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Thread: Downward Spiral

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    Regina Walters

    The naive look quickly disappeared from Regina's face when she saw that he wasn't going to be easily distracted like the security guard. Which was fine since they were pressed for time.

    Because it was ugly.

    Regina replied in annoyance when the lab tech asked why they wrecked his computer. Was he really that dumb he needed to ask? She nodded her head when Deanna said they would just burn his body as well. Regina tried to help Deanna open the oven's door and realized it wouldn't budge. Now they had two bodies to dispose of and more evidence to destroy. This mission wasn't going as easy as she thought it would. When they entered the lab, Regina nodded her head when Deanna said to kill the man. She quickly grabbed him and snapped his neck. Normally she'd play around, make her victims think they were going to get lucky with her before she killed them. But even as dense as Regina could be at times, she realized just as much as Deanna did that they were treading on thin ice and running out time.

    Maybe we should just torch the building.

    They had three bodies now and surely they couldn't properly dispose of those and get rid off all Vampire evidence before someone else showed up. Fire would destroy the bodies and a lot of the evidence. Surely these labs had some really flammable chemicals running around.
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    Melinda Jordan

    Melinda almost rolled her eyes at what Fallon said about the community's people. If anyone was leading an "immoral" lifestyle, it was Fallon and Rita. Although they apparently thought their lives were perfect and if they wanted to live them, then go ahead. That didn't give them right to force other people to live the same type of lives or kill their children. She felt awful for Raquel, no one was even looking for her or cared. Well Melinda would care about her, just like she cared about Sanja. She needed to take Raquel back to the community. There they would be both be safe.

    I need to tell my brother where we are going.

    If she could just get a hold of Brock, then he and their friends could come and save her and Raquel from this new Pack.

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    Deanna glanced around, and said, "Good idea."

    She preferred the idea of individual vengeance - but at this point, they just didn't have time. People would start getting suspicious. People were probably getting suspicious already. It would only be a matter of time before someone figured out what was going on. A couple of cops wouldn't be an issue... but a lot of cops would. Even Vampires could be torn apart by a hail of bullets.

    "First, we need to kill the medical examiner, to make sure he dies. Then we'll set the place on fire and run for it."

    Deanna had a fundamental misunderstanding about how the M. E.'s office actually worked. She assumed it was just one person, and that if she took him out, they would have nothing to worry about anymore. It didn't occur to her that analyzing that much evidence would have to be a group effort.

    It wasn't that hard to find the chief medical examiner's office, or to break down his door. Nor was it hard to kill him with bites to his neck from each of them. Deanna had been getting thirsty as she "worked," and the hot blood helped her focus. Increased focus prompted the first hints of the uncomfortable realization that this had possibly been a bad idea.

    "Let's torch this dump and go!" Deanna said.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea
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    Fallon, Rita, and Raquel

    Fallon and Rita exchanged a look, while Raquel continued to stare off into the distance.

    "Well, actually that's going to be a bit of a problem," Fallon said with false pleasantry. "Chuck doesn't entirely trust your brother yet. Or Noah, for that matter. He's going to consider letting them back into the Pack, because he knows that Noah was undercover and Brock was probably scared. That doesn't excuse them turning on their Pack brothers, though."

    Rita added cheerfully, "The good news is, Chuck is going to give them a chance! He's willing to meet with them. They have to come alone, though - and to bring a gift. An offering of good faith, let's call it."

    "He wants Grushenka and Janna," Fallon told Melinda more bluntly. "Grushenka betrayed our Pack by telling that community where Andrej was, and Chuck thinks that Noah is getting entirely too comfortable around the Blood bitch."

    Rita didn't sound at all disturbed as she explained, "Once those two are dead, we can be a family again. Brock will even be allowed to keep Sanja. Isn't that just so nice?"

    Raquel shuddered, and Fallon's harsh grasp tightened on her arm again.
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    Regina Walters

    As soon as Deanna said her idea was a good one, Regina started grabbing bottles of chemicals that said highly flammable on them and pouring the liquid where ever they went. This place was going to go up in a blaze of glory, Regina thought. Everything would be destroyed and then they wouldn't have to worry anymore about humans finding out about them. Of course, she didn't think that there could be more then one place this information could be stored. Like Deanna, she also believed if the chief medical examiner was gone, then so would their problems. She helped Deanna kill the M.E., she had worked herself up into a thirst on this mission. After satisfying her hunger, she was ready to torch the place.

    Sounds good to me.

    She replied with a grin and once they were outside, she lit the trail of chemicals. It didn't take long for the building to go up in flames.

    Tomorrow night we should kill that reporter and then it'll be over.

    Regina was certain there would be no more talks of "monsters" on the news once Éva Varga was dead.
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    Melinda Jordan

    Melinda didn't like the "conditions" of the "family" being back together and she knew Noah and Brock wouldn't either. She wished she could just tell Rita and Fallon how crazy they were and if it wasn't for her concern about Raquel she would. As crazy as these two bitches were, it would be two against on in a fight and if Melinda died then who knew what would happen to Raquel? Mel knew she needed to play along for now, for Raquel's safety.

    Yeah...Sounds great. If I don't get a hold of Brock though, how will he and Noah know where to meet Chuck and bring the Bloods?
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    Deanna nodded her agreement. "Yeah, tomorrow the reporter dies."

    Again, Deanna wasn't thinking through how the news organization worked. Varga was the public face of the news, but a whole staff worked on the broadcast. In reality, killing the news anchor would just make people angry and fearful, and draw even more attention. To Deanna, though, it seemed like an easy solution to their problems.

    "We may have to kill the police commissioner, too. If he backs off, we'll let him live. If not, we'll come for him just like we did for the medical examiner."

    For a moment, Deanna watched the flames with light dancing in her eyes; she was enjoying the feeling of the heat on her face.

    Then there were sirens in the distance, and the two Vampires took off into the night. They didn't want to be spotted here. Surely if they weren't seen, no one would know whose work this was.
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    Fallon, Rita, and Raquel

    "You can give us your cell number," Fallon replied. "I'll have Chuck contact you about where to meet him. You can tell Noah and Brock."

    Rita nodded. "It'll be okay, Melinda. Don't worry. If you and the boys do the right thing, we'll all be together. Chuck will be very fair with you. He's a wonderful leader. You'll love him just like we do."

    Fallon's eyes narrowed; she obviously wasn't quite as trusting of Noah and Brock as Rita was. "Tell them not to screw up, Melinda," she said. "They're on thin ice with Chuck already. They'd better not blow it."

    Rita took a piece of paper out of her purse to write down Melinda's number, while Fallon escorted Raquel away.
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    Regina Walters

    Regina had never worked a day in her life, her father was a successful businessman and spoiled her rotten. He gave her anything she wanted to make up for never being around. Because of her lack of actual work experience, Regina had no understanding how a news team worked. She assumed if Varga died, then the story died with her. She didn't realize that Varga was given things to say on television by other people. She nodded her head when Deanna said they might have the kill the police commissioner as well.

    If he's smart, he'll just walk away from this.

    If he wasn't, well he could join Varge and the medical examiner. Regina was certain the fire was destroying all the evidence left behind from the crimes on the news. Surely without stuff to analyze, these people would just let it all drop and move on to some Hollywood couple that got married and quickly getting divorced. That's people cared about, right? Not Vampires. She heard the sirens and headed off into the night with Deanna. Feeling confident that they had helped keep the immortals a secret and that the humans would soon forget all about it.
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    Melinda Jordan

    Melinda really didn't like the idea of letting Raquel leave with Fallon and Rita but she didn't see what choice she had. She was outnumbered and if she didn't play along, then they would probably kill her for "betraying the family" and then what would happen to this girl? Mel couldn't live with herself if she didn't some how save Raquel from a lifetime in the Pack and she knew to take out Rita, Fallon, and Chuck she'd need the community's help, so she nodded her head and wrote down her cell phone number.

    I'll make sure they know that.

    She replied when Fallon warned them not to blow it. She sighed as she watched Raquel leave with the crazy bitches and quickly got a taxi to take her back to the community. As soon as she was through the gates she found Brock. He was going to ask her how it went when told him who she ran into at the campus. They immediately headed over to Noah and Janna's house. She filled everyone in on the news and sighed.

    I'm afraid for Raquel. She has no one.

    It was horrible that the group home she was living in apparently sold the children off to the sex trade and for some Euros, Chuck had a new mate. Honestly if it wasn't for Raquel, Mel probably would have told those two crazy bitches exactly what she thought of them.

    She has people now who care about her.

    Brock replied to his sister, who nodded her head. He didn't even know Raquel but he certainly didn't want her to have that type of fate. Leave it to Fallon and Rita go and try to replace Andrej.

    What should we do?

    He asked Janna and Noah. He didn't like the idea of bringing Janna and Grushenka to Chuck but he also knew they couldn't just let the Pack to do whatever they wanted. Raquel's life was at stake and who knew what other innocent people might cross the Pack's path? Plus if Rita and Fallon had children again...Well they all knew what happened to kids when the Pack changed leaders...
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