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Thread: Best Laid Plans

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    Chloe Grivas

    Chloe could tell that Ali didn't like her reply and she felt a little bad for making him feel like a failure. That hadn't been her intention, she just didn't trust anyone, anymore. Her trust in other people died the night her uncle sold her to her pimp. She needed to think about this. Weigh the pros and cons. She took Ali's card and looked at it.

    Okay, I'll remember that.

    Chloe replied to him and watched him walk away. She was at a crossroads. She could keep doing what she knew and be hurt or take a chance...Taking chances were scary though. She didn't know what was true or not. Paloma saw the girl walk away and could tell that the talk hadn't went the way Ali had wanted.

    Did you want me to try and talk to her?
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    Ali nodded. "I'd appreciate that, Paloma," he said. "I know you're anxious about your sister, and we can't linger here too long, but... I don't think this is a lost cause."

    Realizing Paloma probably wasn't aware of how their community worked, he said, "We would give her a place to stay. She'd be safe. She could go to school, get medical treatment and counseling, and make friends with other girls who understand what she's gone through. I told her she could stay with me if she wants to, but she doesn't have to - there are other families. I know she's afraid, and I can't blame her, but... this is a chance for her, and she may not get offered a lot more chances in life. My people would be happy to help her. Maybe hearing it from you will make it easier for her to understand, since I've obviously failed at getting the point across."

    Assuming, of course, that Paloma believed them herself. Ali had no real way to prove what he was saying was true, but surely the work they were putting in to find Jacinta would count for something.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea
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    Asif and Lina

    Before Asif had lost consciousness, the last thing he felt was cold... so it was surprising to him that the first thing he felt when he woke again was warmth. Not just the spreading drip of morphine through his veins, which brought a pleasant sensation of heat, but an actual physical warmth beside him. He drew in a breath, and smiled. Even before he opened his eyes, he smelled that Lina was lying beside him, careful not to damage him further but eager to be close to him.

    She saw that he was awake, and returned his smile. "I was very worried," she said, unable to keep her voice from shaking.

    Lina had been dozing, too, and her headscarf was slightly askew. She didn't sleep in it at home, but in the infirmary with people passing in and out, she'd felt more modest keeping it on. Asif straightened it for her with his less bandaged hand; he remembered now that he'd lost a few fingers, but he could barely feel that yet. He was sure he would feel it plenty once the drugs wore off.

    "I'm not going anywhere," Asif assured her somewhat groggily. He put his hand against her swelling belly, and felt the baby move toward his voice and touch. "Lina, if anything happens to me, the baby..."

    Lina knew what he meant. "The baby is yours, Asif, and will carry your name and be acknowledged as your child. Nothing will change that, no matter what happens."

    Asif had no intention of dying anytime soon, but still found that reassuring. At least he would have given something to the child. Of course, he hoped he'd be able to give a lot more than that in the years to come.

    "Good," Asif said. "That is what I want. Lina... are you angry with me for taking the risk?"

    She shook her head. "I was frightened for you - and for us. We need you, as you know. But I was not angry at you. To ask you to refuse to put yourself in danger to save another would be asking you not to be yourself. And who you are... that is something I would never change."

    Asif smiled, and allowed himself to drift off again, secure in the knowledge that he was very loved.
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    Paloma Reyes

    It's no problem. I don't think it's a lost cause, she just has to believe she is worth it.

    Paloma hadn't been eavesdropping but it was pretty obvious to her that Chloe felt she wasn't worth much and it made her sad. Especially when Klaus was one of the men who made her feel like that. Paloma didn't realize everything the community had to offer. Much better then the things she heard the government offer to people. She said she'd try her best and she caught up to Chloe.

    Hey, don't go. They want to help.

    Chloe turned and thought that it was another one of them. She needed to think first, before she could make any decisions.

    I...I need time to think.

    Why? What's so great about here?

    Nothing! It's just...I know what it is like and there...I don't know if Ali was lying or not.

    He wasn't.

    Of course you'd say that. He's your friend.

    Well, actually he's a new friend. I just met him tonight.

    Chloe raised an eyebrow at Paloma. She didn't get why Paloma would claim people would help her when she didn't know them herself.

    Then how do you know he's telling the truth?

    Because he's helping me find my sister, she's not much older then you and she's missing. He and his friends have been helping me and they don't want anything in return.

    I see....

    Chloe paused, not sure what to believe and finally said.

    I need to think.

    Don't think too long, you don't deserve to be out here.

    How do you know?

    No one does.

    Paloma replied and Chloe muttered something about having to go. She headed for the restroom because she needed to get away from all these people claiming to be nice. Paloma sighed and returned to Ali.

    I'm sorry, I tried.

    She wished she could have done more. She hoped Chloe thought it over and decided to take a chance. The night wasn't working in their favor. Russ was able to give Alenka a sketch of one of Gaston's Pack members but he and the girls were no where to be found. Chloe, who was sure she'd know in the morning what to do, didn't get a chance to sleep on it. She didn't even get back to her pimp. Klaus and Gaston grabbed her. Klaus couldn't risk those people coming after him and he figured if the whore was gone, he'd safer. Plus he liked having sex with her. What he nor his Alpha realized was that Chloe had slipped Ali's card into the bottom of her shoe. Her pimp never looked there for anything.
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    Gaston Legrant

    Klaus seemed to be surviving his turning, which pleased Gaston. He hated turning people and then having them die. It was such a waste of time. There was no question in Gaston's mind that they had to grab Chloe since she decided to stay where she was instead of taking Ali up on the offer. This hunting ground was compromised, there was no way they could return for more whores or new Pack brothers with New Haven looking for Paloma's sister. Gaston didn't realize yet that Jacinta had already been grabbed earlier in the night, he didn't ask the names when he passed the girls out. If he had known, then she'd just be dead because Paloma was looking for her and New Haven was helping. But Gaston didn't know and he didn't think much of Klaus saying his ex didn't comprehend that paying for it wasn't cheating. He figured Chloe would please Klaus since he already paid for her once tonight and he was all about keeping his men happy. And if she was with them then no one could decided to play hero for her and go after Klaus who was now a part of the Pack. When the girl was alone and Gaston saw New Haven's men wouldn't see, he and Klaus grabbed Chloe and she was turned into a Lycan. Couldn't have the little sluts dying easily or being Vampires and trying to bite their "mates".

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    "It's not your fault," Ali said. "I guess she's just not ready to be helped yet. At least she was willing to take my business card. Hopefully she won't lose it, and she'll call if she gets in a really terrible bind."

    The girl's everyday life was bad enough, but Ali was aware how much worse things could get.

    They had no luck finding Jacinta, either, although they distributed her picture and the sketch. Ali felt like a double failure by the time the sun started to rise.

    "We won't give up," Ali assured Paloma. "Sometimes it takes a little time to find somebody, but we won't stop looking until we find her."

    He hoped they would find her alive, but even if Jacinta was already dead, he would do all he could to make sure Paloma - and, he thought grudgingly, the absentee father - had some closure.
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    Paloma Reyes

    I hope she does. She's too young to be out here on her own.

    Paloma replied to Ali. Jacinta was too young to be on the streets, although Paloma had no idea why her sister had ran away. She nodded her head when Ali said they wouldn't give up looking for Jacinta.

    Thank you, I really appreciate it. I'll never be able to repay you for what you've done already.

    One person couldn't search a city of millions on her own, no matter how determined she was. Paloma was tired and knew she needed to sleep but sleeping would be hard. Because she felt she should be looking for Jacinta. If she wasn't looking, then her sister could be more in danger. Although she also knew her body couldn't go on forever. She needed to sleep. She couldn't bring herself to even consider that Jacinta dead. After a few hours of sleep, Paloma would be out searching the city again. At least now though she had new friends to help her. Soon she hoped her sister would be home where she belonged.
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