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Thread: Downward Spiral

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    Downward Spiral

    Downward Spiral


    Deanna was flipping through the television channels, and enjoying the taste of fresh blood on her lips. Another businessman from out of town had "disappeared" tonight. They'd weighted his body with stones, and by now he'd be at the bottom of the Danube. As far as Deanna was concerned, that meant he was no longer a worry.

    She'd insisted that they be more careful after the first time. Deanna didn't regret killing the man she now knew was named Karcsi Kossuth - his name had been all over the papers and the TV for days, so she wasn't likely to forget it - but she did regret not taking more care in disposing of the remains. At the time, she'd been more focused on getting revenge on Gabe, but tossing Kossuth's body in the dumpster had been admittedly sloppy.

    Of course, he'd been found, and now they were talking about "vampires" in the streets. Fortunately, most people still didn't believe it. Deanna thought maybe they could still get out of this. Eventually, the buzz would die down, and the populace would forget. The humans had short memories for things that didn't affect their everyday lives. As long as...

    Deanna paused in her channel surfing just as Éva Varga from News Hungaria began reading the day's top story from her teleprompter. The Vampire woman swore loudly, the harsh profanities sounding odd coming out of her pretty mouth. She listened silently as the anchor talked about the virus. About the physical irregularities. Even about monsters. The woman actually used the word "monsters," and no one was contradicting her. It was only a matter of time before people started calling them what they were.

    Vampires. They're only a few steps away from figuring out exactly what we are!

    Even someone as self-absorbed as Deanna could tell that would be a bad thing. Her own survival was at stake.

    "We have to kill the medical examiner," Deanna told Regina. "Probably the police commissioner too."

    She thought for a moment, and added, "And her," pointing a slender finger at Éva Varga on the television screen.

    Maybe killing the messenger would make the whole thing go away...
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    Fallon and Rita

    It took them several days to find a replacement mate. The first night, Rita sat crying on the floor of their cheap hotel room, rubbing her now-empty belly and occasionally murmuring about Lajos. Fallon thought she was weak; she knew she shouldn't judge a Pack sister, but there was no use weeping about the inevitable. Rita wouldn't have been able to find a new mate if she'd had a child and another on the way, anyway. She'd been almost full term when she agreed to the beating that led to the stillbirth. Getting rid of the children had been the only option.

    Fallon felt little twinges of sadness, too, of course. She assumed Henry and Stacie were dead, and naturally she was a little bit upset about it. It wasn't worth blubbering over, though. They were just kids, after all. After the loss of her first three, Fallon had been more cautious about getting attached. Maybe Rita would learn that lesson this time. Having a mate was the most important thing.

    After the first night, Rita hadn't cried again, and Fallon forgave her for the tears.

    Finding the right mate had been a challenge. They couldn't take just anyone. He needed to be strong, and to know how to handle a family. They searched bars and hovels and cheap tenements, with no success. Then one night outside a pool hall, they watched a man force himself on a prostitute, then beat her when she cried about how her pimp would hit her for coming back without getting money for her time. Rita and Fallon exchanged a look. Yes, this was the sort of man who would take proper mastery of their shattered Pack.

    At first, he'd found their offer impossible to believe. He'd laughed at them. Then they'd killed the prostitute for him, to show they would do anything for him - and his eyes grew wide with shock as he considered the possibilities.

    He hadn't accepted them right away, of course. They'd had to prove themselves. First, they'd gone back to his hotel room, and had done their best to please him. He hadn't been thrilled that they'd been with another man in the past, especially since Rita showed recent signs of pregnancy and stillbirth. Rita had apologized profusely for not being all he wanted, and he had graciously accepted her apology. The two women had even gone and found a virgin for him, and with that gift he had accepted them as his mates.

    Fallon sat back in an armchair in their new living quarters, a rundown motel room. She sighed happily. "We're finally a family again," she said.

    "Just the way it's supposed to be," Rita said with a smile. "I can't wait to get pregnant again."

    The girl they had procured - their new third Pack sister, to replace Leandra - looked at them both like they were crazy, but they ignored her. She was still young, and didn't understand yet.

    "We need to get Melinda back," Fallon suggested. "He'd like her. And Brock and Noah can either come back, or die."

    Rita nodded. "Yes, it would be nice," she agreed dreamily. "Family should be together. The whole family. For always."
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    Regina Walters

    Regina was doing her nails while Deanna was flipping through the channels on the television. Helping her friend make that businessman "disappear" made her decide she needed a new nail color. Although she was still a relative newborn in Vampire terms, she had fully embraced the lifestyle. Humans were prey although they weren't always stupid. She and Deanna had been too focused on getting some revenge on their exes to properly take care of Karcsi Kossuth's body, a large mistake in hindsight. One that couldn't be made again. She looked up when she heard her friend cursing at the television and actually paid attention to what was being said on the tv. She nodded her head.

    Yeah they all have to be eliminated before they find out what we really are.

    Which if the humans went and killed Vampires like Ingrid and her friends in the community, then Regina would be fine with that. The problem was that the humans would go after anyone who was a Vampire. Which included her and Deanna. The medical examiner and police commissioner were getting too close to the truth and this Éva Varga was the messenger for the humans. They often believed whatever a news reporter would tell them.
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    Melinda Jordan

    She could do this, Melinda told herself. She could go register for summer classes. She was scared though, her last attempt at school had failed horribly. What if she saw people who knew her? Remembered her being a drug addict. Brock told her if she wanted to move on then she'd have to face her fears. What other people thought didn't matter because she knew she was sober and that's all that counted. Anyone who would judge her on based on the past wasn't worth her time. He had offered to come with her but Mel wanted to do it by herself. She loved her brother and he was her biggest supporter but she was an adult. She couldn't depend on him to hold her hand like a small child all her life. She was going to ease back into school. Take a few classes and work for AJ part time. He was a great boss and very supportive of her as well. She played with the sobriety chip in her jeans' pocket. She always carried it with her, it reminded her how far she had came. She took a deep breath and headed inside the university building to sign up for a few classes.

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    "Exactly," Deanna replied with a dangerous smile.

    She went into the bathroom for a shower, and when she emerged she was dressed all in black, all the better for an infiltration project. This was all a game to Deanna; she felt more like she was playing spy than eliminating a threat. That was alright, though. Spies were sexy, and she felt sexy, too. Not that she didn't usually.

    By the time they arrived at the drab Soviet-era building that housed the medical examiner's office, most of the staff had gone home. Only a few lights were still on in the bank of windows, dutiful workers putting in late hours. Deanna wondered if they were working on trying to identify the Vampire virus. They would all have to die, just in case.

    There was only one security guard on duty, and it didn't take much to distract him from his post with some vaguely seductive almost-promises. Once they were inside the building and out of sight of the street, the two women dug their fangs into his neck, aiming to kill, and easily succeeding. For now, Deanna left his body behind the front desk. They would need to come back and dispose of the corpse - they couldn't make the same mistake they's made when they killed Karcsi - but for now they had bigger fish to fry.

    They followed the signs directing them toward the morgue, taking out security cameras as they went. Deanna shifted the remains of the dead Vampire into the large cremation oven, then dumped the whole stack of John Doe files in with him and hit the button to start the flames. She had probably just complicated a lot of other human murder cases too, but Deanna didn't care.

    She didn't find any files for Sandoval or Kossuth - those must be stored somewhere else, since the autopsies had been completed several days before. They would need to find them, and destroy the labs analyzing the samples from the crime scenes, erase the computer databases, and kill the workers and the chief medical examiner... and they didn't have a lot of time.

    Deanna was putting a chair through the computer setup in the autopsy room when a harried-looking lab tech entered through the swinging door at the back, and blinked at them in angry shock.

    "What the hell are you two doing in here?" he demanded.
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    Fallon, Rita, and Raquel

    It hadn't been hard for Fallon and Rita to figure out where Melinda and Brock were living. Fallon had heard the people who destroyed their family talking about a "community," and knowing that, they were swiftly able to narrow it down to the walled compound on the outskirts of the city proper, the one that was called Új Menedék or New Haven.

    The harder task was getting to them. Rita said she was sure Melinda would be excited to see them, but Fallon pointed out that the guards who had stolen their Pack siblings from them might not be equally welcoming. Of course, Rita had to concede that point, so they had watched for an opportunity. When Melinda left for the university campus, they followed, and waited till she was alone to approach.

    "Melinda?" Rita called, running up to her and giving her a hug. "We were so worried about you! Are you alright?"

    Fallon was practically dragging a teenage girl along with her. "It's good to see you," Fallon told Melinda. "This is our new Pack sister, Raquel. We missed you, Melinda."

    Neither Fallon nor Rita had wanted to bring Raquel along. She was young, and still... adjusting. This was the first time she'd been allowed to leave the motel since she'd been turned, and the women of the Pack agreed that she wasn't ready. But Chuck - their mate - had other things to do today, and neither Rita nor Fallon had wanted to approach Melinda alone, in case someone from the community was lurking around too. There had been no one to supervise Raquel, so she'd been brought along. The girl looked like she was sweltering in long sleeves in the warm late spring weather, but the cloth was necessary to hide the bruises.

    "Things are good again now, Melinda," Rita told her. "We're a family again. We have a new mate. His name is Chuck. You'll love him. He's a good, strong leader. He'll keep our family on the right track."

    Raquel didn't look at Melinda, and tried to ignore Fallon's strong hand gripping her upper arm to the point of pain. She watched a bird land on a nearby bench to peck at the bread crumbs a student left behind. It was better to pretend to be somewhere else.
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    Regina Walters

    Regina dressed in all black as well for their "mission". It was an important mission, to prevent the humans for identifying the Vampire virus. It wasn't hard to distract the guard, he was like most men Regina encountered in her life. Only thinking with one part of his body most of the time. Taking out security cameras and hunting for files made Regina feel like a Bond girl. It was kind of fun. Although she reminded herself that to protect herself and Deanna all this stuff needed to go away. She was searching through the filing cabinets for hard copies of the files when the lab tech came in.

    What do you think we're doing?

    She asked him with an overly naive look on her face.

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    Melinda Jordan

    It hadn't went as awful as Melinda thought it would. She had some explaining to do about why she dropped out of school but the lady who helped her register for classes had been very nice. She signed up for two classes. She didn't want to overwhelm herself by having a full school schedule and having to work. Slowly easing herself back into a normal life would be better. When she got stressed out, it was more tempting to take drugs. She exited the building feeling happy and excited. She couldn't wait to tell Brock and Sanja how it went. She was reaching for her phone to call a taxi when Rita run up and gave her a hug.


    Melinda said in shock, she was the last person she expected to see.

    ...I'm fine.

    She replied when Rita asked if she was alright. Happy to not be a part of Andrej's Pack now, she thought but didn't say. She frowned when she saw Fallon dragging Raquel. Her eyes got wide when they said they found a new Pack leader named Chuck.

    Where did you find her?

    She asked wondering if Raquel had a people out there looking for her. Either way she'd have to get to a hold of her brother and the community.
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    The lab tech wasn't as open to misdirection as the security guard had been. "You can't be in here!" he yelled. "And why did you wreck my computer? You know, it doesn't even matter. Let the cops figure it out."

    He reached for the phone on the desk, and Deanna broke his arm. While he just gaped at her, baffled by what seemed like insane strength by human standards, she snapped his neck.

    "We'll burn this one too," she said.

    That proved to be a miscalculation, though. Deanna had never used a cremation oven before, and while the button to start it up had been clearly labeled, there was no apparent way to open the door again now that the flames had started; the Vampire wasn't sure if it was even possible.

    "We'll just have to come back, then," Deanna said after a few ineffectual tugs at the huge metal door. It wasn't even hot to the touch, so who knew how thick it was? No wonder she couldn't open it. "For now, we can just stick him in one of the drawers."

    It was a morgue, so there was plenty of space to tuck a body out of the way. Even Deanna was smart enough to realize that they were starting to tread on thin ice, though. They'd now killed two people. It was only a matter of time before someone noticed there was a corpse behind the desk or an extra body in the wall of drawers, or came looking for the guard or the tech.

    "We'd better hurry," she said.

    The next room was a lab. Deanna couldn't tell what they were doing exactly, but she smelled Vampire blood. They would need to wreck the place. This time the lab tech was already there, sitting at the desk looking through a microscope. He didn't notice immediately when they came in, intent as he was on his work.

    "Get rid of him," Deanna said coldly.

    The lab tech looked up, confused and seemingly frozen as she began breaking flasks and turning over tables.
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    Fallon, Rita, and Raquel

    "We're so glad you're alright!" Fallon said anxiously. "We were so worried when those people took you away. We were afraid they would hurt you. Even worse, they obviously lead a very immoral lifestyle. It's so sad that you had to be exposed to it."

    As far as Fallon and Rita were concerned, their lives were the very essence of wholesomeness. Serving their mate, bearing his children, pleasing him and keeping his home - that was right and moral. Not what they saw as female rebelliousness. And certainly not the mixing of the species.

    They both looked very proud when Melinda asked them about Raquel. Obviously their Pack sister was just admiring their ingenuity in finding her for Chuck.

    "We got her from a group home," Rita said cheerfully. "We said we were her relatives, and gave them some Euros, so they said we could take her. Chuck had heard the group home supplies girls for the sex trade. That's how we knew where to go. Raquel well never have to be a whore, luckily for her."

    "She was a virgin," Fallon added proudly. "Chuck has been very happy with her."

    "Yes... for the most part," Rita added, sounding a little disapproving. She obviously wasn't as impressed with Raquel as Fallon was. "You know how girls are. She'll be better once she's had a baby. Then she'll understand the true bond between mates."

    Raquel was still watching the bird; Fallon jerked her arm, and the girl nodded, looking like a puppet on a string. "Yes, that'll be nice," she replied without much emotion.

    "Thank goodness we've found you, Melinda!" Rita enthused. "You don't have to go back to those people. You can be with your family again."
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