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    Breaking News

    Breaking News

    News Hungaria, Channel 12 Evening Broadcast

    ...And as the final story of this evening's program, we here at News Hungaria bring you an exclusive on a video that has been creating an internet sensation for the past three days. The video purports to be a portion of a 'death match' between immortal creatures, including werewolves and some sort of huge vampire bat. Most experts explain the video as merely a case of clever CGI and manipulation of perception, but a few die-hard conspiracy theorists insist that this is the first authentic footage of supernatural beings ever recorded.

    Cut to two men changing into Lycan form. Cut to a grimacing man lying on a stone floor as his skin turns blue-grey, his jaw extends, and he demonstrates what appear to be vestigial wings before his face and body return to normal.

    As you can see, the footage is quite convincing. Convincing enough to make us believe in werewolves? Not so fast, the experts say. The video is of unknown origin, and attempts to find evidence of tampering have been inconclusive.

    Cut to a bearded man wearing a shabby suit sitting in front of a bookshelf in a crowded office. Caption reads: Doctor Imre Ligeti, Professor of Mythology.

    "Of course, rational people know there is no such thing as horror movie monsters. This video is compelling cinema, but nothing more. It should not make us... afraid of the dark. Werewolf and vampire stories make fantastic ethnographic studies and good entertainment, but they cannot possibly really exist."

    Not everyone agrees with Doctor Ligeti, however.

    Cut to crowded nightclub scene, with the noise strangely muted. A male youth in dark clothing and black eyeliner addresses the camera.

    "There are those of us who have believed in these creatures for a long time. Who have sought them out, and felt a connection with them. This is vindication of all our hopes and dreams. Today you people may mock us, but tomorrow the whole world will know that we were right all along!"

    Fade back to the newsroom, where the anchor sits at her desk in a serious pose.

    Monsters on video: hoax, or the biggest discovery in human history? We leave it to the viewer to decide.

    This has been Éva Varga for News Hungaria. Thank you for making Channel 12 your favourite nightly broadcast.
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    Channel 12 On The Scene, News Update

    Good evening. This is Sándor Nemes with Channel 12 On The Scene, interrupting this episode of Dateline to bring you more details on the investigation into the murder of twenty-two-year-old university student Ágoston Sandoval. Police are describing this murder as "brutal" and "shocking." The victim was apparently working the night shift in a crisis pregnancy centre near the Erzsébet Bridge when he was brutally attacked and - authorities believe - his body was partially drained of blood.

    Shot widens to include the crisis pregnancy centre behind the reporter. Police enter and exit, as red and blue lights flash in the late night darkness. The area is cordoned off with crime scene tape.

    The medical examiner's preliminary investigation has ruled cause of death as a combination of blood loss, spinal injury, and shock. It appears that some sort of sharp piercing weapon was used in the attack, but as of yet the medical examiner has been unable to identify that instrument.

    Members of the public are already dubbing the gruesome murder of Ágoston Sandoval as the "Vampire Killing." Police refuse to comment on this macabre nickname, but they assure the citizens of Budapest that they are working hard to uncover the perpetrator and bring him or her to justice.

    Our news team will keep you updated on the story as it unfolds. This has been Sándor Nemes for Channel 12 On The Scene. We now return to your program in progress.
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    The Last Word, Commentary Program, Channel 6

    Caption text reads: Doctor Béla Cseh, Professor of Criminology, Eötvös Loránd University.

    Now with all due respect, Piroska, I have to disagree with you. The murder of Ágoston Sandoval is indeed a horrific crime, but it's hardly the isolated incident that the police are making it out to be in their press release. In fact, simply a cursory glance at the police blotters for the last year reveals at least twenty similar crimes, and likely more. This winter, newspapers were talking about a possible serial killer on the lose.

    That talk died down as the crime rate returned to normal this spring, and most commentators speculated that the killer or killers had left the city or had been arrested and jailed for another crime. The Sandoval murder brings up the disturbing possibility that the culprit may still be at large in Budapest, which means we are likely to see more such attacks.

    Voice of the moderator: "So you think the 'Vampire Killing' is connected to this winter's inexplicable crime spree?"

    Absolutely! I don't see how anyone looking at the pattern of the attacks could draw any other conclusion. I would be surprised if the police investigation didn't dig into those previous unsolved case files. My prediction is we'll indeed learn this is the work of a serial killer, and that the evidence from these earlier crime scenes will lead to the perpetrator being brought to justice.

    Voice of the moderator: "And I'm afraid we're out of time. Thank you, Doctor Piroska Dobos and Doctor Béla Cseh for presenting your opinions during today's program..."
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    News Hungaria, Channel 12 Evening Broadcast

    Good evening, and welcome to News Hungaria. I'm Éva Varga.

    Tonight's top story: What at first appeared to be a convenience store robbery gone awry now seems to be much more, as first police and then health department officials converged on the scene in Pest earlier today.

    Shortly before dawn this morning, an unidentified white male entered the store and exchanged gunfire with the deceased. The shooter fled the scene before police could apprehend him. The victim's identity has not yet been released.

    Police are not yet making a public statement about the progress of the investigation, and there does not appear to be a suspect in custody. According to our inside sources with the department, the authorities have recovered silver bullets at the scene, which suggests a link to the gang activity that has plagued the city for a number of years. In the past, the police have speculated that silver weaponry is the trademark of one of the rival gangs, although the actual usefulness of such a weapon is unclear.

    This shooting, which was first labeled a robbery and then believed to be a gangland homicide, took on an added dimension when the medical examiner's office released a statement this afternoon cryptically describing the recovered remains as "anomalous." Although they were unwilling to provide any further details as of the time of this broadcast, an off-the-record source from the health department has given Channel 12 exclusive information that there are concerns about contagious disease based on the condition of the corpse.

    The police declined our request to comment, but the chief medical examiner was willing to say in general terms that they are being vigilant but don't anticipate a significant disease risk to the public.

    News Hungaria and Channel 12 will keep you up to date on breaking developments in this troubling story. And now in international news...
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    Channel 12 On The Scene, News Update

    Good afternoon. This is Sándor Nemes with Channel 12 On The Scene, bringing you a disturbing update on the case that the public and the press have dubbed the "Vampire Killing." Moments ago the chief of police gave a press conference about the killing of Ágoston Sandoval - including the unexpected news that a second body has been found.

    This morning a garbage collector reported the presence of human remains in a dumpster outside the Ibolya Hotel. Police were called to the scene to investigate, and recovered the body of a male believed to be in his mid to late thirties. The identity of the victim has not yet been released pending notification of the family, but the lead investigator was willing to confirm that he was an out of town visitor, not a city resident.

    Witnesses in the hotel bar report seeing the victim leave with two unknown females. Preliminary analysis of trace evidence on the body, including lipstick marks, seems to confirm the possibility of a pair of female perpetrators.

    The primary cause of death appears to be blood loss, as with the Sandoval case, and the police are investigating the possibility that the same type of weapon was used. The medical examiner estimates that the body had been in the dumpster between twenty-four and seventy-two hours prior to discovery, putting the time of death near or slightly before the Sandoval murder.

    This second "Vampire Killing" case is causing much alarm among the citizens of Budapest. So far, the police have found no links between the victims in the two cases aside from gender, and believe that it was unlikely the two men knew each other in life. The similar and unusual manner of death, however, indicates that the killer or killers of both victims may be one and the same. Today's public statement from the police department requests that citizens be alert and report suspicious activity, but to avoid panic and to continue to go about their daily routines.

    Police inquiries into both killings are ongoing. Channel 12 will continue to deliver up-to-the-minute news on these disturbing crimes. This has been Sándor Nemes for Channel 12 On The Scene.
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    The Last Word, Commentary Program, Channel 6

    Caption text reads: Doctor Béla Cseh, Professor of Criminology, Eötvös Loránd University.

    The question, though, should not be whether or not women are capable of committing such a horrific crime. Those of us in the field of criminology have seen countless examples that prove women can be just as violent and calculating as men. I don't think that's in doubt.

    Rather, the question should be whether or not the evidence tells us that the killer of the the victim from the Ibolya Hotel could be the same perpetrator who committed the Sandoval murder. I believe the answer to that is no. All the witnesses from the hotel bar are unanimous that the victim - a man now identified as Karcsi Kossuth, a resident of the city of Pécs who was murdered while on a business trip to Budapest - left in the presence of two women. All evidence points to these two women being the ones who committed the crime.

    Recovered security footage from the Sandoval crime scene, however, clearly shows only a single male suspect entering the premises...

    Voice of the moderator: "But according to the police, that camera was destroyed prior to the murder, and did not record the death of Mister Sandoval."

    That is true. The camera only recorded the entry of one suspect, who - although the security recording had no audio capabilities, so we can't be sure - at least appears to be threatening Sandoval. It is possible that one or both of the female suspects who are being sought for the Kossuth murder arrived later and also participated in the killing.

    The point we should be focusing on, though, is that at least one other person was involved in these murders, and that person is a male. We're not dealing with two lone femme fatales.

    Voice of the moderator: "Doctor Cseh, does this mean that you're reversing your previous position that the killer of Ágoston Sandoval is the same person or persons who committed the rash of brutal unsolved murders the city experienced during the winter months?"

    Not at all. My position is simply that to call this the work of a "serial killer" is no longer accurate, in my opinion. We are not dealing with one perpetrator acting alone, but with a gang of killers who share a similar M.O.

    This goes beyond mere coincidence. I remain convinced that the secret to unlocking the behaviour of this violent gang of individuals is to dig again into the previous unsolved crimes.

    Voice of the moderator: "What do you think of the rumour now circulating in some segments of the population that 'Vampire Killings' were done by actual vampires?"

    You mean supernatural monsters?

    Voice of the moderator: "Yes. That's what's being said."

    There is a long pause. Doctor Cseh sounds hesitant when he continues.

    Look, we're grownups here. What we're dealing with here is a particularly brutal gang of killers... of human killers. There is no such thing as vampires.

    However, I wouldn't rule out the presence of some disease or genetic defect that may be causing these crimes. Perhaps a form of rabies...?

    Voice of the moderator: "A form of rabies that causes people to kill strangers by draining them of their blood? There are those who would say that's almost as unlikely as the possibility of real vampires."

    Believe me, I'm well aware. A day ago, I would have scoffed at the idea myself. Leaked documents from the medical examiner's office, however, have indicated that the saliva recovered from both bodies contains... "anomalies," I believe, is the term that's in vogue these days. These reports floated the possibility of a disease, based on the extremely unusual results of the DNA testing done on those saliva samples.

    Voice of the moderator: "A disease that causes people to kill?"

    It's possible. There are diseases - rabies, for example, as I mentioned previously - that cause violent behaviours in an effort to propagate themselves through a bite or cut.

    Of course, it's far too early to be sure of anything. I think we'd be foolish to rule it out, however. I'm sure the authorities will leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of this mystery.

    Voice of the moderator: "Very interesting. Thank you for joining us on the program today, Doctor Cseh."

    You're very welcome.
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    Channel 12 On The Scene, News Update

    Good morning. This is Sándor Nemes, reporting for Channel 12 On The Scene. I'm standing just west of the Halászbástya, where an estimated fifteen people died in an inexplicable blaze this morning. Witnesses at the scene have presented conflicting accounts of the incident, and authorities are still trying to determine if this was a mass homicide or a mass suicide. Eyewitness reports indicate that the victims were chained together, although whether they were being restrained against their will or had linked themselves up as a form of political protest is unclear. Firefighters quickly arrived on the scene, but by the time they reached the top of the Halászbástya, all of the victims were deceased.

    Police and arson investigators are combing the site for clues, but it has been slow going because there is very little left at the scene. The bodies were so completely burned that authorities speculate that a strong and so far unidentified accelerant must have been used, possibly jet fuel. All trace evidence is being taken to the crime lab for processing, in the hopes of determining exactly what happened in this strange case, and whether a crime has been committed.

    So far, none of the remains have been identified, and forensic investigators caution that we may never know for sure who the victims were, or exactly how many people died at the Halászbástya today. They hope, however, to shed light on how and why this devastating event may have occurred.

    As Channel 12 receives information on this tragic and shocking story, we will bring you ongoing news updates. We now return you to your regularly scheduled local news program.
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    News Hungaria, Channel 12 Evening Broadcast

    Good evening, and welcome to News Hungaria. I'm Éva Varga.

    Tonight's top story: The medical examiner's office, in cooperation with the local police, has announced a startling discovery that ties together a series of apparently unrelated crimes that have taken place in the city during the past few weeks. Authorities are now reporting that tests performed on evidence collected in the Ágoston Sandoval case and the Karcsi Kossuth case - which media and the public have unofficially dubbed the "Vampire Killings" - not only tie together these two crimes, but also revealed a connection to the death of an as yet unidentified man in a convenience store and also the tragic Halászbástya Massacre.

    As if the connection between these crimes wasn't strange enough, the M.E.'s office also stated that the findings were 'irregular.' When questioned by a Channel 12 reporter, a highly placed police source revealed that although the results did not yield a DNA match for a single suspect, they in fact confirmed the speculation - originally dismissed as fringe theory - that the samples contained the same as yet unidentified virus.

    When the Channel 12 reporter returned to question the medical examiner in light of this information, the M.E. released the following statement:

    Hastily edited cut to the medical examiner, a tall, wiry, nervous-looking man.

    "At present, we do not anticipate a major disease risk to the public. Preliminary testing indicates that the unknown virus is transmitted by bodily fluids like blood and saliva. We do not believe the virus is capable of airborne transmission. We urge the public to exercise caution in their interactions with strangers, but stress that there is no need for panic."

    Cut back to the newsroom. An intern is briefly visible in the background looking very nervous, before anchor Éva Varga calmly steps in to block him from view.

    A virus in Budapest that drives people to kill? It sounds far-fetched. Although authorities have not pinpointed a specific link between the virus and the tendency to commit violence, they are acknowledging that it is not mere coincidence that evidence of it has been found at multiple crime scenes. Authorities are reopening several cold cases to search for possible connections to the current...

    Éva Varga stops and listens to a voice through her earpiece; it is not audible to the viewer.

    I'm getting a breaking report that the medical examiner's office is - as we speak - issuing a summary of the results of a second autopsy on the unidentified victim in the convenience store shooting.

    Full details of the autopsy are not yet available, but the medical examiner has just released a statement that...

    ...Are you sure about that?

    Éva looks flustered as she listens through the earpiece again.

    ...Ladies and gentleman, the medical examiner's office is confirming that the victim's corpse shows not only the presence of the virus in the blood, but that this virus appears to have created significant physical changes in the body. This man would probably have had...

    ...Is this a joke?

    There is a long silence, then an audible voice, "Channel 6 is reporting the same thing, ma'am." Éva seems to shake off her shock, and continues with as much calm as she can muster.

    The man would have had enhanced physical and sensory abilities, seemingly to an unprecedented extent. Additionally, he would have had an unusual sensitivity to ultraviolet light. Authorities insist they have reason to believe that this unknown virus is responsible, but as yet have been unable to pinpoint the specific biological mechanism by which the changes may have occurred. The investigation is ongoing, and the police commissioner has promised that this matter will be the top priority of the police department, medical examiner's office, and health department.

    Meanwhile, the city is gossiping that "monsters" are real and living among us - something that, to the surprise of the Channel 12 reporter, the police commissioner and medical examiner are no longer willing to go on record to deny.

    We go now to international news, but will return to this crucial breaking story with new information as we receive it...
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    News Hungaria, Channel 12 Evening Broadcast

    Good evening, and welcome to News Hungaria. I'm Éva Varga.

    We begin tonight's broadcast with a disturbing story, which seems to follow directly in the wake of the series of crimes related to an unknown virus. Last night, two female vandals forced their way into the medical examiner's office. Recovered security footage from the destroyed cameras shows these females entering the building, at which point they began brutally assaulting and killing four people - a security guard, two lab technicians, and the chief medical examiner - and doing significant properly damage. The suspects then set the building on fire using chemicals found on the premises as an accelerant.

    Cut to the front steps of the M.E. building, where a tired-looking man in a rumpled suit reads from a prepared statement. In the background, the building is visibly damaged but still standing, with the east wing almost fully intact.

    "The medical examiner's office has been compromised but not crippled. We mourn the dead, but we will continue the work for which they bravely gave their lives. Our building was damaged, and some evidence was destroyed, but most of the samples collected at crime scenes have survived, and all of the results we have processed remain safe in our central database, which is backed up online as well as on the local server."

    "At this point, we are fairly sure that this act of destruction and murder was an attempt to halt work on the identification of the unknown virus. The medical examiner's office would like to assure the public that our work will continue uninterrupted. From all of us, thank you to the people of Budapest for your support."

    Cut back to the newsroom, where Éva Varga looks appropriately saddened.

    I'm sure all our thoughts are with them. The new acting chief medical examiner has confirmed that the results of the tests being performed will be only slightly delayed, and that for the sake of safety and obtaining a reliable result, the remaining samples will be divided among several different labs for processing.

    In other local news, temperatures reached record highs for this time of year today...
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    The Last Word, Commentary Program, Channel 6

    Caption text reads: Doctor Béla Cseh, Professor of Criminology, Eötvös Loránd University.

    ...No, on the contrary, I think this new development makes it absolutely clear that criminology does have something to say about the subject.

    Another commentator cuts in: "But the evidence suggests that the attack on the M.E.'s office was motivated by the virus! Doesn't that just add credence to my point that we should be looking at this from purely a disease standpoint, not as an ordinary crime?"

    To be blunt, I think your description of 'motivation' is rather misleading. The virus was not the sentient force here.

    Take the rabies example. A person with rabies-induced dementia may attempt to bite another person, and doing so is out of their control - the rabies virus is trying to spread itself, and while unfortunate for all involved, it is not a criminal act.

    The crucial difference here is, the person with rabies would not attempt to hide their action. They simply wouldn't have the capacity. By the time their mental state had deteriorated to that degree, there wouldn't be enough cognition left to take any complex measures to prevent others from finding out what was happening.

    It's very possible that these two women were infected with the unknown virus. Their actions don't suggest that the virus was what was compelling them, though. They carefully lured the guard, destroyed the cameras, attempted to incinerate one of the bodies, burned files and willfully damaged computers, and then committed an act of arson to hide the evidence of their crimes. That simply isn't the work of someone out of control because of advanced disease. That's the work of someone acting deliberately.

    Voice of the moderator: "But you do concur that these two women are infected?"

    Most likely, yes. In fact, I think it's entirely possible that this is the same pair that murdered Karcsi Kossuth, and their infected status was confirmed by laboratory testing of the saliva recovered from Mister Kossuth's body.

    What I'm saying is... the virus didn't make them kill. They had the virus, and they killed - but that isn't a statement of cause and effect, merely two facts converging. The sheer deliberateness of their actions makes that clear.

    This isn't a killer virus. These are killers who have a virus. There's a difference. And that's my professional opinion.

    Voice of the moderator: "That's all the time we have this evening. Thank you both for joining us, and for giving us a lot to think about as this story continues to develop."
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