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    Planet Nero: Rising Tides

    Planet Nero: Rising Tides

    Planet Nero is a planet that has two extreme climates and kingdoms. The kingdom to the South is called Fotia and is mainly desert. It has blistering heat. The kingdom to the North is called Pagos and is full of snow and ice. It has freezing temperatures. The citizens of both kingdoms have long since gotten used to the climates. For much of Nero's history the kingdoms of Fotia and Pagos would go to war. This ended 25 years ago because of the Great War. Fotia and Pagos had a war so horrible and bloody it almost destroyed the planet. Children were orphaned and it was hard to find someone who had not lost a least one loved one because of it. Queen Ember of Fotia and King Lars of Pagos called a truce. Both had lost their families and almost their own lives in a war they couldn't even remember why it started. In the Mountains of Mesos, they built the City of Eirini. Built perfectly halfway between both kingdoms, it serves as a peaceful meeting point for the rulers and a place of trade between the kingdoms. Over time the wounds of the past have slowly healed the kingdoms live peacefully with each other until recently.

    Previously on Nero:

    After the fire on the Royal Observatory, Selene and Barrett tried to figure out what the reason for it was. Gordon discovered that the Doriana Nebula was a portal. The missing priestess of Airee was found to held by Dayana. She finally made herself known at the baby shower for Selene and Barrett's baby. She was arrested for her crimes. Doriana was kidnapped by Pembrooke and used to open a portal for an alien invasion. H'richtkt'hrt', a scout for the invaders, was willing to give peace a chance if his eggs could be saved. Garnet held a team of clay soldiers to rescue them. Only one egg was broken but peace was still on the table. Now the First just need to figure out a way to close the portal and prevent an invasion...
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    Dayana thought it was ridiculous that she'd be put in trial. How dare mortals decide her fate? Selene and Barrett were crazy, they were the rulers of Nero. They could do whatever they wanted, why care what mortals thought? They never lived long enough to make a difference...She sighed as she looked up at the portal. More of H'richtkt'hrt's people would come through, perhaps Seth wouldn't be interested in Nero if it was at war. Of course, knowing those goody two shoes they'd probably make peace with all the giant insect freaks. She needed to get out of this hell hole before her enemy sent his hunters to take what he wanted. She didn't want to be in the cross fire. She needed to get out but none of these guards were going to let her go. They were so loyal. She thought a moment and a grin came to her face.

    Excuse me?


    The guard replied with a bored look on his face.

    Did the king and queen ever say I couldn't send a letter?

    Umm...no. I don't think so. Why?

    Because I need to send one. To plead my case.

    Oh well...I should probably ask-

    You just said they didn't.

    But I-

    Look if I'm going on trial, I have the right to plead my case to someone. Don't I?

    I guess so...


    Dayana replied and told the guard to get her some paper and ink. He wasn't sure if it was a good idea but he didn't see the harm in it all. She wrote a letter to Milson requesting him to come alone to talk to her. She handed it the guard, who frowned at it.

    Why are you sending a letter to Milson?

    None of your business. Now make sure he gets it or when I recover enough energy you'll end up like Geoffers.

    He swallowed hard and made sure the letter was delivered to the orphanage.
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    Barrett and Selene was were glad that H'richtkt'hrt wanted peace but they still had other scouts to find and a portal to close. Neither believed that the only way to do that was to kill Doriana but not all of H'richtkt'hrt's people would be so open to the idea of peace. And he did say his commanders had some soldiers who believed in the "cause". The Royal Couple went to see Gordon.

    Gordon, has any of your research showed a way to close the portal?

    It was probably a long shot but Barrett hoped Gordon would say yes.

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    ::Milson frowned when the guard delivered a letter from Dayana, addressed only to him. She didn't say what she wanted but he doubted it would be good. Angel was trying to sleep, she was still regaining her energy from opening the portal to H'richtkt'hrt's home world. Honestly, it would be best if she'd just let herself sleep without interruption, but his wife wouldn't do that. She'd force herself awake to help take care of the kids every few hours. Angel was sleeping now and most of the children were at school.::

    Marta there's something I need to take care of. Tell Angel if she wakes up while I'm gone that I'll be back soon.

    ::Marta was more then capable of watching the kids and Milson headed over to the jail. He was normally a friendly person but not to a goddess like Dayana. She had killed people to suit her own needs, she was also rude and pompous. He crossed his arms against his chest as he addressed her.::

    I'm here, what do you want?
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    Now there's no need to be rude, we can be friends.

    Dayana told Milson with a grin when he came. She was sure when she made her offer, he would be more friendly to her.

    I was thinking, you love Angel and she loves you but it's such a shame. You're a mortal and she's a First. She'll pretty much live forever unless something really bad happens, our kind are very hard to kill unlike yours. However, I could grant you immortality. You wouldn't have powers like her or me but at least you won't die of old age while your wife remains young and beautiful forever.
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    Sir Gordon Carswell

    "I'm afraid not, your majesty," Gordon replied. "I think, though, that it may prove unnecessary to do so. According to my calculations, the portal has already significantly diminished in energy. I would estimate that within three days at most, it will close on its own. If I may be blunt, your majesty, it is unlikely that we could find and execute a solution within such a small window of time anyway, although of course I'll keep looking just to be on the safe side."

    He frowned, and added, "There is worrisome news in addition to the good, I'm sorry to say. My colleagues and I have spotted over a hundred more 'rocks' entering Nero's atmosphere through the portal since we last spoke. The guards have been tracking them down, but with minimal success. I'm afraid we will have an invasion on our hands, sooner rather than later."

    After a moment's thought, Gordon suggested, "I think we need to keep particularly close guard on that young girl - Doriana - in the meantime. The portal closing will give the invading army no way home. I can't imagine they didn't think of that, or that they will allow themselves to be stuck on Nero. My guess would be that they'll try to find Doriana, to use her blood again when they're ready for the portal to open again. I wouldn't want to see more harm come to the poor child; she'll need guards to protect her."
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    Selene frowned at the news Gordon gave them.

    That's good it is closing but not good if some of those "rocks" are true believers in the cause.

    Especially not when a hundred was reported to have came through, not all were scouts and not all could be possibly be like H'richtkt'hrt...

    At least we know what their weakness is.

    Selene commented to Barrett, Pagos and her own powers would help against an attack. She nodded her head in agreement to Gordon when he brought up Doriana.

    She will be protected.
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    There always have to be good and bad news, doesn't there?

    While Barrett was happy that in about three days time the portal should be closed, he wasn't happy that so many "rocks" had came through. He wasn't naive and he didn't think that all would be like H'richtkt'hrt or that all of them were just being forced to invade Nero. He sighed at what Selene said.

    Yes, but I don't like idea of you or the baby possibly being in danger.

    From H'richtkt'hrt they knew that cold and ice would stop the invaders but he didn't like the idea that his pregnant wife might be on the front lines. The guards were doing the best they could to find and capture the rocks but it wasn't an easy task. He nodded his head in agreement about Doriana.

    That girl has already been through enough.

    They would definitely make sure some guards protected Doriana.
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    I don't see that happening.

    ::Milson replied grimly to Dayana when she said they could be friends. He truly doubted she had any friends with her attitude. Still she was right, as much as he hated to admit it to himself and would probably never say out loud. He was a mortal, Angel was a First. He'd grow old and die, while she'd mostly likely stay young and would live for a very long time. It didn't change his feelings for her but he did have doubts why Angel wanted to be with him. He didn't always feel worthy of her love. She said she was happy but he felt she deserved a God, or at least someone who wouldn't look like her grandfather someday.::

    What's the catch?

    ::He asked Dayana when she said she could make give him immortality. A goddess like her never did anything just because she was being nice. She wanted something in return.::
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    Sir Gordon Carswell

    "I'm glad your majesties are taking appropriate precautions," Gordon said. "In the meantime, my colleagues and I will keep trying to find anything that might be useful."

    A guard ran up to them, out of breath, knelt before the king and queen, and said, "A group of those... things... attacked the guard post in Lower Waithin Street. They completely overwhelmed the place in a matter of minutes. More guards are going to take it back, but the attacks... it seems to be starting, your highnesses."
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