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    Notes and Questions Thread

    Notes and Questions Thread

    Sorry everyone I forgot to make one of these for questions.

    In answer to Foreborn's question for everyone's information, Vampires here are more like the legends. They do NOT sparkle in sunlight they begin to smoke, it BURNS them. Exposure is fatal if suffered more than 10 minutes. They possess two fangs that retract allowing them to pass for human until ready to feed. Their saliva has three chemical properties the Seekers have discovered, first it is a powerful painkiller and it has a chemical that stimulates the brain to produce endorphins and ramp up hormone production into overdrive, activating the pleasure centers. The last property seems to release a blood thinner causing the blood to flow more freely. These have all been noted and show up in the 3 Prong Test, as the Seekers refer to it. Ross Kiley isolated the chemicals and came up with the test. Ross is one of the Liaisons.
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    Would you want to use the info I posted for Penny's knowledge of vampires here? I've got some info from other cultures but I think the European and American legends would be more relevant for now. I've also got oodles of bookmarked websites with info if theres any thing I can help with, let me know.
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    VAMPIRES in the Seeker Storyline-
    More information

    They look completely human making them difficult to detect. *Special thanks to Mrs. Lt. Emerson for more detailed information*

    They are terrified of sunlight, it burns them eventually killing them. Wooden stake through the heart, made from Ash, Hawthorn or Oak trees; crosses will repel vampires if they are carried by a believer, crucifixes always work to repel them. They can't cross on to holy/sacred ground, holy water, dead mans blood is poison, iron burns their skin.

    To make the vampires of this thread more believable to fit in with humans they stay out of shadows and avoid mirrors but they do cast images like humans however some people are able to discern the demonic in them when viewing the creature indirectly like this, ie, Shadow or Mirror Image.

    Vampires are extremely strong and can move at greatly increased speed but they do NOT turn into bats and they cannot fly. They can bite someone without killing them but instead turn them into a slave by making them crave the bite because of the 'chemicals' released by the bite into the victims circulatory system and the 'feeling of being high' they receive from the vampires' bite. Ross believes this is the reason there have been so many legends about women falling in love with vampires, because basically they become junkies for the chemicals released into their blood stream. The vampires with control, can keep a slave around for their own purposes for a very long time, thus the slaves appear to have immortality but that is a myth. They will only receive the incredible longevity if they become a vampire as well.

    To turn a human into a vampire, the vampire must share their own blood with the human.
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    Windham Place is like condominiums made out of a very old Inn set back in a rural setting. There is an old quarry nearby that is used for tactical, rifle and pistol training for new Seekers. Hope this helps everyone. There are mostly dirt and gravel roads leading off of a minor highway about 15 miles away. Another 15 miles takes you into the modest city of Springdale where the Mercy Hospital resides.
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