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    Avearlous: The Capitol

    Avearlous: The Capitol

    Avearlous is the capitol city of the Elven government. Not only is this city immense but it is also home to the famous school of elven magic where all of the King's Guardians train to become knights as well as Elves from all over the land who simply want to advance with magic. The city is not too far from Ozmite however you'd have to cross the mysterious mountains of Fire and Ice to reach the city or spend months going around them.
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    Cecilia and Aemyiere "Silver"

    "Ugh, so bored." It was another typical day for Cecilia. Waking up bored. It's not like there's a massive war going on between Human and Elves or whatnot and here she is, within the central government city of the elves: and nothing to do. She's debating on whether or not to just register to the magical school and become a Knight. Silver shuffles on her shoulder. Silver... She thought. She had tried to perform a Soulex with him awhile back, but for some odd reasons the link simply won't work. Even his Origin was unknown to her. Another reason why she decided to come to Avearlous. Maybe someone here can give her more information on Silver.

    I'm starting to get too comfortable, I think...
    Avearlous is a big city. There might be other Shifters here. Aemyiere haven't met many shifter since he was always alone, so he can't be sure if Shifter can identify one another. If so, how? He enjoys being with Cecilia, and the thought of being separate from her pains him. And what if she found out I'm not just a simple beast? His biggest fear. If Cecilia were to find out the truth.... He pushed the thought to the back of his mind. Again. If it ever come to it, he'll worry about it then. It's been 'okay' so far....

    Cecilia's stomach growled. Loudly.

    The passerby glances her direction and her face became a fiery red. "Ahem." Cecilia turned over to Silver "Can never keep it down when hungry, can you?" Silver opened one eye and look straight at Cecilia. He snorted. She can never tell how intelligent Silver is; then again, she doesn't even know exactly what he is.

    She starts wandering the streets looking for a tavern, or an inn....
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    Kriska slide of Leaira's back. Even though Leaira was the tiniest dragon in known history Kriska still had to jump to reach the ground. Once her feet were planted she reached up and put a hand on Leaira's shoulder.
    *It's good to be home.* Kriska said to Leaira through their link. Leaira hummed softly in return confirming that she agreed with Kriska. They strode across the school grounds together towards the front door.
    "Kriska!" They both turned their heads towards the voice. It was Kriska's twin Bram and her dragon Krypte. As soon as they reached Kriska Bram started talking excitedly. "We are going into the city this afternoon/tonight. It'll be really fun! You should come with us. We are going to go the the Dragon's Claw." Kriska knew the well known tavern well. She nodded.

    "Yeah, I'll be there, who all is going?" Kriska asked started to get excited for the evening.

    "I'm not sure yet! I know you are and I am but I'm waiting to hear back from the others." Bram grinned. "I have to go get ready!" Bram skipped off in the direction of her dorm. Kriska smiled and shook her head.

    *Come on,* She said to Leaira as they headed in the direction of Kriska's dorm.
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    Cecilia and Aemyiere "Silver"

    [Dragon's Claw]

    Dragon's Claw... Cecilia glances over at Silver and notice he was looking at the sign as well. Even unable to truly identify him, the general consensus is that Silver isn't a dragon. The resemblance, though... Cecilia shook her head and entered the Tavern. With Silver generally as passive as he is, people don't usually notice the odd creature, but in a confined space, however, all eyes were staring at their direction. A server hurried over to Cecilia.

    "Ah, hello, miss. Please, have a seat over here."
    He took them over to a table by the far corner of the tavern. The server was rather tall, but lanky. He also tends to enjoy clasping his hands together, gesturing so as he speaks.

    And that fox like, toothy smile of his... he might be trouble later.
    "A glass of water for me, and a bowl of water for my friend here, if you don't mind. And some bread, too, I think. I'll decide the rest later."

    The server nodded, backed up a couple steps then turned to fetch Cecilia's order. Silver hopped off of Cecilia's shoulder and laid on the table. The other patrons continuously steal glances at their direction, but none did anything.

    Heh, she seems completely oblivious of all the staring...
    Aemyiere decided. He knew she was used to people fawning over how beautiful she is, so it doesn't bother her anymore; however, Aemyiere can sense those piercing eyes directed straight at him. Thud! Cecilia ever so "gently" land her elbow on the table and rested her cheek to her palm, looking at Silver. Just staring, acting inquisitive. Here we go again...

    With her free hand, Cecilia started randomly poking at Silver just seeing what his reaction would be. She often does this when bored just to gauge how "normal" he is. How an animal would react to random prodding, but Silver never does anything about it. Cecilia continues this while waiting for the server to return....
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    The doors to the Dragon's Claw flung open with a bang. Through the doors came a small party of people with a tiny woman in the front. She had long, beautiful, jet black hair. Her eyes, ice blue, stark against the black of her hair labeled her as a member of the Sakara House, and possibly the royal family. Despite her short stature she radiated power and strength. Everyone turned there attention to the doors as they flung open and there was a brief moment of silence before she grinned, "I'm back! Did you miss me?" She called to the bartender. He was a tall male, also with black hair. He shook his head with a smile.

    "What'll it be?" He asked her. She turned then and counted the people behind her.

    "Four shots of Holy Water!" She called using the common nickname for one of the most potent alcohols in the city.

    "You don't waste time." The man behind the counter grinned. She shrugged and headed in the direction of her groups usual table only to see a girl with gorgeous red hair there. On the table in front of her was what she recognize as a silver wyvern. He was certainly a pretty creature, and rare too. She cocked her head to one side and then continued towards the table.

    "Hey!" She said cheerfully to the girl sitting there. "We usually sit here, mind if we join you?" She didn't wait for an answer as she sat down across from the girl. "I'm Dezmeriya, but you can call me Dez!" She wondered if this girl would recognize her name as the King's niece. "These," she said pointing to the group behind her that was also making their way to the table, "are my friends. That's Bram," She said pointing to an average girl with short brown hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. "And that's her twin sister, Kriska." Kriska was a tall girl but very thin. She looked timid and shy. Her hair was white as snow and flowed to her lower back. Her skin was also pale. Her dominating feature was her large violet eyes. Impossibly deep and pretty. She nodded and gave a small smile to the girl. Finally the man joined them. "That's Zarik, don't listen to anything he says, he's an ass!" She said with a wicked grin in his direction.

    "Don't listen to anything she says, she's a liar." He said with a smirk and a smile holding out his hand to the girl. "I'm Zarik." Zarik was impossibly gorgeous. Shaggy black hair hung down past his shoulders. His smirk was lazy yet sexy at the same time. He was tall, probably at least a foot taller than the first girl. His skin was creamy but the most noticeable thing was his deep burgundy eyes. They were a color he was certain the girl had never seen before. His eyes were a subdued color of red associated with Demons. He hoped this wouldn't frighten the girl. He wondered if she'd even notice.

    The first girl spoke again, her icy eyes bright. "I'm know I can be a bit overwhelming, sorry." She pouted for a moment. "It's ok, we'll be best friends I'm sure!" Bram smiled and shook her head at Dez's impossible outgoing nature. "He's gorgeous," Dez said turning her attention to the wyvern on the table. "Where'd you get him? What's his name?" She asked with an excited curiosity.
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    Cecilia and Aemyiere "Silver"

    Just moments after their fox-like server returned with water and a plate of bread: Bang! The door to the tavern bursted open. Walking through the door was an attractive, petite woman accompanied by two just as pretty female and a dashingly handsome man. Cecilia almost blushed. Almost. A pretty face doesn't really excites her, really. "What?" she blurted out noticing Silver was watching her with almost knowing eyes, as if he could read her thoughts. But that's nonsense, of course.

    Although the woman leading the group seems tiny compared to the others, she walk with a particular grace and an aura of authority. And she was quite loud, too, for such a small form. Cecilia notice the group walking towards her direction. She introduced herself as Dez, a strange name to Cecilia, and a stranger pair of piercing blue eyes. And then there's Bram, average looking, yet pretty at the same time. Her sister, Kriska, the opposite of what Bram seems to be; yet, they share a similar beauty. Then there's Zarik with his captivating eyes. Strangely colored like the lead girl.

    What was that just now? Aemyiere thought to himself when Dez looked at him. He wasn't sure, but... it was as if she recognized his specie. Perhaps I should tread carefully around her.... If she only knew he was more than simply a beast. But no one should be able to discern that fact. Caution.

    "And I'm Cecilia, an elf. We 'are' describing what we are, right?" Cecilia hid any sign of a grin, but barely. She also wasn't sure if she should bother introducing herself or even Silver for that matter. The strange group practically invited themselves to her table. "And that's Silver." She found herself saying before breaking a brief eye contact with Zarik.

    Silver snorted nonchalantly. Cecilia blushed at his quip.

    Silver raised from the table and climbed onto her shoulder.

    "He can be quite shy sometimes. I think. I guess I still don't know much about him."

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    "Nice to meet you Cecilia, that's a pretty name." Dez said sincerely with a smile. "Silver seems like a fitting name!" She stared at Silver with interest. She opened her mouth to speak but hesitated, one of the few times in history, "It's ok, Kriska is shy too!" She suddenly grinned and looked at her friend. Kriska blushed slightly, her pale cheeks only barely changing in color. Zarik's lazy smirk had returned to his face as he sat down at the table. "How long have you guys been together?" The bar tender, a young man by the name of Luka, personally delivered their drinks just then.

    "Thanks!" Dez said enthusiastically. She slid each person their small shot but waited to drink hers. Dez looked at Silver again.

    *Blade?* She thought, trying to contact the other end of her Soulex. He answered almost immediately by brushing his conscience against hers. *What do you think of this creature?* She sent her dragon a mental image of the tiny Wyvern. Blade thought for a few minutes.

    *I don't know. You could always try the library at the school. I bet there is a lot of information on Wyverns there.*

    *No, there's something different about him. I could try talking to him...*

    Suddenly Dez felt another presence asking permission to enter her mind. She granted Zarik access to her conscience as well. He only possessed the ability for mental speech outside of his bond because of his demon blood. Dez and him had figured that out a while ago, the problem was that he seemed limited to creatures whose minds where already opened via a Soulex. Dez's mental abilities worked differently, she could access the mind of any creature she wanted for the most part, she could talk to them through a mental connection.

    *You are interested in the young Wyvern, why?* Zarik asked her.

    *I think there's something different about him, his presence, I want to talk to him but I don't know...*

    *Since when do you hesitate?* Zarik and Blade asked together. Dez grinned despite herself. Otherwise no one would be any the wiser to her mental conversations.

    *True,* She shrugged mentally

    Dez reached out her mind, brushing Silver's conscience. *Silver?* She asked inside his head.
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    Cecilia and Aemyiere "Silver"

    "Not long enough, I still don't exactly know what he is."
    Cecilia admitted. Odd, how she just flat out told Dez this fact. Dez seems to have an air of authority and that peculiar friendliest she's showing. Cecilia shook her head slightly at the thought. "What about you guys? You seem quite close." She took a sip of her water.

    What's this? Aemyiere thought to himself. He could feel as if someone is probing his mind. After Cecilia had attempted a Soulex with him once before, he has learned to mentally block any incoming connections. Not that a Soulex would work with him, unless he completely submits to it, but having Cecilia attempted the process made him wary. The paranoia that she may try again had granted him an almost second nature reflex to block his mind of any unwanted access. Aemyiere barely glances over at the group but made no move lest they realize he could sense the probing. Let them think I simply can't hear whatever it is they are sending....
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