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Thread: Surprises

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    Vera Perov

    Vera wasn't going to let the scary stuff on the news prevent her from throwing Larissa a surprise birthday party. If anything, it made her more determined to have it. They couldn't live their lives in her fear and she trusted her uncle Taras when he said soon they'd be safe. She knew Helen and the other leaders wouldn't let the humans destroy them. Vera had been doing a lot of sneaking around to keep Larissa from finding out about her party. Everyone was good at helping keep Larissa distracted while Vera did things though. The kids were currently having Aunt Larissa play a game with them while Vera said she needed to go to the Yeats house because she and Maria were working on a school project. Larissa didn't pay her much mind and actually Vera was heading over to Ferenc's room instead. Vera had noticed that Larissa liked him and he seemed to like her back. Whether it was more then friendship, Vera wasn't sure. Larissa was stubbornly sure that no man would ever be interested in her because of her past. Which Vera thought was crazy since Larissa had no issues fixing up Nikita or Aunt Halina and they had similar pasts. Vera knew there were just some things she couldn't argue with Larissa about and win. Whether they were only friends or not didn't matter anyway. Vera was still going to invite Ferenc to the party since he was Larissa's friend. She knocked on his door and gave him a smile when he answered.

    Hi, Ferenc. I was wondering if you'd like to come to Larissa's birthday party.
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    Noah Vogl

    When Noah found out what the news was now reporting, he was surprised that Isaac had even been able to talk Jurgen out of leaving in the middle of the night to get Astrid. Jurgen loved his daughter just as much as Noah loved his own kids. They'd have to move soon and that meant there were things that needed to be done. Like reuniting Jurgen with his daughter and trying to get Ruth and Daniel away from the Lantos. Astrid would be the easier task. Noah wouldn't hear of the two newly turned Lycans going alone. His and Isaac's parents still lived in Krems, just as Jurgen's parents did. Taras had told them Helen's plan for the community and moving away might mean never seeing his parents again. If that was true then he wanted them to know he found the woman of his dreams. That Regina might have hurt him but she didn't steal his chance of happiness away. If anything, she pushed him down the road that led him to Janna. He would loved for his children to come but as dangerous as the world was getting for immortals ,he'd rather they stay at home with their aunts and uncle. He didn't want them in danger and besides...He had no idea how his family would react to him being engaged again. Jurgen and Isaac would be here soon and asked Janna.

    So you ready to meet my folks a lot sooner then we planned?
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    "Hi, Vera," Ferenc said. "Come on in."

    He made a gesture offering her the armchair to sit in, and he took a seat on the edge of the bed himself. Even in a guest room, Ferenc did his best to be a hospitable host.

    It had been so long since he'd been invited to a birthday party, but he knew they were fun, and Larissa certainly deserved to have her birthday celebrated. Ferenc could only dimly remember what went on there - singing and cake. And gifts. He would need to get Larissa a gift...

    "Count me in," he said cheerfully. "Thanks for the invite. I'd be happy to come to Larissa's party."

    He knew instantly what to get Larissa for a present... and distracted by that thought, he didn't guard his expression as carefully as he should have. Ferenc was sure that just for an instant, his real feelings about Larissa had shown in his eyes. Admiration - the kind that wasn't based on just friendship. He was sure Vera had seen, too. Ferenc shrugged apologetically, wondering if he was about to get uninvited.
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    Janna fiddled with her hair self-consciously, although it didn't really require fiddling. It was already as neat as it ever was, and it would be a few hours before they met anyone she'd need to make an impression on. Still, she couldn't quite help the nervous gesture.

    "I don't know about 'ready,' but I'm willing," Janna told Noah honestly. "I hope they like me."

    They hugged and kissed the kids goodbye. Janna had hoped they could go meet their grandparents, but it was just too dangerous right now. Giving Noah's parents pictures of their grandkids would have to do, at least till things were safer out there for immortals. Janna was more nervous about Noah's parents' reaction than any harm coming to the adults because they were all reasonably capable fighters, but with her children along she would have been a lot more worried.

    The group hit the road, and Janna tried her best not to fret about whether Noah's mother and father would object to his choice of fiancée.
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    Vera Perov

    Vera smiled at Ferenc and thanked her for inviting her in. She liked Raquel's uncle, he was a good man. She smiled when he said he'd come to Larissa's party. Vera was sure her cousin would happy to have him there. She caught his expression when he was thinking about present to give Larissa and she realized that he definitely liked Larissa as more then just his friend. She thought that was great because Larissa deserved a nice boyfriend even if she didn't think any nice guy would want to date her.

    Great, I'm glad you'll come. I know Larissa will want you to be there. Oh, will you be able to keep her distracted until it is time for the party tomorrow? It's supposed to be a surprise party and it won't be much of a surprise if she sees us setting it up.
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    Noah Vogl

    Noah could tell that Janna was nervous, she only cared that much about her hair when she was worried about making a good impression.

    Just be yourself and they'll love you.

    Noah told her with a smile and gave her a kiss. He told their children to be good. He wished they could meet their grandparents but with everything going on it would be too dangerous. Isaac tried to reassure Janna with Noah that their parents would like her. After all she was the polar opposite of Regina which would win her points right there. It was a long car ride, almost four hours, so they left right after breakfast. Jurgen's parents still lived down the street from where the Vogl house was. He could get his daughter while Noah took Janna to meet the parents. Once they arrived in Krems, Isaac looked to Noah.

    You want me to come with you?

    No...I...It just needs to be me and Janna. Plus Jurgen will need you to back up his story.

    Isaac nodded his head and told Janna.

    Don't worry, they'll like you.
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    Ferenc nodded, but he was puzzled by Vera's lack of horrified reaction. Had she not seen? Maybe he'd kept his expression more blank than he was afraid he had. Or maybe she just thought it didn't matter because he didn't have a chance with Larissa. At least he was still invited to the party, but he'd need to be more careful in the future. Ferenc knew Larissa would never want to be anything more than friends, but he still valued her friendship.

    He'd done well enough at hiding his emotions in prison - why was it suddenly harder? Maybe because he was allowing himself to feel more, so it was harder to keep those feelings locked away inside.

    "I'm sure I can come up with something to keep her busy while you set up," he said.

    Maybe he could invite her here to give her her gift. You were supposed to bring the presents to the party, but Ferenc didn't want to make a big show of the whole thing, and it would be easier to explain if it was just the two of them. He got tongue tied in large groups, but Larissa was surprisingly easy to talk to.
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    Janna smiled weakly at Isaac and nodded. She hoped he was right, and wondered what she would do if her in-laws ended up hating her. Would that be the end? Or would Noah marry her anyway and rip a rift in his family over it? Neither alternative seemed very pleasant. Janna just hoped she could make a decent impression... and that Noah's folks were the sort who would accept their son dating a doctor rather than a perfect little homemaker. She could repair a bleeding severed artery, but she was a terrible cook. Would they mind that? Or would they wish Noah picked someone more domestic? More... normal?

    She took Noah's arm, and said, "Let's go. I want to meet them before I lose my nerve."
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    Vera Perov

    Vera smiled at Ferenc when he said he could come up with some to keep Larissa busy. She was sure Larissa wouldn't mind spending more time with him.

    Great! Thank you.

    Vera told him and after chatting a little longer she took her leave. Larissa, who still had no idea what Vera was planning, got excited when AJ called her. She remembered that Ferenc liked dogs and she had asked AJ if it was possible for him to help her get him one. He said he'd see what he could do. The kittens had been a surprise drop off and he said he couldn't make any promises since he wasn't setting out to be shelter yet. As luck would have it, a stray dog was found near the community. AJ treated him and after confirming he wasn't someone's missing pet, he called Larissa and told her that he had a dog if her friend wanted to give him a home. Larissa was thrilled and immediately went over to Ferenc's room.

    I got a surprise for you.

    She told him and walked with him to AJ's office. She introduced AJ to Ferenc and AJ had Nikita bring out the spotted dog on a leash.

    Larissa thought you could give him a good home.
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    Ferenc was startled when Larissa said she had a surprise for him. He had one for her too - it was hidden under the bed just in case she came to visit before it was time for him to give it to her - but he wasn't the one having a birthday. His puzzlement grew when it became clear Larissa was taking him to the vet clinic, because he didn't have a pet. When he saw the dog, though, he grinned and dropped to his knees on the linoleum.

    The dog eagerly stepped forward to inspect Ferenc, sniffing him carefully and then licking his hands and face. Ferenc petted him and ruffled his coat, and the dog's tail wagged in obvious pleasure.

    Still beaming, Ferenc said, "Really? You'd let him be my dog? He's great!"

    Ferenc liked how friendly the dog was, and he also liked that it wasn't one of those little teacup things. This dog was sturdy, the kind of animal who would make a good companion in the woods or at the lake, and didn't need to be pampered all the time... although quite a bit of pampering was likely in the dog's future too.

    "Thank you," he said with a smile, beaming at them. He gave Larissa and extra smile, and said, "Thanks for making this happen."
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