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Thread: Breaking News

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    Kinia Hajnal

    The latest in entertainment news is that actor Ryan Reynolds is apparently in Budapest. He was encountered at a local bridal shop with an unidentified blond haired woman...

    A clip was cut to show Flynn and Greta in a shop and Flynn getting annoyed with a reporter. The male reporter asked him if he was Flynn Harper and Flynn replied.

    No, I'm Ryan Reynolds. You know the movie star.

    Flynn told the man who looked at him like he didn't believe him.

    Really? He's from Canada and you sound British-

    I'm in character! Flynn Harper is a character I was playing for a movie.

    You mean the "game"?

    Yes, that. It's all a movie! Fake! Some idiot leaked the footage on the Internet.

    Flynn replied and took a hold of Greta's hand and was trying to leave when the reporter wouldn't let up.

    So you're saying that-

    It's all fake! Computer animation! You people shouldn't believe everything you see on the Internet.

    Flynn said, barely controlling his temper as he and Greta left the shop. The clip ended and Kinia was back on camera.

    So a man who says he is Ryan Reynolds claims that those videos were from a leaked movie in the works. When Mr. Reynolds' agent was contacted, the reply was that Mr. Reynolds is not currently signed to any "supernatural" movies and nor has he been in Budapest lately. This is Kinia Hajnal reporting and now with the local sports report...
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    News Hungaria, Channel 12 Evening Broadcast

    Good evening, and welcome to News Hungaria. This is Sándor Nemes filling in for Éva Varga.

    Tonight's top story concerns one of our own here at Channel 12.

    For a moment, Sándor can't help looking sad. He and Éva are friends as well as co-workers. An instant later, he pulls himself together and continues with renewed focus.

    Last night, Éva Varga and her boyfriend Tibor Werkner were attacked at Varga's townhouse. Two women approached the house during the late evening on the pretext of offering information about the breaking 'Vampire Killing' cases, and then forced their way inside the residence. The suspects then apparently used their own sharpened teeth as a weapon, according to the surviving witness and apparently corroborated by forensic evidence.

    The two women have not been found, but their description appears to match the suspects in the Kossuth killing.

    Werkner and Varga were both transported to the hospital, where Werkner was pronounced dead on arrival. Varga was admitted for treatment, and is expected to make a slow but complete recovery. Her location will not be disclosed until the suspects are in custody.

    I hope the viewers will join us here at Channel 12 to offer the Werkner family our condolences, and to wish Éva Varga a speedy recovery.

    In regional news tonight...
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    Kinia Hajnal

    In international news, Mexican authorities are baffled about what has happened in a summer home in Huatulco. A woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, reported that a group of men broke into her date's home and "turned him to dust"...

    The screen cut from Kinia to show the silhouette of a woman being interviewed about the attack. There was a voice over translating since the woman and the interviewer were speaking in Spanish. She described the scene of Nathan being attacked by the men and being shot. The screen cut back to Kinia.

    Authorities would not comment if they have any leads of who the attackers were or if how they committed the crime. However, the victim of this crime is confirmed to have been a wanted war criminal named Nathan Betancourt. He had disappeared without a trace for ten years after starting a rebellion overthrow his country's ruling government. What he was doing in Mexico is unknown and the only comment his home country's government would give hearing about his death was the attackers had done the world a favor. This is Kinia Hajnal reporting and now for the local weather...
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    Channel 12 On The Scene, News Update

    Good morning, ladies and gentleman. This is Sándor Nemes, reporting for Channel 12 On The Scene.

    Nemes stands outside a grim looking Soviet-era hospital building.

    We're just receiving breaking news that Channel 12's own Éva Varga, who was admitted to the trauma ward last night, was abducted a few hours later by two men and a woman claiming to be from Kegyelem Hospital. The suspects had transfer orders that, according to the nurse and doctor on duty, appeared to be in order. Followup with Kegyelem, however, revealed that no such transfer had actually been ordered.

    Authorities are currently searching for Éva... for Miss Varga. So far there have been no leads, but police say optimistically that they have no specific reason to think she has been harmed. It does not appear that the same people were involved in the kidnapping as in the attack on Varga and her partner that resulted in her hospitalization and his death, although the police commissioner said he assumes there is a connection, perhaps a single gang at work.

    We will keep you up to date on this breaking story, and we ask that our viewers join in sending their good thoughts to Éva Varga, wherever she is today.
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    Magyar Nightly News, Channel 2 Evening Broadcast

    Good evening, and welcome to Magyar Nightly News, on Channel 2. I'm Zsigmond Nagy.

    Tonight's top story: Are there monsters lurking here in our fair city? In recent weeks, popular opinion of the mysterious virus discovered at several crime scenes is that this disease may somehow incite violence. Tests on the virus and its origins are ongoing, but tonight we bring you an exposé on a more immediate threat.

    Cut to footage of a gated and heavily guarded community, shot at a distance.

    On the outskirts of Budapest, a small town has quietly sprung up. Not long ago, the compound was a converted abandoned school building surrounded by vacant lots. Over the past two and a half years, a mysterious organization bought the school and surrounding properties, and immediately put up fences and installed guards to keep the curious out. Some local residents wondered exactly what secrets this militant little town - called New Haven in English, or Új Menedék in Hungarian - had to hide. Speculation was kept at bay, though, by significant donations to local charities, and the provision of a free medical clinic for lower income patients. Új Menedék was, by most accounts, a good neighbour.

    Revelations today about the secretive community have called their neighbourly reputation into serious question, however.

    Channel 2 has uncovered major financial ties between Új Menedék and the crisis pregnancy centre where the Sandoval murder took place. For the past two fiscal years, the community has kept the centre afloat almost single-handedly. Initially our reporters assumed this to be a coincidence, but later the station received an anonymous but so far credible report that a number of young prostitutes from Asia who may have been infected with the unknown virus have been abducted by the community and are being held there, likely for nefarious purposes.

    Police declined to release an official statement, but department sources indicated off the record that they intend to investigate both the abduction of the prostitutes and the possibility that this community played some part in orchestrating the Sandoval murder.

    We will continue to follow this story, and to bring our viewers the truth about Új Menedék, without their spin and sugarcoating.

    In financial news, stocks closed higher today after a day of optimistic trading...
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    Hungary News Now, Channel 6 Evening Broadcast

    I'm Valentin Kersh. Welcome to tonight's edition of Channel 6's Hungary News Now.

    The embattled community of New Haven, also known as Új Menedék, faces additional woes after a confrontation with a group of local residents ended in loss of life today. Authorities are unsure how many people died in the clash, or exactly what it was about. A representative from the community has alleged that their group had been innocently taking school children on a class field trip when unprovoked violence erupted. Police have not been able to find anyone from the opposing side to refute or confirm this story.

    At the moment, no charges are being filed, and in the absence of witnesses to the contrary, the police investigators have little choice but to label the situation one of self-defence. Should additional evidence surface, though, police have not ruled out the possibility that we may see arrests in the days to come.

    This incident follows a number of other suspicious developments from Új Menedék; significant financial ties to the charity that was the setting for a brutal murder, and the possible abduction and imprisonment of prostitutes who knowledgeable sources believe to be virus-infected. It seems that this New Haven may not be quite the wholesome environment its public face has conveyed to the world.

    Stayed tuned in to Channel 6 for developments in the bizarre case of a potentially dangerous community of strangers in our midst.

    In other news, the medical examiner's office has stated on the record that breakthroughs have been made in analyzing the virus discovered at multiple crime scenes. So far the investigators have been tight-lipped about their findings, but one source described the results as "shocking." Within the next few days, Channel 6 will be bringing you definitive information as it's released about this disturbing situation that has been plaguing our city...
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    News As It Happens, Afternoon Update, Channel 2

    Good afternoon. I'm Etelka Havas with News As It Happens, providing you with an important breaking news update.

    Shot widens to show the reporter is standing in front of an imposing stone courthouse building.

    Just moments ago, accused murderer Ferenc Lantos was released after serving ten years in prison, because new evidence has come to light suggesting that Lantos could not have committed the crime for which he was convicted. On December 3rd of 2002, an assailant broke into the home of elderly Budapest resident Nina Majoros, with a motive police believed to have been robbery. Apparently finding no valuables, the perpetrator savagely assaulted and murdered Majoros, cutting her throat.

    Lantos was found at the scene covered in blood, but he claimed he had merely heard the commotion and entered the apartment to try to assist the victim. He had a criminal record, though, including two petty burglaries and possession of drugs - although police admitted even at the time that in the past Lantos had never committed a violent crime, let alone committed murder. Still, it took a jury only three hours of deliberations to sentence Ferenc Lantos to life in prison for killing Nina Majoros.

    All of his appeals have since been exhausted, and Ferenc Lantos would likely have remained in prison for the rest of his life, had not a videotape been discovered in a mansion outside of town by a real estate agent preparing the property for sale. The tape had been hidden behind some brickwork, for reasons unknown. The camera footage, time-stamped and verified by the police crime lab as genuine, showed Lantos in a bar across town during the entire duration of when the attack could have taken place.

    On the strength of this evidence, the forensics team re-ran the DNA tests on the crime scene evidence; at the time of the conviction, the sample was judged too degraded, but superior modern techniques made it possible for the result to be properly analysed. The test proved that Lantos was not a match to the sample from the scene, and thus could not have been the killer. Additionally, the unknown virus found in recent crime scenes was present in the samples from the Majoros murder too, indicating the killer was infected. Blood tests for the virus performed on Ferenc Lantos this week were negative for infection.

    The conviction was set aside, and Lantos was released from jail this afternoon. He made this brief statement to the press: "I do not hold a grudge against anyone. I just want to put the past behind me and move on."

    Ferenc Lantos may be willing to move on, but authorities still have questions. Why was this tape concealed for ten years? It appears someone knew Lantos was innocent and purposely framed him, but who, and for what motive? Observers also have concerns about how Lantos will adjust to freedom after a decade behind bars, without a support system and having apparently been deserted by family and friends. Lantos offered no comment about what future plans he has, if any.

    We now return to your scheduled program, a French golf match in progress...
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    News Hungaria, Channel 12 Evening Broadcast

    Welcome to News Hungaria, and good evening. This is Sándor Nemes, still filling in for Éva Varga.

    Tonight as our top story, we bring you a Channel 12 exclusive: an interview with some of the residents of the community known as New Haven, or Új Menedék in Hungarian. The community has recently become a source of concern because of apparent ties to the string of unsolved murders - ties that, on tonight's edition of News Hungaria, leaders and residents will explain.

    Cut to a view of a young woman sitting in an office. The caption on the screen reads, "Millie Yeats-Kazlar, Community Leader." On film, her skin appears to be an ordinary colour.

    "We were all saddened by the death of Ágoston Sandoval. I didn't know Ágoston personally, but he was a close friend of my sister's. They met at the crisis pregnancy centre, where she works too. Our community donates money to the centre because my sister's work brought the place to our attention, and we believe that helping parents in difficult situations is a very worthy cause."

    "I don't know who killed Ágoston Sandoval. I wish I did, because whoever would kill an innocent young man like that deserves to be behind bars. We may never know what happened in Ágoston's last moments on earth, but personally, I believe that he died a hero. I believe that he gave his own life to protect the lives of his clients when someone broke in. Perhaps if he had given the attacker those names and addresses, he would have been spared, but Ágoston chose the more difficult way - but the right way. He died for what he believed in, and all of Budapest should honour his memory."

    "We don't know anything about the other victims aside from what we've seen on the news. Ágoston was the only one we had a connection to in life. We continue to think of and pray for the families of the dead, and we hope that these brutal crimes will be solved soon so that the people of the city no longer have to live in fear, and the loved ones of the victims can gain some closure."

    Cut back to Sándor Nemes in the newsroom.

    It has also been alleged that the community kidnapped a number of young prostitutes who had been trafficked from Asia in the cargo ships. However, Channel 12 has been informed that these children were not taken without leave, but in fact legally adopted into loving homes.

    Cut to a consulting room with a table and chairs, where the reporter's handheld camera is trained on a brunette woman. Caption text reads, "Rachel Bardou, Parent."

    "...The girls were given medical treatment... The community tried to reach out to their biological families. No one here would ever keep a missing child from parents who wanted him or her back. My daughter was sold by her biological mother and stepfather because the area they lived in China enforced the one child per a family law. The woman was pregnant with a boy and her husband sold Ming off to a prostitution ring so he could have his son instead. She was nine years old when it happened. My husband and I felt a bond with her and she felt one with us. We legally adopted her and I have proof of an adoption record if someone needs to see it at my house. For the first time since she was sold, she gets to be a child again and Chase and I love her very much. We'd do anything for her, just like we would for our biological son."

    Cut back to Sándor Nemes in the newsroom.

    The adoptive parents of the other girls in question also spoke on the record of their adoptions, and Channel 12 has verified independently that the legalities were correctly observed. Adoption of older children is not common in Hungary, but is not unheard of, and in fact the majority of Új Menedék families have provided permanent homes to children who would ordinarily be classified as "unadoptable."

    The residents of the community found themselves in additional trouble earlier today, when a confrontation with local residents ended in an undetermined number of deaths. However, according to the community leaders, the attack was unprovoked.

    Cut to a shot of a blonde woman in another office. The caption text reads, "Helen Yeats, Community Leader."

    "We had taken our children on a school field trip when these people came out of nowhere. They were armed. We asked them to stand down, but they refused and attacked us. We defended our children, as any parent, teacher, or decent adult would do. We deeply regret that lives were lost, but we do not regret protecting the innocent kids we're responsible for. We wish it had ended another way, but they left us no choice when they attacked."

    Cut back to the newsroom, where the reporter is acting as anchor.

    Police have accepted this version of events, and no charges have been filed. It appears that the deaths will formally be ruled to have been done in self-defence.

    We will continue to follow up with the people of Új Menedék as needed when questions arise, but we implore our viewers to listen to their side of the story before drawing any conclusions.

    In other news tonight, talks in Greece have results in an agreement...
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    Hungary News Now, Channel 6 Evening Broadcast

    Hello, I'm Valentin Kersh. Welcome to Channel 6's Hungary News Now.

    Reactions to the release of alleged murderer Ferenc Lantos from prison have been decidedly mixed. Some say justice has finally been done, ten years after the man was wrongly convicted of a crime that police now say it is physically impossible for him to have committed. Many others, though, believe that Lantos has gotten away with murder.

    Cut to a pale, grim-looking man and a tearful woman standing outside the courthouse. The caption text reads, "Renald and Orla Majoros, Son and Daughter of Murder Victim." Renald seems to be speaking for them both.

    "No, justice has not been done today. Our mother's killer has been allowed to go free on a mere technicality. We will never forget the beautiful life of Nina Majoros, cut tragically short by the brutal crime that Ferenc Lantos committed that terrible night. We will never allow Ferenc Lantos to forget either. We hope his act of evil still haunts him - but we will haunt him one way or the other. We will not rest until he's back behind bars where he belongs. It is shameful that our poor mother's killer is a free man today, but he won't be free for long."

    Cut back to Valentin Kersh in the newsroom.

    Ferenc Lantos won't find many people willing to take his side. In fact, even his own family believes he is guilty.

    Cut to a bearded man in stained overalls standing in front of a sprawling, slightly ramshackle farmhouse. Caption text reads, "Aric Lantos, Brother of Convicted Killer."

    "My brother has been a spawn of Satan from practically the time he was born. Drugs, stealing, promiscuous sex - nothing was too wicked for him. Of course he killed that woman. I reject him, and I reject his sinful ways. I wish this country still had the death penalty, because he should have gotten it. Yes, my own brother. And no, what they're saying now about new evidence doesn't change anything. Ferenc may have scammed the system, but he's rotten to the core, you mark my words."

    Cut back to Kersh in the newsroom.

    Both the Majoros family and the Lantos family are pressuring the police and the prosecutor's office to rearrest Ferenc Lantos. So far, these pleas have been denied, citing overwhelming evidence of the convicted man's innocence.

    Neither the authorities nor Channel 6 have been able to locate the prosecution's star witness, Deanna Anders, who had claimed to have seen the actual commission of the crime. The police now believe Anders was mistaken, but the Lantos and Majoros families have made a public appeal for her to come back and, I quote, "set the record straight" that Ferenc Lantos did indeed kill Nina Majoros. Anders has not made any public comment on Ferenc Lantos being released from jail, and her current whereabouts are unknown.

    Whether Ferenc Lantos will retain his freedom now that he has gained it remains to be seen. The Lantos family and Majoros family vow to do their best to see him back in jail.

    In sporting news...
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    News Hungaria, Channel 12 Evening Broadcast

    Good evening. This is Sándor Nemes, with a special broadcast: tonight, I will be interviewing Éva Varga, Channel 12's own lead news anchor. For several days, Varga has been missing and presumed to have been abducted from her hospital bed. Miss Varga, where have you been all this time? You know we've been worried about you?

    E: I do know that now, Sándor, and I'm both grateful for the concern and support I've received from the people of Budapest, and chagrined that I put all of you through any anxiety over my well-being. At the time, though, I was unconscious, so I had no way of notifying Channel 12 of my whereabouts or the fact that I was alright.

    S: If I may state the obvious, you look pretty bruised and beaten up.

    E: Yes. The story reported originally was correct; my boyfriend Tibor Werkner and I were attacked in my home. Tibor was killed, and I barely escaped with my life. I was taken to hospital, severely injured and still unconscious.

    S: But you weren't subsequently abducted?

    E: No. It was a simple paperwork mix-up, fortunately. My next of kin had requested that I be transferred to a private hospital, but the written orders got confused with another set of paperwork from Kegyelem downtown. Until it was sorted out, I appeared to be missing.

    S: You're truly alright, then?

    E: Yes, and I'm sorry to have given everyone such a scare. I continue to recover, and hope to be back to work soon. I'll still be in the hospital for a few more days, but I'm on the mend. Once again, I would reiterate how grateful I am to everyone who has been thinking of me in this difficult time. I've always known I could count on the citizens of Budapest to be kind and caring.

    S: Thank you, Éva Varga, and best wishes for your continued recovery.
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