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    Quote Originally Posted by SilntAngl5 View Post

    Oh, if it's ok, for my post I was going to have Sacha react to Helen biting the girl. he's never seen the whole Hybrid-bitey thing and will think she's killing the girl intentionally. I know the scene's slightly moved on from that point, but it's what Sacha would do. Feel free to have anyone react to it. Shigure will handle it mainly.
    Sounds good to me.
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    Would it help Sacha to know that if Helen wanted to kill someone, she would go for beheading rather than biting?
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    LOL. Anyone is welcome to make the comment to Sacha. That's a language he understands.
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    That sounds like a Dmitri comment to me.
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    I was thinking the exact same thing! Have a post, people.
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    I posted Nathan bringing a woman home to make this more difficult.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corey View Post
    I posted Nathan bringing a woman home to make this more difficult.
    Dmitri doesn't see what's so difficult. He can shoot Nathan without hitting her.
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    LOL. Shigure's going to want to rip his head off.

    I didn't know if you wanted it pre-planned, but I think Dmitri should get the kill shot. Or at least a damn good shot. I'd like him to shoot through Sacha (or Shigure) to do it. Maybe if Nathan gets a lock on one of them? Just because I want to cause my characters an a measure of pain. Or, if he's suppose to escape outside, the shot could work, but not be a kill shot?

    One of my characters needs to suffer... Nitya might get the ax if not!
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    Dmitri should know Nathan is very willing to use human body shields.

    I'm fine with Dmitri getting the final kill shot. Flynn wants to shoot his corpse to the point he is shooting just dust until he is stopped. Chase just needs to see that Nathan is dead so he and Rachel can finally put that chapter of their life behind them.

    Sil I'm fine with doing whatever is necessary to cause some pain.
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    Dmitri is using UV rounds, so any shot he takes will either be a kill shot or fail.

    I love that my prediction for Nathan's death is coming true - he just gets ripped to shreds by several of his many enemies.

    Dmitri certainly would not object to the chance to land the fatal blow!
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