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Thread: Downward Spiral

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    Noah Vogl

    Noah could quickly tell from the looks on Melinda and Brock's faces that their visit wasn't just a social call. He didn't like hearing that Fallon and Rita found themselves a new Pack leader, although he knew he shouldn't be surprised. They probably didn't know to function in the world with being pregnant and having a man telling them what to do. He sighed when Brock asked what they should do.

    I don't know...I don't like the idea of Janna and Grushenka being in danger but Melinda's right. We can't leave Raquel with them. Plus if they aren't stopped, they'll just keep doing the same shit they've always done.

    Making babies they didn't deserve and then letting them be killed when they got a new mate. Fallon was a horrible mother, she had been mentally abused Henry and Stacie. He would never forgive her for what she had done to two of the children he considered his own. A part of him wanted to make good on the threat that he'd kill her for what happened to them in the apartment. Rita deserved to die too for letting Davros rape Sanja, another girl he considered his own daughter. He looked over at Janna and asked her.

    What do you think?
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    The next evening, back in the hotel room, Deanna was once again flipping through the channels. The sun hadn't set yet, but since she had discovered that she and Regina could tolerate the daylight, they could have gone outside. Deanna stayed indoors during the day most of the time anyway, just out of habit. It didn't usually occur to her to go out before sunset even though she could.

    Again, she stopped on Channel 12 as the news was being broadcast. What she saw made her so angry that she threw the remote at the television, cracking the screen in her fury. The building was obviously damaged, but they hadn't managed to burn it to the ground. Apparently the staff still planned to keep working there. It had all been for nothing... and Deanna knew who to blame.

    "That's it!" she said. "That bitch Éva Varga has to die! This is the last damn straw!"

    Of course, Éva Varga had nothing to do with the situation - she had only reported on it. She was the one who had delivered the bad news, and the one Deanna associated with her frustration.

    Fortunately for them and unfortunately for the news anchor, it was possible to find her address online. Éva lived - apparently alone - in a townhouse in an upscale Buda neighbourhood. Shortly after the sun set, the two Vampire women were standing on the sidewalk outside.

    "I'm sure she has an alarm system," Deanna said. "We don't want to set it off if we can help it. Let's go knock on the door. Then we'll force our way inside, have a nice 'meal,' then destroy any computers or files we find."
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    "I agree with Noah. We have to play along," Janna said. "I know none of you enjoy pretending to be that sort of people, but I don't see how we have much choice. They aren't going to just tell us where they're keeping Raquel, and we can't leave her in that situation. We have to find some way of getting the information about where she is, so we can save her."

    Janna couldn't help imagining what Raquel was going through. It was a horrible fate, especially for such a young girl. If they were able to rescue her, though, Raquel would still have a future.

    "I'm more than willing to go. As you know, I can handle myself in a fight. I'm more worried about Grushenka. She could kill a Lycan with a bite if the Lycan gave her that chance... but she's no fighter. I know she'd be willing, but I hate having to ask it of her."

    She thought for a moment, and said, "When they call back, I think you should tell them that you can bring me, but Grushenka is being watched too closely. If they refuse to accept it, we can bring her after all, and just do our best to protect her. It's worth a try, though. I'd like to keep her out of the crossfire if we can."

    Janna smiled ruefully and said, "I'd rather be there, though, actually. I know it won't be a fun time, and it'll be dangerous, but I hate sitting home worrying."
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    Regina Walters

    Regina really didn't mind going out during the night. She had always been the type of girl who wanted to be the life of a party and the center of attention. Due to her lack of work experience, she never worried much about staying out all night and sleeping in the day. She was a essentially a night owl before she was ever a Vampire. She glared at that bitch on the news. Last night was supposed to make the humans back off, not work harder! Nothing seemed to be going her and Deanna's way. She nodded her head when Deanna said that Éva Varga had to die.

    Let's see them report anything without her around.

    Regina didn't realize that Éva only reported what was given to her. If she was dead, then a new anchor would take over and just continue the stories. It wasn't hard to find out where Varga lived, lots of things were easy to find online. Surely a news anchor had a lot of people who didn't like her and she probably did have a security alarm to protect herself. It would be best to keep the police off their backs for now.

    Good idea. Maybe she'll invite us if we tell her we have an exclusive scoop for her.

    She and Deanna walked up the door and knocked. When Éva answered, Regina asked her.

    You are Éva Varga, right? The lady from the Channel 12 news? We have some information for you about the murder of Karcsi Kossuth.
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    Noah Vogl

    Noah didn't like having to pretend he was still like Andrej. He had hoped with Andrej dead, he could put that behind him. Now he realized until Fallon and Rita were dead, that would never happen. Even if they killed Chuck, they'd just keep finding more men to be their leader until they were taken out. Besides he could never live with himself if he didn't try to help Raquel. She had didn't ask or deserve to be there. He already knew Janna would be game to go and he knew she could take care of herself. She was the family ass kicker as her family loved to put it. It didn't mean he liked the idea of her being in danger though but he wasn't going to try and stop her from coming. He knew Janna would drive herself crazy being at home anyway.

    I know you hate waiting at home and doing nothing. Hopefully we won't have to involve Grushenka.
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    Brock Jordan

    Well it's worth pretending a little longer to save Raquel from them.

    Brock replied to Janna, he didn't truly like pretending he was something he wasn't. Especially not a man who disrespected women and hated people. But it was like everyone else was saying, they needed to get Raquel away from the Pack. The only way to do that was to play along and hope they could find out where she was. Melinda bit her lip a moment and said.

    I...I could pretend I want to be Chuck's fourth mate. I'm sure he'd take me to where Raquel is.

    Are you sure you want to do that? What if-

    She needs someone with her, Brock. If Chuck is taken out before we can get to her, Fallon and Rita will just run with her. This way I can try to help her escape like I did with Sanja.

    Melinda hated pretending she wanted to having the type of life Rita and Fallon clearly loved but she was willing to push her own feelings aside to protect the young woman they forced to join their Pack. Brock didn't like the idea of his sister putting herself in danger but he could tell she wouldn't be talked out if it. He just hoped that Grushenka wouldn't have to be forced to come along too.
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    Deanna and Éva

    The townhouse did have an alarm system, but it wasn't actually because Éva had enemies, as Regina had assumed. It was because it was a visibly expensive property in an affluent area, and Éva owned some valuable antiques. Of course, Deanna wouldn't have realized that either, since she assumed - incorrectly - that Éva was a controversial figure. Most people knew enough not to blame the messenger for the message.

    "Yes, I'm Éva Varga," the anchor replied, but the expression on her face was clearly suspicious, and she didn't invite them in. "This isn't regular procedure. Our reporters usually meet with sources in their offices, or in ours, or failing that in a public place. Phone me tomorrow and..."

    "There's no time!" Deanna lied. "We're in terrible danger because of what we know about the Kossuth case. We have to leave the city tonight, so this is your one and only chance."

    Éva never did invite them in. She showed a moment of hesitation, though, and that was enough for Deanna to shove her into the house, with Regina following to close the door behind them.

    "What do you know about the 'Vampire Killings'?" Deanna demanded, pinning Éva so hard against the wall that some glass ornaments fell off a nearby shelf and shattered on the wood floor.

    "What? I don't...? Nothing more than what anyone can see on the television!" Éva replied, as frightened as one would expect but also clearly confused and angry. "I just report on the news, I don't participate in its creation."

    "Yeah right!" Deanna insisted.

    She was about to continue her questioning when a man's voice came from the back hallway. "Éva? What's going on out there?"
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    Janna didn't like the idea of Melinda putting herself in that much danger. It was one thing to go into a potential ambush as a group, and quite another to send any of them off alone.

    "It may come down to that," Janna had to admit, wishing she could come up with another solution. "I think we should try to get information out of Chuck first. Then maybe more undercover won't be necessary. Maybe if you just pretend that you're on their side, Chuck's tongue will get looser?"

    She knew that this was probably going to end in conflict anyway. Noah wouldn't harm her on Chuck's orders, and she couldn't ask him to. Janna would be willing to die to save Raquel, but she didn't want to destroy Noah in the process if she could help it. And then, there was Grushenka to consider.

    "I think we'll just have to play it by ear, and do our best to support each other."

    Melinda's phone rang, the promised call from Rita.
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    Melinda Jordan

    Melinda didn't honestly like being danger but she was willing to do it to save Raquel from the Pack. She nodded her head to Janna and hoped that it wouldn't come to her being undercover by herself. It wasn't like she was spy or a cop. She was just a recovering drug addict trying to get her life back on track. When her cell phone rang she immediately answered it.

    Hi Rita. Brock and Noah understand what is expected. Getting Janna won't be a problem but Grushenka is heavily protected. Do you think Chuck will be okay with them just bringing her until they can get closer to the other Blood?
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    Regina Walters

    Regina played up the scared look on her face when Deanna told Éva they were in danger.

    The people who killed that man are very dangerous.

    She replied and immediately followed Deanna inside the house and locked the door behind her. She looked around for a moment and thought that Éva had some nice things. It was a shame some got broke in the struggle.

    We know you're lying!

    Regina hissed at Éva when she claimed she didn't know anymore then what she reported on television. When she and Deanna heard the man's voice at the back of the hallway, she said.

    I'll take care of him.

    She ran down the hallway in a heartbeat and grabbed the man by his neck and slammed against the wall. Éva Varga supposedly lived alone, so who was he?

    Who are you?!
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