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Thread: Surprises

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    Sabine Ratcliff

    Sabine was worried that Bereket would find it odd that Sabine never got to play outside. She was glad the other girl understood even though the reason Sabine couldn't play outside wasn't for safety just the fact that her parents had claimed her clothes cost a lot and she shouldn't get them dirty. She smiled at her.

    I'd like that. It sounds fun to do that type of stuff.

    She was surprised that Bereket had been poor once, everything she had seen in the house was nice. Not expensive like the Ratcliff house but it was obvious the Yeats weren't hurting with money. She nodded her head at what Bereket said about Nemo.

    He is but I think he'd like to make new friends.

    She replied with a smile and eventually she and Bereket started playing with some of the stuff animals. She let Bereket play with Nemo. Sabine wasn't sure if she'd ever call Helen and Tim "mom and dad" yet but she starting to like her new home.
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    Noah Vogl

    Noah grinned back when he saw Janna's reaction. It was quite obvious she liked the ring he picked out for her.

    You're welcome, I'm glad you like it. I can't wait to marry you.

    Noah told her and gave her a kiss. After Regina had dumped him, Noah was pretty sure he hadn't wanted to get into a serious relationship again. He didn't want a life full of drama but with Janna everything was natural. Like they were meant to be together and that's the way he wanted it. Go figure that Andrej had wanted Noah to go break Janna's heart, when in reality she had stolen his and he never wanted it back.
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