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    So am I, sorry to say.
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    It's working better now but Jen and I still copying our posts before we hit "submit reply" so we don't have to retype them again.

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    Never had errors before, but I just got one today. Although when I refreshed the page, everything was fine.
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    It's starting to act up again for us too.

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    I am too - error code has consistently been 500 for me, if that helps.

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    Jen and I getting the 500 error again. Tonight it's been acting up a lot.

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    I've been getting the same error.

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    As have I. It comes and goes, but when it's happening I tend to get a bunch in a row.

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    Me too - as I was deleting and banning spammers. As I mentioned elsewhere, spammers clog up the whole system and the auto-moderator MUST be re-programmed to physically remove posts and ban and report spammers. It hasn't yet made a mistake in identifying the spammers/spambots. If something can't be done about it soon I shall no loonger feel inclined to visit the site: it's already more trouble than it's worth, but I still value the friends I have here too much to just flounce out.
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    It's getting very frustrating. Even trying to respond to this I get the error, multiple times. I've gotten to the point I write my IC posts in a word document and just copy and paste, because I'm tired of spending the time to write it out and then have the server eat my post.If the problem is the auto moderator of the spammers, perhaps it would be best to just go back to manually moderating and deleting them. I know it's time consuming to do it, I delete lots of spammers every day one by one on the Crossgen forum that Lucky created, but at least then we wouldn't all be getting the errors when we try to click a thread or send a post if that's what is causing the server problems.

    Another suggestion is that an admin or a moderator has to approve new posters. At the forum I mentioned, accounts are not active when they are created and users cannot post until either I or Lucky activate them. It cut down on the spam a ton.
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