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    Claudia Morales

    Claudia had turned her back for a moment on Astrid and Charma and when Zabel noticed the girl was missing, she panicked.

    She was right behind me...The other girl is gone too...

    This was getting bad she thought. She told Zabel she'd look for the girls while she went to find her husband. Jurgen's scent led out of the theater, which she easily picked on that and the Lycans. Gaston stayed behind because he wasn't about to mess with a Hybrid and sent the two Lycans he had with him to try and dispose of her. The two men underestimated Claudia by a long shot. She might not be as strong of a fighter as other people in the community but she had been taking self defense classes. Plus she was a Hybrid and she was stronger then them. They tried to jump her but she easily killed one by quickly snapping his neck.

    Where are they?!

    She hissed at the other as she slammed him against the wall by his neck. She was right by the fire escape and none of the humans seemed to be aware that anything was wrong since the show was beginning again. He looked like he was about to tell her when she heard the faint sound of a gun that had a silencer go off. She ducked her head and when she looked up, the Lycan was dead. Killed by a shot to the head. She turned and went in pursuit of Gaston. He killed his own Pack brother so he wouldn't talk. Three was enough and he jumped in the van and it sped off before Claudia could catch them. She was sure Astrid and the girl were in there, she didn't realize yet Krikor was missing. Or her own son was as well. She didn't find that out until she caught the scent of more blood and found her boyfriend passed out in the alleyway.


    She said trying to shake him awake and she realized that Mateo was gone. She called Zabel and told her what happened. Fritz started to come to and he looked up at Zabel in confusion for a moment. How did he end up on...Krikor! He touched his wife's forearm and told her.

    Zabel....The Lycan....He took Krikor....We have...to get him....back...

    Fritz tried to sit up even though he had a bad cut and a concussion from the attack. He couldn't just lie on the bathroom floor when their son was in danger.

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    Vencel and Clayton

    Vencel looked surprised, and said, "Really? That's interesting." His tone suggested his respect for the group had dropped several notches. "That's not how I would have expected things to go in your Pack."

    He left the thought hanging, and to Clayton's irritation, he found himself taking the bait and asking, "How do you figure?"

    Vencel glanced over at the unconscious girls again and said, "I wouldn't have thought you'd coddle men who aren't brave enough or strong enough to fight to keep what they want. I wouldn't think you'd protect their interests if they're too weak to protect those interests themselves. I would have thought you'd want the better fighters and the bolder ones to rise to the top by offering the chances to take the resources they want if they can manage it. All this 'claimed' stuff sounds more like those New Haven carebears than like a strong Pack getting things done. Maybe I won't like it here as well as I thought, if your men are more interested in hugging and patting themselves on the back about how manly they are, and aren't prepared to be asked to prove it." He shrugged, and added, "But it's up to you, of course. We all have... priorities. You've chosen yours, for whatever reason."
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    Zabel's heart skipped a beat, and she felt sick... but she wasn't really surprised. From the moment she realized that any of the children were missing, it was in the back of her mind that someone might have taken Krikor, too. She was terrified for her little boy, but terrified for her injured husband too.

    "We'll find him," she promised. "But we have to get you home, too. We're not going to do our son or the others any good by having you collapse on us. We'll call the others on the way, and get the teams searching."

    Her phone rang a moment later, though. It was Helen telling her what had happened at the zoo, and that the search was already on. Zabel related the events at the theatre, and she and her mother agreed that it was likely all related rather than just a coincidence. Now they had even more people they needed to fight to bring home.

    She picked up Kizzy and went to find Claudia and Jurgen, letting Fritz lean on her arm.
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    Orson Legrant

    Orson wished that Vencel had gone in the other van and annoyed Ariel instead of him. The Pack brothers in the van didn't care for what he said. They kidnapped the girls, thus that meant they were theirs. They also didn't appreciated being called weak or needing coddled. They started bitching at Orson that Vencel needed to shut his mouth. Orson growled at them and said to Vencel.

    My brother, Gaston, is Alpha. If you have "issues" with how we give out those girls, then take it up with him. Maybe he'll let you and your jail buddies have them if you fight for them. Knowing Gaston, it'd probably be a fight to the death so you better make sure you really want them. They were already whores, so it's not like they're virgins.

    Personally Orson got what he wanted and didn't give a shit what happened to the teenagers. It didn't matter to him whose bed they ended up being in. Although he could see his brother being entertained by some death matches. It had been a while since the Pack did anything like that.
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    Fritz Yeats

    I'll be...fine.

    Fritz said, although both he and Zabel knew that was a lie. There had been a pool of blood next to him and he needed medical attention. His head was swimming but he needed to find Krikor. It was his fault that Gaston took him. He was supposed to protect him. He had get him back. Fritz could barely stand on his own though and was not in any condition to go hunt down the asshole who took his kid. He leaned heavily onto Zabel and was glad that at least Kizzy was safe. Claudia had gotten Jurgen conscious and he looked as bad as Fritz felt. And Fritz felt like shit both physically and mentally. Three kids got kidnapped under their watch and as upset as Claudia felt that Astrid and Mateo were gone, she was trying to keep it together. The kids didn't need them panicking. When Zabel told them Helen's report, the adults realized it was worse then they thought.
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    Vencel and Clayton

    "Yes, it sounds like Gaston and I need to have a little chat," Vencel agreed. "We could make things a lot more... lively."

    Clayton hated this idea. He had been promised Kalyna, and he didn't want to fight for the privilege he was already owed. That damn Vencel had backed him into a corner, though; Clayton couldn't object without seeming to prove the other man right that they were weak, coddled, and afraid to fight.

    Vencel added with a shrug, "What's the use of a virgin, anyhow? A whore actually knows what she's doing around the bedroom. I'd sooner take a whore. Given the choice, anyway." He smirked, and the four men who had been Nagy inmates spent the rest of the trip in silence.
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    "Yes, you will," Zabel agreed. "But Krikor needs you to be in top shape when we go rescue him. There's no point wandering aimlessly around the city in the meantime with you losing blood and getting weaker. We need to go back and patch you and Jurgen up. As soon as we can, we'll go find Krikor."

    Zabel was just as anxious about her son as Fritz was, but without medical attention, he would be a liability rather than an asset to the team. Before long, she hoped they would both go kick the butts of whatever horrible person would steal their kids.
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