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Thread: The Seekers

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    Mary smiled at Henry Dekkins. "Sister Lucia will be back soon, I'll take you to the conference room. May I get you anything while you wait?" She started down the hallway and saw Ryleigh in the lounge. She waved to her but continued on toward the conference room, attending to her duty came first.

    Sister Lucia pursed her lips. Two more hunters had fallen to the vampire threat in the last two hours. She needed to recruit but now was not convenient, she might have to call on the other Liaison's but she was loathe to do it. How many times had she lectured the others about not making preparations for emergencies? Now she was guilty of it herself and it galled her to think about the recrimination she would face. No time to worry about such things she had to put together a new team. She would worry about Brody later, he would be the one to give her the worst of it. Every Seeker was busy at the moment except those Mary had found. Lucia would have to have Pastor Dekkins test the new recruits like Penny. They would not have a lot of time to prepare. She smoothed back her severely bound hair and picked up the next file.


    The lady at the desk nodded and gave Penny directions, motioning to the elevator. "Take that lift to the third floor and ask at the nurses station, they will direct you further if you forget." The woman nodded and looked up at the next person in line.
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    With his Remington 870 at the ready, Garret silently trekked into a clearing. It was quiet; too quiet in fact. He received some relief after being reminded that according to lycanthrope lore, they could not appear during the day. That didn't apply to normal animals however. He stared up at the trees. No birds, that wasn't a good sign. After scouring libraries for information about the creature he was hunting, he'd decided the light hours would be the best time to search its hunting grounds for clues. Seconds after his gaze returned he heard the unmistakable snap of a branch directly behind him.

    Garret swung around and raised his shotgun, seeing a man dressed in hunting garb leaning against a tree. "Looking for something?" He lowered the weapon.

    "You shouldn't sneak up on someone like that, 'good way to redecorate the trees." Garret muttered.

    "I could give the same advice to you... " Garret's expression changed to wariness and curiosity.

    "I know what you're after, but I don't think you do. You thought you'd just find this thing and kill it. Do you even know the first thing about werewolves son?"

    "How do you know...? The man who saved my life. That was you."

    "Name's Rodger, and your welcome."

    "...You kill a werewolf with something silver to its heart."

    "So you have done your homework. You still don't know the first thing about hunting one. A werewolf knows when it's being hunted by an amateur, it's already moved on."

    "How do you know all this?"

    "I am a Seeker, it's my job to. I've been hunting this werewolf for months. I also know that if you do manage to find it, you're going to get yourself killed."

    "12 gauge pellets dipped in silver. That should do the trick." Garret replied.

    "All the silver in the world won't help you if you aren't properly trained on how to track down and kill this thing... I can teach you how."
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    "Thanks" Penny tried to give a smile, but her apprehension grew. She really was not comfortable in hospitals. She went to the elevator and pushed the button for the 3rd floor. She was thankful to have the elevator all to her self. Penny was not sure what to expect about all this Jess had sent her into. But she trusted her aunt not to send her into some thing she couldnt handle. THe elevator doors opened to the third floor and Penny went up to the nurses station and got the rest of the directions she needed to the conference room.
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    Ryleigh had heard Thomas come into the lounge, but looked up too late to see who it had been.

    She smiled when she saw Mary walk by and waved back, idly wondering why her uncle was there.

    Seeing that she still had a few minutes left on her break, she put her Bible back into her pocket and then left the lounge and followed after them, wanting to talk to her uncle for a few minutes.
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    Garret Leighton had never been one quick to disbelieve everything that didn’t fit into the norm and call someone crazy. Despite that he was not quick to deem everything reported supernatural as truthful, either. A few months ago he probably wouldn’t have believed Rodger as quickly as he did. Though bragging was the furthest thing from his mind, he considered himself a decent judge of character, and this Rodger didn’t seem to be deceptive.
    Rodger did have a point, Garret wasn’t even a hunter of regular animals, much less something perhaps more frightening than a grizzly. He wasn’t skilled enough to kill this thing… yet. Though he was still wary of Rodger and kept his revolver handy at all times during the drive, there was little doubt in his mind that there was an organization, Seekers or not. Garret had assumed it to be paranoia, but he hadn’t been able to shake the feeling of being watched after his release from the hospital. In addition he’d caught sight of a tail at one point, but decided he was seeing things after he spotted a ‘second tail’.
    Which served as a lesson to trust his instincts, he had been right after all. Rodger told him The Seekers hunted not only werewolves, but vampires, ghosts along with other creatures and spirits of myth. If that were true, then they definitely had the skills he needed to take out this werewolf. And as Rodger pointed out, a werewolf couldn’t very well go into hiding, especially with Seeker contacts spread out all over the country.
    He parked his Chevy S-10 beside Rodger’s car. The design was unfamiliar to him and he couldn’t see any company logos, he supposed Rodger removed them for some reason. A hospital… Why were the other Seekers here? A roadhouse, an old warehouse or even a bowling alley seemed more likely locations.
    ‘Maybe that’s the idea, a nice public space to conduct meetings in, to avoid compromising any of their outposts.’ He shut the door with a loud slam.
    “We might be a little late, but since we weren’t too far away to begin with it should work out alright.” Rodger mentioned and gestured for Garret to follow him.
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    Mary turned around to leave the conference room and saw Penny coming down the hallway. She had a photo from Jess so she recognized the girl even though she had not met her. Opening the door she waved at Penny. "Penny? Over here, I'm Mary Green. I'm the one who called your Aunt. Please come in and have a seat. May I get you anything to eat or drink? Sister Lucia will be in shortly."


    Sasha looked at herself ruefully in the mirror. She looked like a brute of a boyfriend had beaten her or she had been in a car accident. She decided on the latter story to cover her appearance. The scissors she had nicked from the nurse took quick care of the hospital tag they called an ID bracelet. Sasha dumped it in the trash with a sneer of disgust. She had managed to get her clothes on without unhooking any monitors, which was no small feat. Once she unhooked them she figured it wouldn't be long before a nurse or aide came in to check on her. She intended to be gone by then. Wincing as she picked up her backpack, she moved toward the door disconnecting her IV and heart monitors in one quick movement. Sasha slipped out into the hallway crowded with visitors. So far so good, she made it to the elevator and slipped in with a family.


    Mary asked the Pastor and Penny to wait and went to let Sister Lucia know they were waiting. The Liaison was still sitting at a computer viewing several files on possible people to make up the new team. "This is not going very smoothly Mary, how does Jess' niece look?"
    "She looks nervous but it IS her first time."
    "Well, I will go greet Henry. Come along Mary." Sister Lucia stood up and started for the conference room with a grim look.


    "Henry, how good to see you. How's the family?" The Sister gave the Pastor one of the warmest smiles she was capable of. She noticed one of the nurses standing in the room, realizing it was Ryleigh Dekkins she nodded.

    "Ryleigh, you might as well stay. I was thinking of asking you to join us anyway, come in and sit down. This is about one of our current patients."
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    Ryleigh had been talking with Henry but broke off the conversation when Sister Lucia entered the room. She was just trying to figure out how to slip out without being spotted when the Sister spoke to her and she nodded and said, "Yes ma'am."

    Walking over to the table again, she pulled out the chair next to Henry and sat down, waiting to see what this was all about.

    Looking around the room, she nodded a greeting to Penny and then went back to wondering what patient this was about.
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    A soft buzzing sound came from the Sister's pocket and she took out her cell phone. "Hello? Ah yes, Rodger, please bring him up. We have another newcomer as well. Might as well only say this once. Henry is here. So come to the conference room on 3." She listened for a moment then nodded. "Yes, me too. I'm concerned about how quickly our ranks have been decimated. I'll have Mary bring Ross in on a conference call via her laptop. Okay see you in a few." The Sister sighed and looked as weary as she was for a moment.

    "Rodger is bringing in a new recruit. Glad you are here Henry. He may be hard to convince as you know."
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    Henry had asked for a coffee when he was asked if mary could get him anything.

    He enjoyed the conversation with Ryleigh. "How have you been liking your job here?" He asked her.

    When Lucia came in and asked about his family, he told Lucia that Thomas was still not talking to him and that he has prayed and prayed for him to see the light and to change his ways. He was not having a good time with Thomas and feared he was lost for good.

    "I have never been so depressed in all my life."
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    Penny returned Ryleigh's nod and took a seat as Mary had said. She was nervous, but probably not for the same reasons they thought she was. She remember the hospitals from when her father had his mental break down. She had been a teenager at the time, and remember sitting by his bed side while he was drugged, and restrained so he wouldnt hurt himself, again. By the time she was 16 he had tried to comit suicide 3 different times, finally succeeding 3 days before her 17th birthday. He had claimed to be haunted by demons. Penny was not totally sure if he was telling the truth or if he was just as insane as the doctors said.

    Penny looked around the room, taking note of the others that where in there. She wondered what all her anut Jess had done for these people, and what would be required of her.
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