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Thread: Best Laid Plans

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    Vencel and Clayton

    "I'm not afraid of some piece of prison yard shit!" Clayton insisted angrily. "This whole thing is just a waste of time, and if you haven't noticed, a waste of four of your Pack members."

    "Hardly a waste," Vencel replied placidly. "Now we have seen who was strong and who was weak, and the weak ones are gone. Those who could not survive a fight against a comrade would have been a liability in a real battle, not an asset."

    "I already fought someone today..." Clayton hedged.

    Vencel smiled, and said, "I already fought too, warden. So we are well matched, are we not?" Magnanimously, he added, "Of course, I would not force you to fight. If you wished to concede, you can simply hand over the girl..."

    "No way in hell!" Clayton shot back. "Let's go, you son of a bitch!"

    This fight was different than the others. Clayton had a major advantage over Gaston's men in that he knew his enemies already, so he knew their strengths and weaknesses. The Nagy men were physically powerful and fast, but they were all in poor health - they had Clayton to thank for that, because of the poor living conditions and insufficient medical care - so they lacked stamina. The mistake the others had made was to go in for the kill too soon. Clayton did the opposite, repeating how he'd fought Cornelio; he would feint and then dance away, keeping Vencel on the move, tiring him.

    Vencel was a better fighter than the late Cornelio had been, though, so even with Clayton using his strategy to wear his opponent down, Vencel was landing some hits. The fight was protracted, and eventually the men who were watching started to get bored. The fighters never let up, but with neither side taking the clear advantage, the ring around them began to thin.

    Finally, Vencel had Clayton pinned. "This is for all you did to us," he whispered, and tore out Clayton's throat.

    When Vencel stood, the indifferent look was back on his face. "I guess I get both girls, then," he announced. He cracked a smile, and added, "This will be the best night I've had in awhile."
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    "I understand, Fritz," Zabel replied honestly. "I feel responsible in a way too. If we'd stuck together - if I hadn't suggested you take Krikor to the washroom - maybe this wouldn't have happened. I feel like a terrible mother for letting someone take our son."

    She patted Fritz's arm, and said, "But I'm not really to blame, and neither are you. Only the monsters responsible are at fault. We'll track them down and make them pay."

    Zabel wasn't sure what to make of their own community members who had gone off with the kidnappers.
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    Gaston Legrant

    Gaston just shrugged his shoulders. He wasn't about to mourn the Pack members who had died in this. Did he expect them to win? Yes, but if they couldn't kill some ex-convicts that had lived in a hellhole, then he didn't need them. If he had been a betting man, he would have bet on Clayton and was surprised when Vencel ripped out his throat. Although he and Orson didn't hear what Vencel whispered to his former warden. Most of the remaining Pack got bored since it went too long and not enough blood was shed for them. Gaston and Orson watched and Gaston clapped when Vencel won.

    I guess so. Have fun.

    Gaston was in the mood for "fun" himself. Orson was as well but muttered to his brother.

    What are we going to do with Enid and Harold?

    Let Breena figure that out.

    Gaston replied, Enid could go off for all he cared. Her little bombs were useful but he wasn't a huge fan of Vampires. Harold was more valuable but his Pack had survived without a tech expert before and could again. Gaston ordered one of his Pack to relieve Naseem of his duties. Personally Gaston didn't care that Naseem liked little girls but those little girls were off limits for now. The threat of him letting Naseem have them should keep them in line and that fear was more effective then letting him rape them. Gaston didn't trust Naseem guarding the barn without Dulcia in there. Dulcia might be scared but Gaston was sure she'd prevent Naseem from touching her precious child. Gaston ordered the barn opened and thought that with Clayton now dead, the Fekete kids could be turned. Later though, after he had Dulcia. He grabbed her by her forearm and forced her into the house. Orson threw Larissa over his shoulder in a fireman carry and headed into the house with her.

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    Fritz Yeats

    You're a wonderful mother, what happened wasn't you're fault.

    Fritz immediately told Zabel when she told him how she felt that Krikor had been kidnapped. Deep down he knew it wasn't his fault either. He should be able to take his kid to the bathroom without worrying about some asshole trying to kidnap him. And Fritz had put up a big fight, he would have been willing to die to protect Krikor. He nodded his head to her.

    Yeah, they'll definitely pay for what they did.

    He and Zabel weren't the only parents that had their child get kidnapped today. He wasn't sure what to make of the former Nagy prisoners who went off either. He just hoped that Larissa or the older kids somehow found a way to get word to the community so they could be rescued.
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    Larissa Perov

    Larissa laid as perfectly still as she could. She had been almost forgotten about when Gaston told the men to fight for the teenagers. She wanted to run but she had no idea where to run to. All she knew was that she was on some kind of farm that was near the woods. She knew that Dinah and Callie were here and she couldn't run without finding them first, but she had no idea where they would be. Thankfully they weren't offered up but when she heard the names of the girls that were, she wanted to rip off the heads of the perverts. Two the girls were her daughters. That was stupid though, she was outnumbered and she figured she was all alone. She couldn't trust anyone here, although Vencel confused her. He and the other former prisoners had made sure that the girls all ended up with them. She wasn't sure which side they was on and she wasn't going to wait for someone to save her. The people she could trust had no idea where she was...She hoped Ferenc was okay. She had seen his pants on fire and she couldn't imagine what he was going through that she and the girls were missing. She had no idea Aquila was also here. She felt around the van floor for a weapon and found an old screwdriver. Not exactly what she was hoping for but it would do. If Orson thought she was just going to lie in bed and take it, he was in for a rude awakening. Even if her head still hurt, she made a promise to herself when she moved to the community she wouldn't be a victim again. She hide the screwdriver and opened her eyes when he threw her over his shoulder. She needed to get an idea of the place even if was a quick look. She saw a barn from the corner of her eye and she saw Gaston forcing Dulcia into the house. Another innocent person here, she thought. She looked at the girls and mouthed it would be okay. Although she wondered if the Nagy prisoners saw her do it.
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    Orson Legrant

    The house was pretty much a mansion and large enough to house many people. There was once a successful lumber mill ran on the property that was long abandoned. It made for a good living choice for the Pack since the property bordered the woods and they could hunt wildlife. Gaston took Dulcia to his room and Orson took Larissa to his. While some Pack members got stuck sharing rooms once the Vampires moved in, the Legrant brothers kept their own rooms. Orson threw Larissa on the bed and turned a brief minute away to lock the door behind him. Some of his Pack brothers found it fun to have sex with women while they were still unconscious but Orson always thought it was more fun to force them to sleep with him when they were awake. He got off more they fought him. He straddled her waist and slapped Larissa's face to wake her up, she had done a good job at tricking him that she had been asleep the whole time. He also had no idea she had smuggled a screwdriver in. He had copped some more feels but he more interested in certain parts of her body then others.

    Wake up, bitch. Time for you find out how much more of a man I am then Lantos.

    He pulled his shirt off and start to rip hers off.

    Seriously though, I can't see why in the world he hasn't bedded you yet. Unless he's gay from all that time in prison.
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    Larissa Perov

    Larissa wanted to growl and or get sick every time Orson felt her up. She hated him touching her but she tried to be patient. Patience was going to keep her from getting killed, she thought. She needed to stay alive to save the kids...She hid the screwdriver up her sleeve and when Orson turned away to lock the door, she gripped it like a knife in her hand and hid her hand behind her back. When he slapped her face, she growled at him. She didn't care much for his comments about Ferenc and thought her sex life was none of his freaking buiness. She tried to stab him in the neck with the screwdriver.

    It's none of your damn business!

    She yelled and although she missed his neck, she did get him in his shoulder and that was enough for her to get a chance to punch him in his nose. She pushed him off her and tried to make a run for the door.
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    Orson Legrant

    Some insult was on the tip of Orson's tongue but he quickly forgot it because Larissa tried to stab him. He growled as the screwdriver went in his shoulder and then she punched him. He cursed at her and while she stunned him, he wasn't out of the fight yet. He pulled the screwdriver out his shoulder and threw it on the floor.

    I was going to be nice since it would be our first time, but not now!

    He yelled at her and grabbed her by the back of her hair so she couldn't get to the door. They struggled and he threw her against the nightstand in the fight. He quickly realized that he'd have to hurt her more before he'd could take what he wanted. Which was fine with him, he always loved a good fight. He didn't realize until it was too late that perhaps he shouldn't have picked such a "feisty" Lycan to try and bed. He hadn't expected her to fight back that much.
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    Larissa Perov

    Every blow Orson gave her, she tried to give back. No matter how much it hurt. She couldn't give up, the kids needed her to find them. Her daughters needed her. She screamed when she was thrown into the nightstand. She broke it and she was pretty sure when her side hit it, one or two of her ribs broke as well. She grabbed the lamp that somehow survived the damage and bashed Orson's head in with it. When he fell down, she was going to run again but stopped short when she saw the discarded screwdriver.

    You picked the wrong woman to mess with, asshole.

    She picked it up and this time made sure she killed him by stabbing him in his aorta. She stabbed him a few times to make sure he was dead. Satisfied he was, her adrenaline rush from the fight was starting to wear off and pain started to overtake her. She wasn't sure what was worst, her head or her ribs. It hurt to breath. It hurt to think. She pulled the screwdriver out of Orson and realized she'd need to get out of here. People would come looking for him...Some might have heard their fight....She cautiously cracked the door opened as she gripped her weapon and tried to listen for where people were.
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    Vencel bowed his head humbly when Gaston clapped, and grinned when the leader told him to have fun. "Oh, I will," he replied.

    When the girls were brought to the victorious fighters, Mayumi was crying, Kalyna and Kulap just looked grim, and Judith was clearly terrified.

    Vencel told the rest of the Pack, "None of us are to be disturbed tonight, understood?" and made a lewd gesture, at which all the others chuckled. Then Vencel, Dipak, and Paul led the frightened girls to the room in the basement that the three of them had been assigned to share.

    When Larissa was trying to figure out if anyone was outside, Vencel had returned from the basement, and was just coming down the hall. He paused for a moment, smelling the blood, then pushed open the door and entered, closed it behind him, and regarded Larissa with the inscrutable expression he often wore.

    "Well," he said, glancing over at Orson's corpse. "That was enterprising of you."
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