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Thread: Best Laid Plans

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    Best Laid Plans

    Best Laid Plans

    Gaston Legrant

    Gaston and Breena thought today had been a success. The causalities were kept to a minimum and they were happy that both teams had been successful in grabbing some children. The young ones were thrown into the locked barn with Dulcia. Charma was crying as she wrapped her arms around her mother, saying she was sorry she was a bad girl. In the little girl's mind it was her fault that Gaston had gotten Astrid, Mateo, and Krikor. If she hadn't been with him, he would have stuck out like a sore thumb in the theater. Dulcia tried to comfort her and tell her it wasn't. Krikor was already an immortal, so Gaston didn't need to do anything with him. He and Breena had a deal to turn an equal number of human children. Mateo was turned into a Lycan by Gaston because if he survived to adulthood then he could be a part of the Pack. Breena turned Astrid into a Vampire. The Fekete kids were part of Clayton's master plan to take out the Human Protection League and since the HPL had put Raquel on their hit list for being a Lycan, the children were left alone for now. Because Sabine's half siblings were both Vampires, she was chosen to be also be turned into a Vampire. Callie got turned into a Lycan. The four kids were still out of it and Dulcia did her best to keep an eye on them and try to comfort her own child and Krikor who would want his parents. Naseem was left to guard the barn and Gaston needed to figure out what to do with the older girls. He shook his head when he saw Larissa and told his brother.

    Were you getting "lonely"?

    Hey, if you can have a woman, I can too.

    What's with these three?

    The girls were all immortals but too old for Gaston to think they would be useful in the war.

    The Pack wanted them. Although the convicts are interested as well.

    Orson told Gaston what he suggested Vencel and his buddies do if they really wanted the teenagers for themselves. Gaston sneered and thought it was a great idea. It had been a while since the Pack had any fun. He, of course, assumed his own Pack would win.

    Vencel, is it? Orson says you're interested in the girls. Well if you and your buddies really want them, then earn them. Because my Pack brothers already laid claim to them. So here is what I propose. A fight to the death for each of them. Winner takes a girl. You still want them?

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    Ariel Caspi

    Ariel was glad she ended up in a different van then Orson, Clayton, and the Nagy inmates. All the talk about sex was stupid when New Haven would be coming for their children. And now the idiots were talking about death matches over some stupid whores. Seriously?! They could just go buy some and all them could have a "playmate". God, men were dumb. She turned to Breena and muttered to her.

    Breena, even you have to realize how stupid this is. New Haven's going to come for the kids and we need to have strength, not idiots fighting over who gets to claim some stupid whore.

    Breena sighed, she thought it was just as dumb as Ariel did. One of the rare times they actually agreed on something.

    I know but they're men. They're only thinking with one thing.

    And she knew that there was no point arguing with them about it. Gaston had said from day one it was his property and if Breena or her Coven didn't agree with him about something then they could try to fend for themselves in the world.

    We need them for now, Ariel. So let them have their "fun".

    Ariel didn't like the response and thought maybe now she should worry about escape plans when the shit hit the fan. Which it would once New Haven found out where they were. Larissa was starting to come to in the van, Orson was too busy talking to Gaston to realize it. Her head hurt like hell and she had an ugly bruise on her forehead where Orson slammed her head against the van. She kept her eyes closed and used her hearing and sense of smell try to figure out where she was and listen to the conversation. With the pounding headache and the fact she was outnumbered, she thought for now it was a good idea to pretend she was still unconscious.
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    "Certainly," Vencel replied confidently. "I've always found that the possibility of death - one's own or someone else's - makes me feel more alive. I'm sure you've felt that too."

    He grinned, and added, "Besides, when you've been in prison as long as I have, you get pretty desperate to get laid. It seems we'd do almost anything at this point. So yes, bring on the challenge... life or death."

    Vencel added, "Of course, we understand that it won't be all play and no work. We're happy to pitch in with the guard duties. Although, as your fine warden pointed out, I'm sure you'll wish to supervise us until you see for certain what we're made of."
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea
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    Gaston Legrant

    There is a rush to it.

    Although Gaston thought it was more fun to end someone else's life and not risk his own in the process. He didn't really see the appeal of fighting over these teenagers. Perhaps if they were still virgins then it would make sense, but tonight wouldn't be the first time any of those girls would have had sex. But it would be fun to see some death matches. Clayton even suggested they put Judith up as well since she wasn't a virgin. That would be four girls for some lucky Lycans to have.

    We'll see how you fight before we assign you "duties". Since you said you feel more alive fighting for your life, then you get to go first.

    Gaston told Vencel. The Lycans surrounded the makeshift "ring", to make sure no one became a coward and tried to run. Orson decided he'd watch for a little while and then he'd take Larissa up to his room for some private fun. Most of the Vampires thought it was stupid and decided to just ignore the contest.
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    Fritz Yeats

    Fritz agreed with Zabel at the theater that they didn't need him wandering around the city hurt but as soon as Chase had stitched up his head, he was ready to go. He wasn't going to sit around in the infirmary overnight because of a concussion when his son was kidnapped. Which was caused him and Flynn to get into a fight.

    Damn it, Flynn! I'm fine!

    Bull shit! You have a concussion.

    I don't care! Krikor needs me!

    He doesn't need his father getting hurt worse! And Zabel doesn't need to be worried about you both!

    If Fritz had actually protected their son, then Zabel would only have to worry about her sisters that had been kidnapped, not Krikor too. Fritz tried to push his way past Flynn but Flynn wasn't going to let him leave and Fritz was honestly too weak right now to fight him much.

    I'm not going to just-

    I'm going to handcuff you to that god damn bed if I have to, Fritz!

    If it was Fiona you'd-

    I'd want to do the same thing and you'd stop me too. Damn it, Fritz, he's my family too. You don't think I want to find him and kill the aresholes who took him and the other kids?

    Fritz knew that was true but he was so upset that he failed to protect Krikor, he punched the wall.

    I failed him...I was supposed to protected him.

    You tried, you-

    It wasn't enough! He's still gone...

    And we'll get him and the other kids back back.
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    Noah Vogl

    Everything was a mess, Larissa and some of the kids had been kidnapped, other adults had been hurt. Janna had to go help tend the wounded at the infirmary. Ingrid went to help as well. She might be an ultrasound tech but she did know some first aid, as did Jasmine. Who was ready to go get Callie and the others back. Vera was trying to hold it together but she was upset about it, other adults were ready to go on the attack and rescue their loved ones and make the people who took them play. With everything going on, Noah was surprised to see Turner on the other side of his door. The younger man looked out of breath, like had ran the whole way here.

    Turner, what are you doing here?

    I wanted to give you this before I forget.

    He said handed him a manila folder.

    What is it?

    Information about Meseret's past. You and Janna were right, I needed to widen the search. I'd explain more but-

    Yeah, I know. You need to help find where the kidnappers took our people.

    Took members of his family...He thanked Turner, and told his family that it wasn't anything about Larissa or her kids. He looked at the folder and put in his desk drawer for now. He should look at with Janna and she wouldn't be home for a while. Turner headed to the infirmary to get leads from the people who had been there at the kidnappings. Jurgen had a mild concussion himself from being attacked and wasn't much help. All he knew was a Lycan jumped him. At least Claudia had seen a van.
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    Vencel and Clayton

    "Certainly. As you wish," Vencel replied.

    Clayton tried to detect any hint of fear in the man, any sign of reluctance or trepidation... he saw nothing. Not a flicker of doubt. It seemed Vencel was entirely prepared to die today. Interesting. Clayton hoped somebody would take him up on it.

    It wasn't Clayton that Vencel fought, though. Vencel challenged another of the Lycans over Mayumi. The fight was swift and brutal. As it turned out, all four of the former Nagy men were tough, brutal scrappers. They'd had to be. Vencel took down his opponent after a brief set of tackles and lunges. He took a few cuts from the other man's claws and teeth, but nothing serious, and he grinned as he stepped out of the ring. The next to fight, Dipak, took longer to subdue his adversary, and got more damaged in the process - he was limping by the time he finished - but he too won his bout, leaving his dead opponent lying on the floor. The biggest surprise was Paul; he was a Lycan with only one arm, so no one had much hope for him, but he managed to snap his opponent's neck the first time he pinned him.

    There was only one loss on the Nagy side. Cornelio took on Clayton, and although they battled for a long time, eventually the former warden wore the former inmate down, and emerged victorious. Kicking at the dead man, Clayton smiled and said, "To the victor go the spoils."

    "Not the victor yet," Vencel said flatly. "You haven't fought me yet. I challenge you."

    Clayton looked confused. "You can't do that! I won! You have one whore already."

    Vencel shrugged. "Maybe one whore isn't enough for me. A man must have some variety in his diet, so to speak. I want the other one, too, and I challenge you."

    By now, Clayton was fuming, and he looked to Gaston to settle the dispute over whether Vencel could challenge him for Kalyna when he'd already won Mayumi.
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    "He's right," Zabel said, taking Fritz's hand. "He's right about both things. You can't go charging off with a concussion... and it wasn't your fault they took Krikor. Sometimes the other person just wins. Sometimes there's nothing you can do. That's why... it's why Krikor exists in the first place, much as we love him now."

    Although Zabel would never go back and change things now that she had her son, as Fritz knew she wouldn't have chosen at the time to become the surrogate for the biological child of the people who had killed her first parents.

    "We'll find him, Fritz. I promise. There are teams out canvassing both areas, and Turner is trying to track down the van Claudia saw. We just need to stick together, now, and not focus on blaming ourselves, because blaming isn't going to help things."
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    Gaston Legrant

    Gaston was shocked how well the Nagy prisoners fought. Apparently Vencel wasn't kidding about what they were willing to do to get "female companionship" after being locked up for so long. He had fully expected his own Pack brothers to win but none did. That was disappointing that they were so weak. He had assumed after the last fight the winners would go take their girls to rooms and he had already decided he'd go pay Dulcia a visit. All the excitement from the fights was getting to him. Orson, who had planned to watch one or two, stayed for the whole thing and he was eager now to get Larissa to his room before she woke up. He assumed she was still out of it, since she was so quiet in the van. The blood brothers were surprised that Vencel decided Mayumi was not enough for him. Gaston laughed and said.

    Sure, why not? Unless you're worried he'll beat you, Clayton.

    He didn't trust either one, so why not let one kill the other?
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    Fritz Yeats

    Fritz started to calm down when Zabel took his hand. He knew she was right, sometimes the other person won. Not every mission he went on was success and he and Flynn certainly hadn't been very successful when they tried to get away from Chauncey. They'd be dead if it wasn't for the community saving them. Still...it was so easy to blame himself because he was the last one with Krikor.

    I know we'll find him...It's just...It feels like it's my fault because I was with him.
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