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    Breena Edwards

    I know but that's when we use the humans. We play them against each other and take what we want.

    Breena knew they couldn't just waltz into New Haven and take some kids. That wouldn't work but the humans were on high alert. Some anonymous tips here and there and it could work. They would have to keep an eye on the community residents. They couldn't stay inside their fortress forever either nor would they probably want to. She had plans in her head what to do but she needed more muscle to do it. Lycans that could work during the day.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend, after all.
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    Gaston Legrant

    When Gaston moved here, he swore he wouldn't make New Haven aware of him. He had heard and seen enough of what they did to Packs like his. Still...If the humans were keeping them busy, then he wouldn't mind stealing some of the children to have to use against humans when they came for him. Breena had him curious and he told her.

    Let's go talk privately about how we are going to do this.

    If he didn't care for her ideas then she'd be dead but perhaps she was right. They were enemies but they also had common enemies as well. Working together might be the only to keep alive in a world that humans knew of the existence of the immortal world. His Pack and her Coven were shocked that the two leaders would think about working together but they did have a common goal after all.

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    Deanna, Ferenc, and Grushenka

    Deanna had to watch Ferenc for several days before she formulated the specifics of the first step of her plan. There weren't many weak points in his routine. Most of his time was spent within the community's walls - Deanna could no more than catch glimpses of him through gates and over fences, so she had very little idea what he was doing during most of those hours. Ferenc left only occasionally. A few times, she saw him go to see the physical therapist, Lukas Kazlar, in the public office block during clinic hours, but the appointments didn't seem to be scheduled for any particular recurring time, so Deanna had no way of guessing when he'd come back, and since he went there through the tunnels rather than the outside gates, he wasn't actually very vulnerable then either.

    The only actual vulnerability Deanna did see was that Ferenc spent a lot of time walking his dog. Deanna didn't really understand why, but besides the fact that Ferenc just enjoyed it, the physical therapist had recommended it as exercise to help Ferenc improve his health for his upcoming surgery; of course, Deanna would have had no way of knowing that. During the afternoons and evenings, some blonde Lycan woman was usually with Ferenc when he walked or ran with the dog. During the mornings, though, the woman wasn't with them - Larissa was at school then, but Deanna didn't realize that either, just that Ferenc and the mutt were alone. Mostly they just walked around the paths of the community itself, but briefly in the mornings Ferenc would take Spot on a stroll up and down the street that ran in front of the community's front gates.

    Even seeing that, it wasn't immediately clear to Deanna how to turn it to her advantage. Ferenc never went out of the line of view of the community's gatehouse, so the guards would see it immediately if he was attacked. As if that wasn't paranoid enough, he walked with his phone in his hand whenever he was outside the compound. Deanna couldn't see any way of getting to him without bringing the community wrath down upon herself.

    Of course, there was always the option of climbing the walls herself, killing Bogdana with some object from Ferenc's room - assuming she could figure out where he lived - but that idea was unsatisfactory for several reasons. For one thing, even if she managed to evade the patrols, there were cameras all over the perimeter. She could probably get in, but she'd be spotted almost immediately, and she had no intention of doing a suicide mission. Ferenc's pathetic little life wasn't worth sacrificing her own. Plus Deanna wasn't confident that if a murder took place in the community, it would ever be reported to the police, and if the immortals just covered it up, it would defeat the whole purpose; they might kill Ferenc for his alleged crime, but that wouldn't solve the problem of the general public perceiving Deanna as a failure for sending him to prison ten years ago. Whatever happened, it needed to happen outside that little enclave of peace-loving idiots.

    Eventually, she got an idea. The morning walk was the time, but she and Ferenc wouldn't meet in person. She would barely need to slow down the car.


    Ferenc frowned when he saw the graffiti on the walls around the front gate and on the sidewalk. This had been happening every day for several days; accusations in loud paint that they were all Vampires, although neither vigilantes nor the authorities had been brave enough so far to challenge the community directly even if some suspected.

    There was the usual anti-immortal stuff this morning... but also some painted insults about Ferenc himself. "Ferenc Lantos burn in hell." "Murderer." "Old lady killer." Plus some very violent and disturbingly sexual suggestions about what should be done to him, and a crude stick drawing of a long-haired and bearded figure hanging from a noose.

    He knew it shouldn't bother him. Those were just strangers he'd never meet. What did it matter what they thought of him? Still, it hurt his feelings a little that everyone had believed he was guilty so readily at nothing more than Deanna's word, but they wouldn't believe he was innocent even with DNA evidence excluding him and a video of him somewhere else at the time of the crime.

    Still, Ferenc did his best to shrug it off. He and Spot took off at a run along the pavement in front of the compound. Spot's mouth was open in a doggy smile, and his tongue lolled happily. He enjoyed running as much as Ferenc did.

    Ferenc didn't pay much attention to the car as it approached; they were on the sidewalk, out of the way, and Spot didn't so much as pull on his leash in the direction of the road, so Ferenc wasn't worried that the dog would dart in front of it and get hit. As it got closer, Ferenc noticed it appreciatively - it was a fancy sports car, the kind he'd only seen in magazines - but he still paid no attention to the car's occupants. He was startled, though, as the passenger window rolled down, and a bottle was thrown... not at Ferenc himself, but to shatter at Spot's feet. The dog yelped in pain as he was unable to avoid stepping on broken glass, and the car sped away an instant later. Ferenc hoisted Spot into his arms, and carried him straight to the vet's office.


    Deanna had expected any dog owner who spent that much time walking the beast would do exactly what Ferenc did. As soon as she made sure Spot had actually been cut by the glass, she drove off and parked her car around the block.

    It was very late spring by now, nearly summer... too warm for the gloves Deanna wore. A filmy silk scarf shadowed and half-hid her face without looking too conspicuously like a disguise. Still, she hadn't expected to come face to face with Ferenc the moment she walked into the vet clinic. He must have run the entire way to get there so fast, she thought. Their eyes met... and for a moment, there was a flicker of recognition. Deanna's heart sank to her feet. The moment passed, though; Ferenc had obviously thought she looked familiar, but hadn't placed who she was. He hadn't seen her in the ten years since the trial, and she had cut and highlighted her hair in the meantime - and of course, her clothing style had changed as the fashions did. Ferenc still would have recognized her voice - the voice that had condemned him - but they didn't speak. He just gave her the vague smile he'd give any stranger he passed, but Ferenc was too preoccupied about his injured dog to worry about the woman he might have seen sometime in the past. Deanna breathed a sigh of relief. AJ came out to take worried Ferenc and distressed Spot straight into an exam room, and Deanna pasted a confident smile on her face and approached the counter once they had gone.

    Deanna almost laughed at who was working there; she'd seen the little slut before, taking off her clothes at a strip club. Apparently the girl thought she could make something of herself. It was pathetic. Deanna pretended not to notice, though, and Grushenka obviously didn't recognize Deanna - thousands of patrons had passed through the door of the club, and she couldn't possibly remember every face.

    "I'm here to pick up my Yorkie, Yumyum," Deanna told Grushenka brightly, deliberately interrupting the girl before she could put Spot's leash on the hook behind the counter. "She was spayed earlier today."

    Grushenka had a pretty good idea of all the pets they were caring for at any given time, and she didn't remember any Yorkies in today, let alone one named Yumyum. Still, she dutifully checked the records, concentrating and moving her lips slightly as she read; her reading was improving, but she still had to work hard at it. While Grushenka was occupied, Deanna deftly snatched Spot's leash in one gloved hand, and had swept out the front door before Grushenka could so much as ask why she had suddenly given up on Yumyum.

    When Grushenka later reported the loss of the leash to AJ and Ferenc, she described it as the woman having picked it up by mistake. What other explanation could there be? Why would anyone infiltrate a vet clinic to steal a dog leash? It had no real monetary value, and it would have been easy to find an identical one at a store. Grushenka apologized, Ferenc said it didn't matter, and Grushenka replaced the leash with one from their stock in the back room. Ferenc was too relieved that Spot would be alright with just some stitches in his paws to worry about what had happened to the leash.


    Back in her car, Deanna carefully wiped off the section of the leash Grushenka had been touching. Not that Deanna would have cared if the girl went to jail too, but a second set of clear recent fingerprints might have introduced doubt into the authorities' minds about who did the crime - and doubt was the last thing Deanna wanted. There would be plenty of Ferenc's prints on the handle, all fresh, now lying over top of any the blonde might have left the evening before. That was all Deanna needed from Ferenc Lantos.
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    Clayton Ducharme, Enid Heche, and Harold Winter

    Clayton knew the prison better than just about anyone else; he had, after all, been the warden for the past fifteen years. That had been his downfall, really - staying too long. Eventually, people would start to notice that you weren't aging. At first, his coworkers had put it down to good genes, or healthy diet, or his rigorous workout schedule. Then Vampires started to be the talk of the town, and Clayton was one of the first accused. Turned out one of the guards who worked under him was in one of those vigilante groups. Fortunately, it was one of the less militant sorts, and Clayton had surrendered to avoid being killed.

    Now, ironically, he was locked up in "his own" jail. At least that was how Clayton had always thought of it. He'd had a love/hate relationship with his job, though. He loved the power it gave him... but he despised the prisoners, who he saw as worthless losers. Eventually he had stopped caring when they beat each other up, or raped each other, or killed each other. On Clayton's watch, Nagy Prison had become a grim, violent place... and as far as he'd been concerned, the inmates deserved no better.

    But tonight, Clayton was one of the inmates. For the time being, at least. He had a plan to get out; he just had to wait for the right moment, and in the meantime he'd been deciding whether to take his cellmates with him.

    They'd thrown all the suspected immortals in together, male and female alike. To Clayton's nose, they'd guessed right on all three. The woman, Enid, was a Vampire - and she also seemed to be some sort of expert with traps and explosives. The other man was also a Lycan like Clayton, a geeky guy named Harold who seemed to know a lot about computers. Clayton decided he could use them both on his team.

    The trap was made of nothing but shoelaces and a sharpened vent cover, but Enid grinned when it sliced through the guard's throat. Clayton had known the dead guard for years, but considered it the man's own fault: he should have checked the cell for weak points like the vent, and he should have taken their shoes. None of the immortals were wearing prison uniforms, because they'd refused and the humans were afraid to get close enough to press the issue. Now Clayton was glad they'd stood their ground.

    Once they'd dispatched the guard, the cell door could be forced open. Clayton led them out - not through the main doors, but down a partially hidden fire escape and through the maze of the prison laundry and food storage areas. Even taking the back way, they had to kill four more guards and shove their way through a cinderblock wall. Clayton felt nothing but exhilaration. After fifteen years, he couldn't wait to leave this place, even if he'd been only a few days behind bars himself.

    When they were walking along the road, away from the blare of the sounding alarms, Clayton decided, "We need to find other immortals. Team up. Carve out our own place in this world, before the humans can force us to surrender."

    Direct violence might not work, but Clayton was determined to find some other way of biting back, and the others seemed to agree. When they stopped in a café and watched the news, Clayton started to work out a plan.
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    Larissa Perov

    AJ loved animals and was shocked and angry when Ferenc told him what had happened to Spot. He immediately took the dog into an exam room to treat him. AJ had no idea why in the world someone would steal a leash when Grushenka told him what Deanna did. It wasn't like they worth anything or hard to come by. He shrugged it off though and assured Ferenc that Spot would be okay. He also told Grushenka he wasn't worried about it. Larissa was worried when she heard happened once she got out of school.

    Oh Spot, are you okay boy?

    She asked him petting his head and angry that someone would throw a bottle at the poor dog's feet and injured him. She looked up at Ferenc and asked.

    Why would someone hurt him?

    She knew he wouldn't have an answer for her but she just couldn't understand, other then someone just being cruel, why they would hurt an innocent dog.
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    Ariel Caspi

    Ariel Caspi was one of the Vampires in Breena's Coven and honestly she was shocked that Gaston was willing to work with them. She was sure he was going to have his Pack kill them on sight. It wasn't like Vampires and Lycans got along well but at least for the time being, New Haven wasn't the only one trying peace between the species. Although insulting remarks were made on both sides when Breena and Gaston weren't in earshot. The plan was to take children, they would prefer immortal kids, and New Haven was the best shot at those. Although Ariel thought it was crazy. She might have been a courtesan back in the glory days of Viktor's Coven but one her lovers had been a Death Dealer. He told her what kind of people lived there. They had Hybrids and these people would go all out to protect children. She thought it was stupid to even think of stealing their kids. Even with humans to distract them, these people loved their little brats and there would be hell to pay. But that's what Breena and Gaston wanted and that was what they forced their underlings to do. The Lycans objected to be the sole ones staking out New Haven. Ariel, unfortunately, found out she had a higher then normal tolerance to sunlight thanks to Chauncey and his experiments. Breena didn't liked her because Ariel was the only one who would question her to her face. So when the Lycans demanded that Vampires do stake outs as well, Breena was going to use Ariel as a reason why they couldn't. When Ariel was thrown outside, she had a sunburn but didn't die. So she got to do daytime stake outs. She sighed as she sat in the car with Orson Legrant, Gaston's younger brother. They were watching the community and she couldn't shake the idea that this was stupid.

    We should just take orphans and turn them.
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    Orson Legrant

    Orson Legrant was the younger brother of Gaston and thus viewed as second in command. Although he did whatever his brother wanted. He had never question his older brother growing up and he didn't question him now either. Family or not Gaston hated people questioning him. Orson was one of the few Lycans in the Pack that Gaston trusted without question. Thus why he got stuck on stake out duty with Ariel. Gaston might have formed an alliance with Breena and her Bloods but that didn't mean he trusted them. Orson thought stake out duty was for people lower in the Pack them him but he did what he was told. He shrugged his shoulders at Ariel.

    Well this is what Gaston and Breena want.

    And until Gaston decided different, they had to go with it. Even if Orson had to admit to himself it was suicide to mess with these people. Their Pack avoided them for a reason and the stories Ariel told him about these people didn't help. They didn't pay much mind to Ferenc Lantos. The alliance knew that New Haven took him in and that many of the humans thought he was still guilty of his crime even though Ariel admitted she knew the Coven framed him. He didn't have any children as far as they knew but they would use him if they needed to get the humans to distract the community. The kids rarely left the gates and even when they did, they were with their parents. They couldn't be take them here, it was too dangerous. The best Orson and Ariel could do right now was find targets. Children who would be easier to take. He watched the sports car approach Ferenc and throw the bottle at the dog's feet but he didn't care much. He was bored sitting in the car and saw Jurgen and Issac come outside with paint buckets. The community would send someone out everyday to paint over the graffiti that humans left on their walls. Orson had the windows rolled down and the wind was blowing in the right direction that he could identify what species the men were.


    He told Ariel and turned up the radio. Once they had figured out that the community would send people outside for paint duty, Ariel and Orson had planted a small bug disguised as a rock to overhear their conversations.
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    Ariel Caspi

    It doesn't mean they're right.

    Ariel replied to Orson and didn't care much that Spot got hurt. Ferenc Lantos wasn't high on her list of things to care about. She was sure this would be another day without anything until Jurgen and Issac came outside. Over the car's radio, Ariel and Orson could easily hear their conversation. Jurgen was telling Isaac that Sesame Street was coming to the theater and he and Claudia planned on taking Mateo and Astrid to see Elmo.

    Jurgen, are you sure that's safe?

    The world isn't a safe place in general, Isaac. But Astrid's begging to go and...I don't want to always have to tell her no. Besides between Claudia and I, you know we can take out any threats.

    Jurgen wasn't naive. He had seen the news just as much as anyone else. He knew there was the Human Protection League out there but also didn't want make his daughter feel like she was trapped in a prison. Which was what the world was starting to feel like, that wasn't any way to live. He was a Lycan and Claudia was a Hybrid. He didn't want to go kill some humans but if they threatened their children, then so be it. Issac sighed and said.

    You should go with other people.

    You volunteering?


    Isaac laughed.

    Some how I don't think Mel would find that a great date idea.

    Why not? She could hear you singing the "Elmo's World" theme song with Astrid.

    Jurgen teased back, although he knew his friend was right. He and Claudia should see who else was willing to go. There was safety in numbers, especially with children involved. Ariel looked over at Orson and said.

    This sounds promising. We should find out when Elmo's coming to Budapest.
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    Orson Legrant

    Orson didn't agree or disagree with Ariel about whether Breena and Gaston were right or not. He sat up and paid attention when Jurgen and Isaac talked about Sesame Street coming to a theater in Budapest. Orson knew Jurgen was a Lycan but hadn't seen Claudia, so he didn't know she was a Hybrid. But given what Jurgen said about his girlfriend, she had to be an immortal. Which meant the kids might be too. Even if they weren't, then they might survive a turning. Plus Gaston and Breena said the younger the better for the targets. Little kids wouldn't try to fight back and most people wouldn't shoot down a toddler or preschooler at sight. He nodded his head to Ariel.

    Yeah, after I eat. I'm hungry.

    He didn't give Ariel a chance to argue and drove to a café. He didn't realize the one he picked was the same one Clayton, Enid, and Harold were in. He had learned to be careful how much he ordered so not to raise suspicions and Ariel had to order as well. Even if though she couldn't actually eat the food and Orson would just eat hers as well. It was important to keep up appearances and act human. Ariel was pretending to eat while Orson started to eat a large hamburger when he frowned. He picked up the scents of the other immortals in the café. Two Lycan males and a female Vampire. He discreetly looked around the café and muttered to Ariel that they weren't alone.
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    Ariel Caspi

    You're always hungry.

    Ariel grumbled to Orson. She had hoped he would have went to some fast food place with a drive thru. That would have been easier and smarter. Then she wouldn't have to pretend to act like she could actually eat food. Of course, he said he was driving and that meant he got to pick. She picked at her food and was discreetly placing more and more on Orson's plate when he said that they weren't the only immortals in the café. She wondered for a brief moment if it was their own people but of course, quickly realized it wouldn't be. Orson knew everyone's scents and only one team of a Vampire and Lycan went out at a time to protect themselves. If the humans found them and they lost, the rest of them would survive. She looked around and saw the group.
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