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Thread: Hopes and Fears

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    Ariel Caspi

    I'll get on it right now.

    Ariel told Gaston, happy he liked her plan and was willing to let her run with it. Breena had shot down her plan in the past and that was probably one of the reasons she had died. Breena had been so stuck on getting revenge on New Haven for destroying their Coven, she didn't see anything past that. The idea of making children soldiers was a good one but they had be kids no one would miss. Ariel left Gaston and went to find Harold. Gaston had given Jacinta to him. Once she got a chance to talk to him, Ariel told Harold the plan.

    The sooner you find us an orphanage or two, the better.

    Harold would also be expected to get the funds from some unsuspecting people but as great as a hacker as he claimed to be, that shouldn't be a problem.
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    Harold rolled out of bed when Ariel knocked, and pulled a pair of old sweatpants onto his bare lower half - he didn't bother with a shirt or shoes, since he hoped this wasn't going to take long - before going to answer the door.

    If some of the girls the Pack had taken were barely legal, the one in Harold's bed wasn't even close. That was how he liked them. The bruises all over her body and the smell of dried blood told an eloquent tale of how he'd been treating her. Harold was content to be a follower to people like Gaston, Clayton, Breena, and Enid - each in their own way had the potential to kick his ass if he angered them. When he found someone smaller and weaker, though, Harold finally got his chance to be dominant for once, and the bully in him came out.

    He didn't care if Ariel saw what he'd been doing. It was none of her business. He chuckled as the girl pulled up a sheet to cover her naked body; he wasn't going to let her cover herself up for long, only until he got rid of the Vampire at the door.

    "Yeah, sure," Harold told Ariel almost lazily. "That'll be an easy job. Orphanages like that are a dime a dozen, all over the world. The hardest part will be narrowing it down to just a few."

    Ideally they wouldn't all be in the same region. A few kids missing here and there would raise fewer questions than a whole whack of disappearances in one place, even if they did choose children no one would be all that concerned about.

    "Give me a little time. I'll get you a list."

    Since he could basically phone this one in rather than putting in much effort, Harold figured he had time for another tumble with the girl - maybe at some point he should bother asking her name - before getting down to business. His demeanor had improved dramatically now that he was satisfying his lusts.
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    Iliana couldn't dwell on being a Vampire right now. It was too much to deal with all at once, on top of everything else. She just nodded to Greta's explanation of her healing, and put the matter aside to deal with when she was feeling better and she was used to living here... assuming she was allowed to stay long enough to get used to it.

    She reached out experimentally, and her fingertips lightly brushed Fiona's cheek. When Fiona didn't seem to object to this, Iliana touched her hair.

    "She's lucky," Iliana said. "She's going to have a good life. Don't ever abandon her. You might think she wouldn't care, but if you do she'll never be the same."

    Not abandoning your child might seem like an obvious thing for most parents, but Iliana had been raised in an environment where it was commonplace enough that she felt it needed to be advised against. Her own mother had given her away like a handful of forints to pay a debt, and she wasn't used to being around parents who wouldn't do the same thing.
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    "I'm glad you slept well," Vencel said. "I'm sure you both needed the rest."

    He smiled when Charma said she was enjoying the food and that she was going to school soon.

    "That's wonderful," he said. "I loved school when I was a child."

    Vencel had been an awkward kid, picked on and bullied, a bit of a loner. His brother was good at sports, but Vencel had been only an average player, to his father's great disappointment. Academics had been an escape for Vencel as a boy, and he'd excelled. He had even dreamed of going to university, although he had been struggling to figure out how to pay for it.

    Then the horrible mistake when he was seventeen - confessing to his brother's crime - and his life had ended. Some prisons had educational programs so the inmates could improve their chances in life while they were incarcerated, but Nagy didn't even have a library, let alone any teachers. Nagy aimed to leave men broken, not rehabilitated. It had never completely broken Vencel, but it had changed him in ways he found regrettable. He didn't like being so jaded, or having been turned into such an effective liar.

    "What is your favourite thing to do at school?" he asked Charma.

    Vencel had never spent much time around kids, but he liked them. Their innocence made him feel clean again, at least for a brief time.
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    Ariel Caspi

    Ariel could have cared less if Harold had answered the door naked. Nudity didn't bother her but she did find it amusing that Jacinta had tried to cover up her body. Like the little whore had anything to be modest about. She barely paid the kid much attention, all she took note of was that Harold was obviously "enjoying" himself. And that obviously he had little mean side of him that only a weak little girl got to see. All the teenage whores had been turned into Lycans by the Pack. The men couldn't have the little sluts turned into Vampires and trying to bite them. She didn't think her little task for Harold would be that difficult. She nodded her head and gave Harold a smirk.

    Let me know when you got a list ready. Have fun.

    Ariel said and left Harod to his "fun". Jacinta shuddered in fear being left alone with Harold. Not that she thought Ariel was going to stop him, all the women she saw here thought the girls were sluts and didn't care what the men did. She never should have ran away, she thought. She just couldn't stand living at home anymore. When her father found out after her mother died that biologically Jacinta wasn't his daughter, he began to rape her. Apparently he always had that type of "tendency" but doing it to his own blood was sick to him. He had never touched her or Paloma when he thought he fathered them both but once he realized Jacinta was the result of their mother being a whore, all bets were off. She thought of telling Paloma but she had her own problems. And honestly...She didn't think Paloma would have believed her since their father never, ever touched her "that way". Now though, she should have just told Paloma or someone...Running away had been so stupid. She was a Lycan now and Harold was worse then her father. Which she hadn't realized was possible.
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    Greta Harper

    Greta smiled when Iliana touched Fiona, she wanted Iliana to feel comfortable around them. If she was going to live in their house, that meant she and Flynn were going to treat her as a part of their family.

    I would never leave her. Even when I was pregnant, scared, and thought the best thing for her was to be raised by someone better then me, I couldn't stand the thought of leaving her. My mother left me and I could never do that to my own children.

    When Greta arrived in the community she had been certain she'd be the worst mother in the world. Fiona always deserved the best and Greta had thought that wouldn't be her. Even then though, she hadn't truly wanted her baby to be raised by someone else. She would never claim to be the perfect mother but she tried her best and she loved her baby. That had to count for a lot more then having a good past. She'd never leave Iliana behind either, she'd be there for the girl as long as she wanted Greta and Flynn in her life.

    You won't get left behind either. Eventually we all have to move, because of the humans being afraid of us. When we move, you can come with us.

    She thought Iliana should know that the community would be moving soon but no one would leave her behind. She wouldn't be discarded again. She could be loved and cared for if she opened herself up to it. Flynn came in with breakfast and Greta asked.

    So what type of things do you like to learn?

    Since Iliana agreed to give school a chance, it seemed like a safer subject this time.
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    Dulcia Mester

    Yeah, we did.

    Other then the bomb going off, it had been a quiet night. Dulcia and Charma felt safe and Dulcia liked feeling safe again. Dulcia had been a very shy girl in school but she had always rather be in school then home. At least in school she didn't have to deal with an absentee father and an overbearing mother. Even if she was so shy she didn't have many friends and hadn't dated like normal kids did. Gunne had been the first guy to ask her out and she had been so eager to get away from her mother she spent as much time as she possibly could with him. When she lived at home, she never saw his abusive side. He was a good liar when he wanted to be. Her mother disowned her when she left with Gunne, calling her a whore for living with him before they were married. When she realized he was worse then her mother, she felt trapped. She stayed because she hadn't anywhere else to go.


    Charma replied to Vencel when he asked what she liked best at school. Dulcia smiled at her and asked.

    Is there anything else?

    Charma thought a moment and then added.

    Making pretty pictures.
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    "Sure, will do," Harold said absently, although his mind wasn't on the task. He shut the door, turned back to the girl in his bed, and jerked the covers out of her hands. When he had satisfied himself again - and had inflicted a few more bruises - he got out of bed and went to his computer, not even bothering to dress because he sensed that his nudity made the girl uncomfortable, and that amused him.

    The girl was too old for his tastes. Harold preferred them prepubescent. She was a welcome diversion until he found something more to his liking, though.

    Once he was at his computer, Harold was all business. It wasn't hard to find orphanages. It wasn't even especially hard to find out about orphanages that were understaffed and poorly monitored. He also had to make sure they were reasonably accessible, though - he could easily make their people some false credentials if visas were needed, but in countries where foreigners rarely showed up without significant reason, their arrival would raise too much suspicion, and background checks would go deeper than what he could reasonably fake in the time available.

    Eventually, he came up with three addresses. One was in China, one was in Bosnia, and one was in Liberia. Far enough apart not to raise suspicion of a crime spree, and these particular facilities housed children no one much seemed to care about. Harold presented the list to Ariel, and said, "That should give you what you need. I want something in return, though. Call it... placing a special order. I'll describe to you exactly what I need"
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    Regina Walters

    Regina was pissed on the phone, she cursed out the stupid woman who claimed her credit cards were cancelled. Why in the world would her father do that? It turned out Daddy's stupid new wife thought that Regina needed go get a job. Her work? What the hell? Regina wasn't made for working and she flung the phone at the wall in her anger. She wouldn't have even realized the cards were cancelled if she hadn't been embarrassed in a very upscale clothing shop when she was trying to buy replacement clothes for the ones Drake ruined. Of course, normal people would have just washed them and they would have been fine but Regina burned the clothes the baby stained. It grossed her out just to touch them.

    I need to kill that stupid baby!

    She declared to Deanna, everything was suddenly Drake's fault in her mind. And now Noah and Janna were going to raise the little demon child as their own. Why the hell was nothing going her way anymore? Damn it! Screw making people miserable, now she just wanted to kill them.

    And I should just kill his new parents with him.
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    "That's good," Iliana said. "Fiona seems so happy. I hope she gets to stay that way. I'm glad you aren't planning to leave me behind, either."

    She wasn't sure she believed she'd really be going. Why would they keep her? Eventually she would do something to make them angry and they would kick her out... or else they'd get a better offer and sell her off. It was different with Fiona; Fiona was their daughter, and Iliana was some random kid they'd picked up off the street. If Iliana's own mother hadn't wanted her, why would they?

    "I liked to read," Iliana said, trying to distract herself from her fears. "And I wrote stories. It was fun. It made me forget the bad stuff for a little while. I used to write stories with happy endings."

    Iliana was no longer sure those existed, though. Maybe she should start writing stories that were more like real life.

    That was also leading toward dangerous emotional ground, so she said, "I liked writing about horses, too," which was true and couldn't possibly go in a direction that would cause pain.
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