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Thread: Hopes and Fears

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    Hopes and Fears

    Hopes and Fears

    Greta Harper

    Greta was glad that Iliana was able to get some sleep. She had no idea that Iliana had considered swallowing a bottle of pills to just to end it all though. She and Flynn stayed the night in the infirmary. The next morning, Flynn left to get Fiona from Greta's parents. Greta felt it was important to show Iliana they cared about her, that she wasn't alone. Flynn came back with Fiona and a change of clothes for Greta. Greta changed and quietly played with Fiona when Iliana woke up. She gave her a smile.

    Hi, Iliana. How are you feeling? Flynn and I have someone for you to meet. This is Fiona.

    She said showing her the baby. Later Greta planned to bring Mayumi over to meet Iliana. For now though, she thought the baby wouldn't overwhelm Iliana too much.
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    Dulcia Mester

    For the first time in days Dulcia had slept peacefully and so did Charma. In fact, they both slept in. Which was a little embarrassing for Dulcia considering she was used to being up early. Although the mother and daughter both needed it. The little Lycan was very hungry and Dulcia first took her to the cafeteria to eat. Everyone they encountered were very friendly. Dulcia had planned to take Charma over to see Vencel next but her daughter spilled her milk all over her shirt. She assured her daughter it was okay, it was an accident and she wasn't going to yell at her about it. Although she was concerned what to do about clothes, they didn't have any of their clothes here. Dulcia took her child back to their room to try to clean the shirt and was surprised to see that someone had left some changes of clothes for them. She wondered if Father Marek had done that and was grateful to whoever did. She helped Charma change and they headed to infirmary to see Vencel. Charma was more outgoing today because she knew she was safe and she remembered that Vencel had tried to protect them. She smiled to him when they showed up.

    Hi, how are you feeling?

    She asked and Charma said hello as well.

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    "I feel better today," Iliana said. "Whatever drugs they gave me really helped. I didn't even dream."

    Her Vampire healing abilities had also made significant progress on repairing the damage during the night, but Iliana didn't know enough about her new species to realize that.

    She eyed Fiona with something between wonderment and fear. Fiona was so little, so... unspoiled. She had no idea what kind of bad world was out there. It was weird for Iliana to think she'd been that little once. She wondered if anyone had ever loved her as much as Greta and Flynn loved Fiona, and realized sadly that probably no one had. It was too late now. She was just a foster kid, not their daughter.

    "She's really cute," Iliana said, and gave Fiona a smile, but she was too nervous to make any further contact. The taint that had polluted Iliana for so long might rub off, and she wanted Fiona to stay innocent as long as possible.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea
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    Vencel hadn't been sure if Dulcia and Charma would really come. He knew Dulcia's intentions were good, but surely she had much more important things to think about than him, so he had braced himself for the possibility that she might have forgotten. It was best not to get his hopes up, so he wouldn't be too disappointed when no one showed up to see him.

    To his surprise, though, Dulcia and Charma did come, and his face lit up with a grin that was too spontaneous to be anything but genuine.

    "It's good to see you," he said. "I feel better."

    He was in a lot of physical pain. Every hole in his flesh from the screwdriver ached, and his broken hands were a throbbing mass of agony. It was awkward not to be able to use his hands, to have to have everything done for him. Vencel hadn't been sure how he was going to make it, since he couldn't manage much of anything on his own in his condition, but people had been taking care of him - he wasn't used to being taken care of. It was a nice feeling, a tiny blossoming of hope.

    "How are you?" he asked, making sure to include Charma in the question as well as Dulcia. "Do you like it here so far?"
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    Greta Harper

    I'm glad you slept well. Your new Vampire healing abilities will help you leave the infirmary a lot sooner then if you were still a human.

    Greta told Iliana and she could see that Iliana almost had a look of fear in her eyes looking at Fiona. For a brief moment it confused her why anyone would be afraid of a baby but then she realized that Iliana probably thought she shouldn't touch her.

    It's okay to touch her, she's not made of glass.

    She adjusted Fiona so that she on the bed and the baby cooed up at Iliana. She had started to take an interest in everyone she met now. In her innocence, Fiona had no idea that Iliana was worried about "tainting" her.

    Iliana, do you know what's great about babies? As long as they are feed, have clean diapers, get sleep, and are loved, they're happy. They don't give a crap what you've done because it doesn't matter to them. If someone loves them, they love back. Unconditionally. There's no hidden motives with babies and your past doesn't matter to them. Fiona doesn't care that I used to be a prostitute and sold drugs. To her, I'm just Mommy. And she won't care what you've done either.
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    Ariel Caspi

    The Pack had their little whores and that made them happy. At least they'd leave the other women alone. Still Ariel's mind was turning, they needed to start planning their counterattacks. New Haven knew about them. Sure they might be helping their people recover right now but eventually they'd come for the rest of them. People had escaped who knew their faces, the community wouldn't just let their alliance alone. Which meant they had to be ready for them. Enid would need more children to plant bombs in. Perhaps some younger ones, Breena wasn't wrong that people didn't expect a three year old to kill you. Gaston was leader now and Ariel accepted that. It was better for him to have the largest target on his back.

    Gaston? Can we talk?

    After he said they could, she told him.

    Grabbing the teenagers was a good idea. It keeps your men happy and gives Enid new test subjects, but I think we should grab younger ones. Breena was an idiot but she was right that people don't attack little kids at first glance. She was just wrong on where to get them. Let me lead a team and kidnap some orphans that won't be missed.
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    Dulcia Mester

    Dulcia's smile got bigger seeing the grin on Vencel's face when she and Charma showed up. It felt good that someone was happy to see them.

    I'm glad.

    She told him when he said he was feeling better. She was sure he was still in some pain but at least he was in the good hands of the medical staff.

    Good. We slept so well that we overslept.

    Dulcia admitted and her face turned a little red saying that. Charma told Vencel excitedly.

    Yeah! Cafeplace have good food and I go to school soon.

    She loves school.

    Charma nodded her head in agreement. She'd miss her old friends but she was eager to make new ones.
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    Gaston Legrant

    His Pack was happy, which made Gaston happy. Keep them happy and they'd do whatever he wanted. He liked how the alliance was now. He didn't have to share power with anyone. Although after seeing Ali, Chester, and Ignac at the truck stop, he knew his group had to look at other places for children to use. When Ariel wanted to talk, he directed her to his room. He listened what she had to say and rubbed his chin in thought.

    You have a point. Although I'm not sure if we should take any more kids. Some New Haven people were at the truck stop, we have to be careful. Their version of Harold would probably get tipped off if orphans start going missing too.

    If Ariel could purpose a way to take orphans under New Haven's radar then he'd be happy to hear it. He did agree that little kids were the best soldiers but they had to be smart how they grabbed them. They couldn't just kidnap a whole group of them at once and they had to be kids no one would miss.
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    Ariel Caspi

    Ariel frowned slightly that Gaston had saw New Haven people around the truck stop where he and his Pack had grabbed the whores. That wasn't good, they didn't need them finding them. They weren't ready yet.

    Well, Gaston, we don't have to take orphans from Budapest. It's not like Hungary is the only country in the world with orphans or whores.

    New Haven's tech was good but surely he wasn't that good. No way they could monitor every single orphanage in the entire world. If they could take orphans from another country and bring them here then they'd have their soldiers.
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    Gaston Legrant

    Gaston smiled at Ariel's suggestion. She was right, the orphans didn't have to be from this area.

    I like the way you think. Have Harold do some research on some orphanages, preferably ones that don't mind some pay offs and are some distance from us so New Haven doesn't put it together right away.

    Gaston wasn't against kidnapping but he'd rather just buy the kids if he could. It would be so much easier. An orphanage that sold a child wasn't going to report that child missing.

    If he can find you some, then you, him, and Brody can go get some kids.

    Brody was Grady's brother, the Lycan Enid made an example of. He wasn't as stupid as his brother though and had been in the Pack the longest. If Gaston was going to send people out of the country then he definitely wanted someone he trusted with them.
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