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Thread: Best Laid Plans

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    Amy Diamant

    Amy was so angry that she could actually cry when she found out what happened at the zoo and the theater. Thankfully Clover was relatively unhurt, Orin had got hurt far worse by protecting her. Amy was thankful that Clover was safe but upset that other children and Larissa were missing. She was angry that the Nagy prisoners, people that Orin had taken the time to rescue when he had went to help get Ferenc, had just seemingly betrayed them. After she had be reassured about a dozen times her husband would be okay, she told him.

    I can't believe those assholes. After everything the community and you did for them, how could they just do that? Did they had some kind of warped sense of loyalty to the jerk who made their life a living hell?

    She couldn't understand how the former prisoners could just go off with Clayton, Nagy's former warden. It wasn't like he ran a nice prison from what she heard.

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    Larissa Perov

    Larissa cursed in Russian under her breath when she caught Vencel's scent. He, Dipak, and Paul were the last people she wanted to see. She'd rather see more enemies then people she thought were traitors and possibly hurting those girls....She gripped the screwdriver tightly, not sure if she'd have to use it to protect herself against him when he came into the room. She really needed to get out of this room, the damage and amount of blood spilled would get the Pack and the Coven's attention. Most of the blood was Orson's but he had busted her lip and she had cuts on her arms and her side. She was trying not hurt herself by breathing heavily and she looked like a mess with her ripped shirt and blood on her. She didn't like when she couldn't read people's expressions. She didn't like trying to figure out what someone was really thinking, it was even worse with the persistent and pounding headache.

    He got what he deserved. You going to go run and tell your new friends about it?

    She replied as she looked at Vencel with untrusting eyes. She knew she'd be pretty screwed once Gaston and his Pack found out. She couldn't fight them all by herself, even if the Vampires here wouldn't care that Orson was dead or not. She had killed Orson in self defense but now she wondered if she had made a mistake. How was she going to find and get all the kids off this farm once Gaston came after her for killing his brother? Eventually he'd find out because he wouldn't be with Dulcia all night.
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    Breena Edwards

    Breena was annoyed that Gaston left her to deal with Enid and Harold since he was going to be "too busy" with Dulcia for a little while. There wouldn't need to be any dealing with them if he hadn't let Vencel and Clayton fight over Kalyna. She found the Vampire and Lycan and told them.

    Clayton is dead. He was killed by one of the convicts over a stupid teenage whore. Anyway, the offer still stands. You two can be a part of our group but if you want to try and survive on your own, feel free to.

    She wasn't going to kiss their asses to make them stay. Harold and Enid were useful but Breena and Gaston didn't need them that bad.
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    Vencel smiled faintly and shook his head. "On the contrary," he said. "You did me a favour. I thought I was going to have to take out two Lycans tonight, and you've killed one for me already. That saves me quite a bit of time."

    He glanced at the corpse, and said, "Of course, it also leaves you in a rather difficult position. His friends won't be pleased - nor will his brother, if he lives long enough to find out. Fortunately, I can help you with that. We can simply make it look like I killed him, instead of you. I'm a dead man already, whereas you... well, you have both a hope in hell of survival, and a lot more to live for than I do."

    "Speaking of which, your daughters are fine. At least, Judith and Kalyna are; I haven't seen Dinah to know one way or the other, but I have no reason to think she's been harmed. Your son is here too, did you know? I'm probably wasting my breath telling you this. You won't believe me anyway, and why should you?"
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    Orin shook his head. "They didn't betray us, Amy. They're faking it. They knew that no one from the community would be allowed anywhere near the kidnappers' home base, wherever it is. Men we just rescued from prison have a better hope of pulling off the charade. On the inside, they can do their best to protect our people, and look for ways to contact us or get them out."

    "Vencel told me they were still on our side in a way that would appear to mean the exact opposite to the kidnappers listening in. He reminded me that he'd told me I was an idiot to trust him. He did tell me that... but it wasn't the end of the statement. What Vencel said at the time was that I was an idiot to trust him but he wouldn't let us down. The kidnappers weren't there, so they wouldn't know the second part of what Vencel said before. What he told me at the zoo was veiled way of letting me know he still means it."
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    Enid and Harold

    Neither the Vampire nor the Lycan seemed particularly broken up over their "loss." Clayton wasn't a friend to them, just someone useful - exactly as he viewed the two of them in return. They had no emotional stake in each other's lives. When he'd still been breathing, Clayton was a worthwhile tool; now that he was dead he was no longer relevant.

    They exchanged a look. "Sure, we'll stick around," Harold said.

    "At least until something better comes up," Enid added, hedging their bets.
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    Larissa Perov

    Larissa was surprised when Vencel said she had done him a favor because she already killed one of the Lycans he planned to. She was even more surprised when he offered to make it look like to Gaston that he had killed Orson instead. She relaxed because if Vencel was really on Gaston's side, he definitely wouldn't offer that.

    I used this, after I bashed his head in with the lamp.

    She said holding out the screwdriver. Her eyes got wide when Vencel told her that Aquila was here as well and she shook her head that she didn't know that.

    When I see Judith and Kalyna with my own eyes, then I'll believe you.

    If he was telling the truth then Vencel and his friends just earned a lot of respect from Larissa. Especially since Vencel had fought twice for the girls.
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    Breena Edwards

    Enid and Harold looked about as heartbroken about their "loss" as Breena would be if Gaston died. She understood it and didn't judge them because she wasn't mourning Clayton herself, although she agreed to be in an alliance with him. He had been useful but his own stupidity got him killed. She nodded her head to them.

    Sounds good.

    She left them and after Gaston was done with Dulcia, she told him that, for now, Enid and Harold would be sticking around.

    ...What do you want to with the two human children? Clayton's the one who didn't want them turned because of Fekete but honestly, I don't think that man cares about them. New Haven saved them, not the HPL. They'd be more useful to us.
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    Amy Diamant

    Amy was a little confused at first how Orin could be so sure that the Nagy prisoners hadn't betrayed them until he explained to her what Vencel said. She smiled in relief.

    That's good then. That means Larissa and the kids have a chance.

    She just hoped that soon they would have an idea where the kidnappers took them so they could all be rescued.
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    Gaston Legrant

    It was pretty much assumed that the reason Vencel, Dipak, and Paul didn't want to be disturbed was because they would be having too much "fun" with the girls they won. Gaston certainly had fun with Dulcia. He sent her back to the barn when he was done with her, the little kids needed their nanny. When Breena told him that for now Enid and Harold were staying, he replied that was good. He thought a moment at her question and said.

    I agree. Let's go turn them.

    Naseem, who had been put back on the guard duty of the barn when Dulcia returned, was shocked to see Gaston and Breena heading in the barn. They didn't have much interest in it unless Gaston wanted Dulcia for sex. Dulcia was shocked as well. She would thought as many times Gaston had abused her since he found her, that she'd start to grow immune to the pain. But she hadn't, it still hurt and all the children could tell she had been crying. They were all scared and she tried to make them feel better. Charma got scared when the "bad man" showed up and Astrid did as well because she remembered him from the theater. On the walk Gaston and Breena decided that Aquila would be turned into a Lycan and Dinah into a Vampire to keep the numbers fair.

    Good, they all survived.

    He commented when he saw the former human children were all awake and doing well given the circumstances. Dulcia looked at him in confusion when he grabbed Aquila and Breena grabbed Dinah.

    Wait! What are you doing? I thought they-

    There was a change of plans.

    Gaston replied and he and Breena bit the two remaining human children to turn them into immortals.

    Make sure they don't die.

    Gaston told Dulcia and they left her and the children locked in the barn with Naseem guarding them. He felt like going for a hunt. Normally he'd ask Orson to join but he assumed his brother was having too much fun with Larissa to be disturbed. So he took two other Lycans with him instead.
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