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Thread: Surprises

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    Ferenc didn't even have to pause to think.

    "Of course I'll go, if me and Spot are really invited," he said. "What would I stay for? There's nothing left for me here, Larissa. Not if the rest of you leave. Everything I have is from this community. Everyone who cares about me is here. I don't care where we live. I'd rather stick with the people who are actually nice to me, and there's been precious little of that anywhere but here."

    He also had to admit to himself that he didn't want to be far from Larissa. Even if they were just friends, it was a friendship worth having.

    "I don't want to lose this. My friends, the family... nothing that will be left here compares to that. I just need to make sure Ruth and Daniel are rescued before I go. After that, I have no ties to keep me here. All my ties are going, and I want to go too."

    Ferenc was worried the leaders wouldn't really let him come. What was he but some random human hanger-on fresh out of prison with nothing to contribute? Why go to the trouble? If they still wanted him, though, he couldn't imagine being anywhere else.
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    Noah Vogl

    Noah's parents were shocked to hear their son had become a father to six kids. They always knew he wanted to be a father and honestly thought he'd be a good one. So it made them happy that his new choice in a wife actually wanted kids, it was just surprising to hear they were the grandparents to six children they hadn't met yet.

    I'm honored to be their father.

    Noah said, he did feel lucky to be the father of six amazing kids. Adelle and Conard would have been more concerned if Janna and Noah had went off to an orphanage just adopted babies. To know their grandchildren had all suffered saddened them. No child should have to and Noah proudly showed his parents pictures of the children on his cell phone. Adelle smiled at Janna.

    Surprising yes but we aren't angry. Noah's always wanted to have a family and I'm glad he found someone who wants the same things in life as he does.

    She could see that Noah was much happier in Janna's presence then he ever was in Regina's. He was acting more like himself instead of trying to be someone he wasn't to please Regina. Adelle was asking Noah questions about the children, she was very curious about her new grandchildren. Conrad was curious as well but could tell Janna was scared about what they thought of her.

    Adelle's right, it is surprising but we aren't upset. I wish my grandchildren had never suffered but I'm glad that they have you both for parents. And I'm glad that Noah found you. I can tell how happy you make him.
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    Larissa Perov

    Larissa grinned when Ferenc didn't even have to think about whether or not he and Spot were going to come with them when they had to leave. She would been very sad if he didn't want to come with them.

    You both are and I know no one will consider leaving before we rescue Ruth and Daniel.

    There was no way in hell Noah and Janna would leave Raquel's younger brother and sister behind. There were things that needed to be tied up before the community said farewell to Budapest and rescuing those two kids from the Lantos was a big one.

    I want you to go too. I'd miss you if you stayed behind.

    Larissa admitted to Ferenc with her cheeks turning a little red. She'd miss him as her friend but if she was truly honest, Larissa would have to admit that her feelings for Ferenc were deeper then friendship. She was just too scared to admit them out loud.
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    "I'd miss you too," Ferenc told Larissa honestly. "You're such a good person. I'm lucky to have you for a friend."

    That was very true. Even if his heart craved more, his life was better for having Larissa in it, in any capacity.

    He smiled and said, "But we don't have to worry about missing each other. No matter where we are, you'll still have me to take you camping and teach you to play the guitar."

    His birthday gift for her would help her get started on the latter. Ferenc was excited about the party; he was sure it would be a fun time.
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    Janna's worries ebbed away a little when Conrad told her he was glad that she and Noah had found each other.

    "Thank you," she said sincerely. "Your son is an amazing person. He's a wonderful financÚ and an excellent father. He makes me happy, too."

    With a shy smile, she added, "I was so nervous to meet you. I really wanted you to like me. I lost my parents - they died when I was a teenager. I know how much the two of you mean to Noah. I would never want to be the cause of problems between you, and I... I don't want Noah to lose you because of me. I'm glad that you can accept this and be happy for us."

    Hearing them refer to the children as their grandchildren had eased Janna's fears.
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    Larissa Perov

    Larissa smiled when Ferenc said he would miss her too and she knew she was glad he was her friend. Even if she had to remind herself that friends was all they would be.

    I'm lucky to have you as my friend too. But you're right, we don't have to worry about missing each other because where ever the community ends up, we'll still be together. I'm looking forward to doing those things with you.

    Larissa told Ferenc with a smile. She was excited about the idea of going camping, although it would have to wait until they were in their new home. She was eager to learn how to play the guitar. She didn't really give her birthday much thought though. It was never celebrated before and she didn't think it would be this year. If she had known about the party, she would have told everyone they didn't need to make a big fuss out of her. She took a hold of Ferenc's arm and told him.

    We should show Spot his new home.
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    Noah Vogl

    Conrad had been concerned at first when Noah made his announcement but as he got to talking to Janna and hearing about his grandchildren, his concerns were fading. Deep down all any good parent should want for their children was to be happy. Conrad and Adelle had opposed Noah's engagement to Regina because they could tell she didn't make their son happy. This time though, Conrad could see that was not a problem.

    You're welcome. I'm sorry you lost your parents but don't worry, you won't be causing any rift in this family. If anything, you brought him back to us.

    Noah hadn't been lying when he told Janna he hadn't seen or talked to his parents since last Christmas. They had missed him and had been worried about him. Adelle told Noah.

    You'd better bring these children to meet us soon.

    We hope to soon. They are in school and Janna will have to take time off of work.

    Well also the fact that it wouldn't be safe for six immortal children to take a trip right now. It would be better for Noah's parents to visit them but Noah didn't want risk them coming to Budapest. Surely the dangerous humans were keeping an eye on their community and he wasn't going to risk anyone's lives. Once their initial concerns were taken care of, his parents truly liked her and wanted to meet the children soon. After helping Jurgen and Astrid pack, Isaac headed over to the Vogl house. He debated if he should show up or not but Isaac decided he should. His parents and Jurgen's talked and Conrad and Adelle would surely be upset if they knew he was in Krems and hadn't seen them. The parents were shocked to see Isaac and gave him a hug.

    It must be my lucky day to have see you both in the same day.

    Adelle told Isaac, she asked how his trip went and Isaac left out the part about being an immortal. He and Noah had decided to not tell their parents yet before hand. Not because they didn't think they should know but because any one who sided with immortals could be in danger right now. Once they had their new safe haven, then Conrad and Adelle could know and meet their grandchildren. Isaac gave them the same story that Jurgen gave his parents, that he was going to have a new job in England. It was best all the humans parents had the same story.

    I'm sure you'll do great there.

    It's nice that you boys have your lives going in good directions.

    Conrad said with a smile. Noah and Isaac told their parents they had to leave. They understood since Janna and Noah would have to get back to their children. They hugged their sons but also gave Janna a hug too. Adelle told Janna with a smile.

    Welcome to our family.

    The group took their leave and saw Jurgen was waiting in the car with Astrid. Noah wrapped his arm around Janna's shoulders and gave her a side hug.

    See? I told you that they would love you.
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    Ferenc and Tola

    "Agreed," Ferenc said with a grin. That would be more fun than talking about missing each other, even if it wasn't going to happen.

    The new home would be temporary, of course. The community was relocating, and even if that weren't the case, Ferenc was still staying in a guest room. There wasn't much point assigning him an apartment when they were about to leave the whole place behind. Ferenc liked his room fine, anyway. It was much better than anywhere he'd lived before, and after ten years in a cell, a bedroom and a bathroom seemed like plenty of space.

    Ferenc and Larissa gave Spot food and water, and set up a bed for him. Spot seemed to like his new home, and he explored with nose sniffing furiously and tail wagging. Once they'd finished looking after the dog, it was time to head over to the house for supper. Spot would be staying in the room because Ferenc wasn't sure yet if the dog would bother Grushenka's kitten, but Spot didn't seem to mind. He lay down in his bed, and fell asleep with his head on his paws; it had been a big day for Spot too.

    Just has he had before, Ferenc enjoyed spending time with the family. Because they knew him now, the kids were less shy than they had been before. Ferenc had been afraid that the adults wouldn't want the children near him because he'd just gotten out of prison - although he'd been innocent and had never been so much as accused of harming a child, they might see him as a bad influence.

    It didn't seem to be a problem for anyone, though, and Tola quickly joined him on the couch with a book in hand. "Would you like me to read to you?" she offered.

    Ferenc was glad she hadn't asked him to read to her; it would have been embarrassing to him for the kids to see how difficult it was for him, how the words seemed to get all muddled up in his brain. He was happy to listen to Tola read, though, and he replied, "Yes please."

    Tola got a few pages in, and asked, "Can I snuggle with you?"

    Ferenc nodded, and she nestled against his side. He wrapped his arm around her, and Tola continued her reading.

    All too soon, it was time for him to go home. Ferenc didn't regret that as much as last time, though, because he knew he'd be back with the family for lots of other meals... and because the next day was the birthday party for Larissa. He couldn't wait.
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    Janna grinned when Adelle welcomed her to the family. "Thank you," she said. "I look forward to getting to know you better. You seem like great people, and Noah speaks very highly of you. I'm honoured that you would think of me as part of the family, and I hope you get to meet your grandkids soon too."

    The meeting had been a friendly and positive one, and Janna had genuinely liked Noah's parents, but she was still a bit exhausted by the experience. She wrapped her arm around Noah in return, and leaned lightly against him.

    "You were right," she said. "They were really nice. I love them too."

    She hoped that someday, they could all see more of each other and wouldn't have to keep any secrets.
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    Larissa Perov

    Larissa found it fun to help Ferenc get Spot settled into his temporary new home. Soon they'd all have to leave but the dog seemed like to his home. She played with Spot and told him he was a good boy. The kids were opening up more to Ferenc now then they were before. She could see him being an uncle to all of them, not just Raquel. She smiled listening to Tola read a story to him. The evening seemed to go fast and Larissa again was a little sad that Ferenc had to go home. Although she knew she'd see him soon since he was pretty much invited to join them for supper every night. She told him goodnight and didn't think that much about how tomorrow was her birthday. It was never celebrated in the past and she assumed that tomorrow wouldn't make much difference. It was just another day. Of course, she was wrong about that.
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