the stern Sister Lucia. She waited patiently as the Sister thought.
    "Call Jess Foster and Henry Dekkins. I think they would be just right to handle Sasha." Mary smiled and nodded, "I will call them right now."
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    "Hey Jess there's a call for you. I think its that Seekers thing again" Penny said as she brought the phone to her Aunt. Jess was sitting up in bed, answering emails and looking as worn out as she felt. "Sheesh Jess you look like a ghost, I think we need to get you outside some time soon" "Come on, Penn stop teasing and gimme the phone" Jess said as she reached for the phone. Penny pulled back a bit, "If they want you to go off on some mission thing you're not doing it. You can barely get our of bed. Just tell them no right off the bat and let it be" Penny said before handing the phone over. She started walking out of the room but stopped at the door, Jess looked up and made a face as the motioned for Penny to go on. "You've got a paper to finish don't you?" Jess said. Penny stuck out her tong and headed out of the room. But instead she turned the corner and stood near the door to Jess's room trying to listen in.

    "This is Jess what can I do for you?" .... Jess made a sound, "Its more than 'a bit under the weather', but I think we can come up to with compromise"..."Well its ether this or no dice. I'll still help out as much as I can over emails and phone calls but Jake's not letting me leave this bed, nether are the docs"... "Yes,I understand. I think this will work out just fine. Penny's better ad this stuff than I ever was"..."All right I'll have her come in soon as I fill her in."..."You too."

    "Penny! I know you're still right out side the door, now get your hind end back in here!" Jess called out as she hung the phone up. Penny turned 5 shades of red before she came back into the room, embarrassed to have been caught.
    "What do you think you're doing Penny? You're not a 12 year old little girl any more. Come sit" Jess said as she patted the side of the bed. Penny sat down next to her aunt. Aside from Jess's dark blond hair any one would have thought they were sisters, not aunt and niece. Jess was Penny's father's sister, and only 8 years older than her niece. They both had the bright turquoise eyes common to most of the Foster women, and both carried themselves with poise and self confidence. Jess was more outgoing that Penny, and that was usually the main way to tell the two apart when Penny's hair was her natural color.

    "You want me to take your place, dont you" Penny asked pensively. She didnt know if she wanted to try and live up to her aunts shadow yet.
    "Yes. With me being stuck in the bed I cant really do any thing, and you know more than I do. You're perfect for the job." Jess took Penny's hand in hers, "But only if you want to. I can tell them no if you want."
    Penny sighed and looked at her aunt, "I'll give it a try, this one time. No promises on being a replacement just yet"
    "That works. Bring me some paper and I'll give you the address. When yo leave I"ll give Mary a call and let her know your on the way. Pack light, and only what you think you'll need, they'll have the rest of what you need there" Jess said as she gave Penny a hug. Penny returned the hug and left the room.

    'What on earth have I gotten my self into now'
    Penny thought. She went and packed up some clothes, her books, laptop and a few other things she thought she'd need, loaded them up in her car, and went to go get the instructions to the place she was going.
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    Henry was in his study looking at the picture of the family. He wished that his son was like his niece. He couldn't believe how things had fallen apart with him. He sighed miserably and shook his head. He could remember the day Thomas was born. He was such a wonderful baby and a true gift from God. How did it come to him turning his back on God. And finally coming to hating his family. It just didn't make sense. He was sure that there was spirital forces at work. Demons had to be controlling his actions. And he had tried to combat them but nothing he tried would sway Thomas.

    He just shook his head and was unhappy.

    When the phone rang, he picked it up and said, "Hello?"
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    Mary doodled on her steno pad and let the phone ring. When she heard the voice on the line she smiled. "Pastor Dekkins, this is Mary Green, Sister Lucia's aide? We have a situation. Sister Lucia would like to speak with you, can you come to the hospital? She will fill you in when you get here." Satisfied, Mary checked off Henry Dekkins' name from her call list. Most of the names had been lined through. Either busy on another task, on leave or dead. Mary had circled those names of deceased Seekers; she would be adding them to the prayer list for herself and Sister Lucia. A mostly thankless job, there were those that honored the Seekers and the job they fulfilled. Mary always felt it was the least they could do for those people who fought on the front lines in this spiritual battle. Mary would light a special group of candles tonight. Becka, Colin and Rod had gone to their just reward, taken out by the beast they had been sent after. Mary frowned, she could not understand why Sasha was alive, it made no sense. Why did the creature leave her alone, yet killed the other three? Colin was a great loss. Handsome, sensitive with a sense of humor and ready smile, Mary had a crush on him like every other young woman who met him. She wasn't stupid though, she knew Colin had eyes for Sasha. Normally any girl in her shoes would be jealous and hate Sasha but Mary didn't. She understood why Colin had gravitated to her. Sasha was a gentle, compassionate, loving person who took time to really SEE people around her. If you were having a bad day, Sasha tended to feel it regardless of what words came out of your mouth. She genuinely cared about others, that was why this was such a mystery.

    Mary sighed. It would be so easy to just blame Sasha and lock her up in a special ward, but that would be a loss to the Seeker ranks and they were suffering too many losses of late anyway. When confronted with so much confusion she threw herself into her work and stayed busy until she could figure it out. Sighing once again she picked up the stack of Seeker files and began to re-file them so she would have them if she needed them again.

    Jess just had her baby, she would have to remember to send a gift from herself and one from Sister Lucia. Mary smiled and made a quick note, sticking the yellow paper to her phone. That way she would not forget! She hoped Sister Lucia would not fuss about Jess sending in Penny but at this point they needed all the help they could get. She straightened her skirt and picked up her steno pad with her notes, she needed to let the Sister know her progress.
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    Violently Garret Leighton pulled his keys out of his pocket while headed for his 1990 Chevy S-10. It was parked across the dirt road and in front of a large forest. It would soon be midnight, a full moon illuminating their path.
    “How could you do that to me Ramona?!”
    The woman he spoke to was a few feet ahead, her hand pressed on her face as she cried uncontrollably. “I’m sorry Garret.”
    “You’re SORRY?! We’re engaged and you sleep with another man, and you’re sorry?!” Garret retorted sharply.
    “It was a mistake-”
    “Darn right it was, to say the least!”
    “I never meant to Garret, it just happened. He was so upset, I.... I just don't know how it turned out this way... it wasn't planned, it just happened. ” She stopped in front of the hood of the truck, Garret came up beside the passenger door.
    “Oh, it just happened, did it? That makes it all better then!” He growled in sarcasm, raising his arms in frustration.
    Ramona turned to face him. “Can you tell me truthfully that you’ve never looked at another woman that way?”
    “No, but you know what the difference between you and me is? Though I may have had thoughts like that, I never acted on them Ramona, I cast them aside!”
    “It was wrong Garret, I know that and I’m sorry.”
    “There’s that word again! So sorry that of all the people, you chose my closest friend ? You’re despicable, the both of you!” As Garret proceeded to swear at her, something came out of the shadows a few feet behind the truck. The sadness on Ramona’s face was replaced by fear. “Garret!” She whispered urgently, pointing behind him with her arm shaking. Garret’s hand slipped down to his knife as he turned his head over his left shoulder. A fearsome growl sounded and something struck him, launching him onto and almost over the hood of the truck with incredible speed.

    Ramona screamed as something clawed at her, cutting deep into the flesh of her arm as she struggled to avoid the creature’s gasp.
    Garret took out his knife and jumped on the werewolf, aiming his knife at its neck but striking its right arm instead. It howled in pain and with a swift, powerful strike Leighton slammed against the side of the truck, losing his current weapon. The lycanthrope grabbed Garret and threw him into the windshield of the vehicle, then turning his attention back to his prey.
    Leighton landed in the seats pointed at the passenger door. Seconds passed as he tried to regain his senses enough to move. Though he could feel the large shards of glass buried in his body, he ignored the pain and shifted to a sitting position, then lowering down to reach under the driver’s seat. Ramona’s screams suddenly became a frightening gurgling sound, then silence as Garret pulled out his .357 Magnum Revolver.
    Regaining a sitting position he tried to aim the weapon. The sound of a shotgun blasted from the right and the beast growled in pain. Garret fired off one shot that missed horribly as the creature took off into the night on all-fours, glancing back with a wicked grin at the survivor. He stared at the still arm of his fiancé and the growing pool of blood around it. Dizziness overtook him and he slumped into the driver’s seat, dropping his revolver and pushing a piece of glass embedded in his body further in.

    ‘…Mr. Leighton, you’ve been unconscious for days…’
    ‘Your fiancé did… not survive the attack. There is a hunt out for the bear…’
    ‘…You’re lucky to be alive, son. Bears attacks are devastating…’
    Garret recalled the words of the doctors and nurses. Lucky to be alive… He scowled. A creature of myth had ripped the woman he loved to shreds and left her half-eaten, and he was lucky to be alive. The same woman he’d said such unforgiving things to a minute before her death…
    The same woman whose death would not be avenged by any posse, they were looking for a bear after all. Garret had told no one it was a werewolf, or indeed said much of anything during his recovery. He knew better.
    Even despite tracks indicating it wasn’t a bear, or the fact that he had been thrown through a windshield, no one would believe a werewolf had attacked them. Had he not seen it with his own eyes, heard it…
    Garret pumped his Remington 870 and, after ensuring the safety was on slid it inside the truck. The only one who could find this creature was him, and him alone. He sat down in the driver seat and shut the door, turning the truck on seconds later.

    He’d found through illegal means, law enforcement had records for three different ‘bear’ attacks in the last few months. After the manhunt began, Garret had seen a breaking news report detailing a fifth bear attack in a different location, not far away, he’d looked outside and seen a full moon that night.
    Arrogant psychiatrists, doctors and deputies had constantly badgered him for this, that and the other receiving little-to-no cooperation. His time in recovery was spent mostly just staring. Staring, contemplating and silently grieving. His brother had flown in from Texas out of worry, but received the same treatment. His only purpose now was clear. For Ramona, for justice… For revenge, he would find this abomination and eradicate it.
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    Ryleigh hummed softly to herself as she walked down the hallways, going about her rounds and checking in on various patients. Stopping by the nurse's station, she checked the time and then picked up a chart that was left laying on the counter and started to go over it, trying to figure out where it belonged. Once she figured it out, she headed off in the proper direction, and left the chart next to the appropriate door.

    Seeing that she had a few minutes of downtime, she headed to the lounge to get some coffee as well as spend some time to read and pray. Once in the lounge, she settled down next to a window and got comfortable, her coffee slowly cooling on the table next to her as she pulled out her pocket Bible and opened it and started to read.
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    Henry nodded, "Yeah I can come to the hospital. I can be right there." He hung up the phone and packed up some things in his bag and headed out of his office and headed to the hospital.

    When he got there he headed for the offices and entered the offices of Lucia. He assumed the woman sitting there was Mary and he walked over. "Hello I'm Henry Dekkins. You called. Is she in her office?"

    Thomas was busy doing his work as an intern at the hospital. He was still smarting from his last argument with his father. He was tired of the Bible toting father. He knew that he wasn't ever going to stop.

    He sighed and headed for the lounge to take a break and he walked in and saw his cousin with her Bible. He scowled slightly and immediately turned around and headed out the door.

    He did not want to have another argument already. Not with Ryleigh anyway.

    It was then that he spotted his father talking to Mary and scowled again. "What is he doing here? Checking up on me?" He scowled again and shook his head. He hated this.
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    Sasha knew the Sister did not believe her. It was hard for her to believe she had survived, it was no stretch to expect other Seekers and Liason's to not believe her. Colin had yelled out, "Becka, NO!" Those words were Sasha's only clue, since no one believed her, she was keeping that piece of knowledge to herself. She and Becka had not gotten along that well the whole time they were teamed up as Seekers, much to Sasha's consternation and confusion. What Becka had against her, Sasha never did uncover. The last few weeks Becka had bordered on hateful toward her. Once again, Sasha did not know why and had been unsuccessful in figuring it out. Becka and Rod had been going out together for a while and Sasha had hoped that would take the edge off of Becka's tongue. It had not, quite the opposite actually, she had gotten more nasty in her comments.

    The actual attack was fuzzy in her mind although a few things did stand out clearly. Colin had tried to protect her, that Sasha knew for a fact. How though... how had the vampires broke through the barrier the team had made? Sasha frowned but then someone came into her room and she forced her thoughts toward mundane things like her meal preferences. A thick, juicy cheeseburger would be very welcomed at the moment, accompanied by a thick strawberry shake, Mercy's food was typical bland hospital fare and Sasha knew the hunger she had for some real food would make it difficult to 'read' her mind. Just as Ross had told her a while back, she had to stay aware of possibilities. They didn't trust her and maybe she shouldn't trust them so much.... Sasha looked back out the window pane at the rain. She knew there had to be a reason she survived by she would have to figure it out herself.


    The man with the shotgun watched the young man be taken off to the emergency room and kept track of his progress. Ross Kiley was kept apprised of Garret's whereabouts by the Seeker he had sent after the Lycanthrope. Ross read the most recent report and finally made the decision to tell Rodger to go ahead and make contact with Garret but to use caution. They didn't want to frighten him so that he thought they were lunatics...always a possibility when telling someone about the Seeker organization. Ross smiled though, if anyone could convince the young man, it would be Rodger. Ross grimaced, the report on his computers inbox regarding Sasha was not good. He might have to make a trip up to see her himself. Sister Lucia could be very... unforgiving and forceful. While she was a good liaison, she did lack tact and at times was overly concerned about what she could not control. Ross told Rodger to use his discretion and left the possible new addition to the Seekers in his hands. Ross called the hanger and had them ready his chopper for take-off. He took his finger off the button, deciding it would be best to 'surprise' Sister Lucia.
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    Penny walked in the front entrance of Mercy Hospital, feeling some unease. She was never a fan of hospitals, have very bad memories connected to them. She walked up to the front desk, "I'm looking for Sister Lucia or Mary Green, her aid. Would you be able to direct me to where I could find them?" she asked.
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