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Thread: Surprises

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    Noah Vogl

    Noah gave Janna a smile.

    It'll be okay.

    No matter how this went, it wouldn't change his mind. He didn't see his parents hating her. Jurgen and Isaac headed to the Hass house and Noah knocked on the door of his childhood home. His father opened it and was surprised to see who was on the other side.


    Hi Dad.

    His mother came out and hugged him. They hadn't seen him since he and Isaac had taken that trip that was supposed to be his honeymoon with Regina. His parents realized Janna was with him and asked who she was.

    This is Janna, my fiancée.

    Fiancée? Isn't that a little sudden? You almost married Regina last-

    Regina was a mistake, I was marrying her for the wrong reasons. This time I know I'm making the right choice.

    Noah told his father and looked at Janna with a smile. His mother invited them inside and said to Janna.

    So Janna, what do you do?

    While her husband seemed cautious about Noah suddenly announcing he was getting married again, she was curious about the woman he wanted to marry.
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    Larissa Perov

    Larissa wouldn't tell Ferenc why she was taking him to the vet clinic. All she said was that she was sure he'd like the surprise. She grinned when she saw his reaction to the dog.

    I think they like each other.

    I think so too.

    AJ replied with a smile of his own. It was great to see an animal that had been previously unwanted find a new home. He was sure the dog and Ferenc were a perfect match for each other. He nodded his head to Ferenc.

    Yes, he's all yours.

    He told Ferenc the dog was now neutered and had some fleas but those should be under control now. He was also up to date on his shots now. He told Ferenc he was welcome and Larissa smiled.

    You're welcome. What are you going to name him?
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    Jurgen Haas

    Jurgen had been planning to wait until his injuries from trying to help Hugh would be healed by the time he got his daughter but after what he saw on the news...He couldn't wait anymore. If they had to leave then he wanted his kid with him. His parents were horrified to see the faded bruises, Jurgen and Isaac could trouble makers when they were younger but they hadn't gotten into many fights. Jurgen was about to explain his face when Astrid saw him.


    Hey baby girl. You've been good for Grandma and Grandpa?

    Yes. Daddy why you have boo boos?

    She asked him in concern. Jurgen explained that he had gotten mugged in Budapest. Isaac backed him up and Jurgen's parents were shocked and said that the city was too dangerous. Jurgen and Isaac agreed.

    One good thing came out of the trip though.

    His parents were curious what he meant and Jurgen told them that he and Isaac got a new jobs in England. Neither man was going to tell Jurgen's parents they were actually going to be living in Budapest. His parents were shocked at the news. They had no idea that Jurgen was looking for a job and Jurgen said it was sudden but it would be a good opportunity. Astrid was a little sad that they would have to move right away.

    ...But what about my toys?

    We'll take them with us. Uncle Isaac will help us pack.

    Isaac nodded his head and he and Jurgen answered the questions about the supposed job in England as they packed. Isaac hoped that Noah and Janna's visit was going okay. Astrid was worried about not seeing her grandparents and her father told her that they'd see them as much as they could. He wanted his parents to still be in Astrid's life but he coudn't make any promises. He wasn't going to promise her something he couldn't keep. He also didn't tell his parents he was a Lycan now because the less they knew the better. Austria bordered Hungary and he didn't want to put them in danger.
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    "It's nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Vogl," Janna said with a nervous smile when she was introduced.

    She could tell that Noah's father seemed skeptical about the relationship, and she forced herself not to wilt under the scrutiny. Janna couldn't blame him for being less than accepting under the circumstances; she could only imagine how he'd react when he heard that she and Noah had six kids, with a grandchild on the way.

    Noah's mother was a little less intimidating, though, and Janna replied, "I'm a doctor, an OB/GYN. I work for a medical practice that serves a community and provides free medical care to low income residents of the surrounding areas."

    Once again, Janna felt like an awkward adolescent, waiting to be judged.
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    Ferenc looked at the dog carefully for a moment, pondering the naming question. "Spot," he finally said. "I know it's not the most creative name, but I think it suits him. He's a simple, happy dog - so I think he should have a simple, happy name."

    Spot wagged his tail, as though he understood and approved of Ferenc's reasoning... although it was probably actually a reaction to Ferenc scratching behind his ears and under his collar.

    "Do you want to come help me settle him into his new home?" Ferenc suggested to Larissa.

    When they were on their way, with Spot trotting proudly beside his new owner, Ferenc asked anxiously, "Um... I heard something in the cafeteria that I was wondering about. People were talking about the community moving away. I wondered what was up with that. Are you all really going?"

    Ferenc just assumed that if so, he would be left behind. Why would they want to bring him along? It would mean no job after all, and his new friends would disappear, but now that he had Spot, at least he wouldn't be completely alone.
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    Noah Vogl

    Noah's parents, Adelle and Conrad, were quite impressed that Janna was a doctor. Regina claimed she was trying to be a model but in reality she had no job and expected someone else to always take care of her. She was a spoiled little brat to put it nicely and it pleased even Conrad that Noah's new mate wasn't expecting Noah to work while she did nothing. Adelle was asking Janna questions about her work while Conrad pulled Noah off to the side.

    How can you be sure she is right for you? You thought Regina-

    Because I don't feel pressured into marrying Janna. With Regina...Everyone kept saying I should marry her because how long we-

    Your mother and I never wanted you to marry her.

    Conrad pointed out and Noah smiled at his dad.

    I know, you two and Isaac were the only ones telling me I was making a mistake. With Janna...What I have with her is more then what I ever had with Regina. I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

    What about kids? She's a doctor and-

    Actually Dad, we have six kids.


    Conrad exclaimed and Adelle turned in confusion.

    Janna already had two daughters when I met her and together we've adopted four more.
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    Larissa Perov

    I think the name Spot suits him.

    Larissa told Ferenc with a smile, she thought the dog looked like a Spot. She told him she'd be happy to help him get Spot settled into his new home. She sadly nodded her head when Ferenc asked if the rumors were true that they were leaving.

    Yes, we have to. It's only going to be a matter of time before the humans realize that Vampires aren't the only immortals around them.

    The Lycan and Hybrid viruses would show up in blood tests just like the Vampire one did. She would miss this place. It was more of a home to her the Russia had ever been. Here she was set free and found out how wonderful freedom was.

    You could come with us. Uncle Taras said that everyone is allowed to come even if they aren't a Vampire, Lycan, or a Hybrid. The leaders will do everything they can to make sure the community sticks together and remains a family.

    Selfishly she realized she hoped that Ferenc said he'd come with them when they all had to move. She liked him, a lot. She hadn't know him that long but she realized that she didn't want to picture her life without him in it. He was a good man, a good friend, and...He felt like he was something more to her. Although she knew that was silly to think it, he wouldn't want to be with her outside of them being friends. She was too damaged for any man to want that way. And yet...She would be upset if he stayed behind and she knew she wouldn't like that someday he'd probably date someone else.
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    Vera Perov

    Eventually Vera's errands for the birthday party brought her to seeing Nikita. Which was good because Vera had a question to ask her older cousin.

    Nikita? Do you think Larissa likes Ferenc as more then her friend? Because I can tell now he likes her as more then one even if he won't admit it. And she claims they are just friends but...I don't think that's true.
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    Nikita Perov

    Nikita smiled at her little cousin's question.

    Vera, I know she likes him as more then her friend.

    It had been quite clear to Nikita that Larissa liked Ferenc a lot. She had seen the way Larissa had looked at him when Nikita had brought out Spot for Ferenc to meet and it seemed Ferenc liked her back. She also knew, as well as Vera did, that Larissa wouldn't do anything about it. She was stubborn in some ways and she had the crazy idea that no guy would ever be interested in her. Which Nikita thought was crazy because Larissa could easily see other members of their family paired up and they had all came from the same place. In fact, Larissa and Melinda had both ganged up on Nikita and Brock and set them up. Not that Nikita was complaining, she liked Brock a lot...Actually she was starting to think she loved him and she knew she'd never have had the guts to talk to him on her own. She didn't know Ferenc as well as other members of her family did but she could imagine that prison wasn't that different from being a slave. You had no rights, people watched your every move, and they treated you like you weren't a person.

    They both had people tell them they were shit and you know as well as I do, that it is easy to believe it. Both probably thinks the other only wants to be friends and they are too scared to risk the rejection and lose their friendship. If they are going to move past that, then they need a little helpful "push".

    Nikita smiled as an idea came to her and she quietly discussed with Vera how they could help Larissa and Ferenc with that their cousin's birthday party tomorrow. Vera was eager to hear it and agreed with Nikita they needed to help Larissa and Ferenc realize the other wanted more then friendship.

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    Janna had known she should expect Noah's parents' disapproval. She'd even realized that the kids would be a sticking point, because Noah had gone so quickly from single and heartbroken to engaged and a father. Somehow the knowing didn't make it any easier. Janna felt sick to her stomach, as thought her own parents were disappointed in them, not just Noah's. She fiercely loved her kids, and always would - but she hoped it wouldn't come down to a choice for Noah.

    "I know this must be very surprising news," Janna told them. "And I realize it's an unusual situation. Before I met Noah, I had decided I was done waiting for Mr. Right to show up to make me a mother, so I adopted two daughters on my own. Noah and I hadn't planned on adding to the family so quickly, but a situation came up where a group of siblings were in immediate need of a home where they could be together. We couldn't just wait until a better time - the children needed a permanent place right away, not when the parents had all their ducks in a row. All of the children in our family were waiting for homes and needed us. All of our kids have been through terrible trauma, and needed a safe place to heal. Every day, I feel lucky beyond belief to be their mother."

    Janna thought it was important that Conrad and Adelle understand that they hadn't gone out on a whim and adopted healthy babies like so many people wanted to adopt. She didn't expect to be praised for it; she was the one who was fortunate and blessed. Understanding the circumstances was crucial if they were going to get it, though. Without the community, their hurt kids probably would have ended up in an orphanage until they were adults. That put a different spin on Noah and Janna's decision not to wait any longer.

    "It must seem strange to you, and I wouldn't blame you for feeling baffled or even angry. Noah and I love our kids, though, and we love each other. We believe we have the family we were meant to have, as unconventional as it may be. And we're happy."

    Happiness was what Janna hoped for for her own kids someday, whether she understood their choices or not. Perhaps Noah's family would see it the same way.
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