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    You never know.

    Dayana told Milson with a smirk on her face when he said he was sure they wouldn't be friends. She didn't see why they wouldn't be once he knew what she had to offer him. He was right to assume there was a catch to her offer. Dayana would never do something for someone without getting something in return.

    The catch is that you get me out of here. This whole trial idea is ridiculous. I did what I had to do to protect your miserable little home. Get me out of this jail and I'll make sure that you and Angel have a very long life together.
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    We appreciate that, Gordon.

    Selene replied to Gordon with a smile, although that smile quickly disappeared when the guard ran up to them. She and Barrett had known it would only be a matter of time before the attacks would begin.

    We need to stop them before too many people get hurt. Barrett, I know you don't like the idea of me being out there but I have to be.

    Not just because her powers would be effective against their enemies but also because it was her duty to help protect their people.
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    Barrett appreciated what Gordon and his colleagues were willing to do as well. He frowned at the news that guard had to report and sighed at what Selene said. He didn't want her or the baby in danger but he knew she was right. Her ice powers would be effective against the invaders and it would be almost impossible for him to talk her out of it.

    I know, just stay close to me.

    He told her and then told the guard.

    After you catch your breath go get Doriana, we'll need her to translate.

    They might also need H'richtkt'hrt as well but it would be easier for one of the First to go get him. Barrett and Selene headed to the Lower Waithin Street to try to stop the creatures before a lot of people got hurt or killed.

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    The guard, Elian, nodded and said, "Right away, your majesty."

    He stayed in good shape, so it only took him a moment to catch his breath again. Elian rose from the knee he'd taken in the presence of the king and queen - it seemed a little awkward to stand in their presence, but he couldn't exactly obey their orders without getting to his feet. He'd been a guard for three years, but he'd never spoken to the king and queen before, and he was rather intimidated.

    Elian did as he was told, and went to get Doriana. The guard station was quiet - deceptively so. He knew what was waiting inside. Silent, motionless killers. When they were still about a block away, Elian heard a rustling noise. One of the creatures dropped suddenly from above, from a building the guard hadn't realized the invaders occupied. The insect-like creature attached to Elian and tore into his chest.

    It all happened so suddenly that Doriana was frozen. She could do nothing but scream.
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    If the city wasn't under attack, Selene would have found it amusing that Elian seemed to be nervous around them. If she thought about it, she would have realized that Elian had never spoken to her or Barrett before. But the attackers were a much bigger concern. She promised Barrett she'd stay close. She and Barrett headed to the scene of the crime and Selene threw ice at the creatures to stop them and also to imprison them in ice cages. She didn't want to kill them in case they were being forced to invade Nero like H'richtkt'hrt was but she didn't want any to get away if she could prevent it. She heard Doriana's scream and she and Barrett teleported to her direction. Selene threw an ice spear at the creature's back.
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    Barrett hoped that the creatures might be reasonable but he wasn't naive enough to think they could be friends with everyone of them. The best thing they could do was to capture them and then decide their fates. He didn't use his own powers since H'richtkt'hrt had told them that his home world had been even warmer then Fotia. Instead he attacked with a sword and made sure his pregnant wife stayed safe. He assumed at Doriana's scream that she might be in danger and was shocked that Elian was being attacked.

    Hold on, Elian! Stay close to us, Doriana!

    He told her, the creatures who didn't want to live in peace would need her as a way home and he didn't want the girl to get hurt.
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    ::Milson would have said that Fotia would freeze over before he and Dayana were friends but then he remembered that she had tried to do that already with Geoffers. While he would have liked to spend forever with Angel, he'd rather have the life he had with her now then help this woman. He wasn't going to help a murderer get free just because he knew he'd only have a mortal lifetime with the woman he loved. He shook his head with out any hesitation.::

    No. You destroyed a lot of innocent people's lives and you should be punished for it. You wasted my time.

    ​::Milson told her and turned to walk away.::
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    ::Angel had been sleeping when Elian came to get Doriana. She was confused where Milson was but Marta told her that he hadn't said where he was going, just that he'd back soon. Obviously he thought he'd be back before Angel woke up and hadn't wanted to worry anyone. Well, hopefully he was safe, since Angel wasn't about to let Doriana go on her own. Even tired, the goddess would still protect her daughter. It was too quiet on the street but before she could even voice her concern to Elian, one of the creatures attacked him. She jumped back and wasn't sure how she was going to help him. Thankfully the king and queen heard Doriana's screams. While Selene attacked the creature with ice and Barrett was trying to keep them safe, Angel rushed over to Elian when he was free of the creature. His chest was a mess and it was likely he could die from the wounds but Angel was still going to try.::

    Look up at the clouds.

    ::She told him as her hands glowed yellow and she tried to heal him. If nothing else, at least he would die in less pain.::
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    Elian hadn't had so much as time to draw his sword - the creature had dropped down on him so unexpectedly, and blocked his use of his arms - but he did his best to protect Doriana, turning so his back was toward her, so his body remained as an obstacle between his attacker and the girl as long as he was upright.

    Barrett's sword didn't pierce the armour of the creature, but the bludgeoning nature of the blows did seem to irritate and distract it. It let go of Elian, dropping him unceremoniously like a discarded bit of refuse, and rounded on Selene. The ice spear had barely scratched the exoskeleton of its back, but as it advanced on her, she would see that it had weak points in that exoskeleton where its arms joined its body. This creature was almost two feet taller than H'richtkt'hrt, and much broader - it was a fighter, not a scout, designations given shortly after hatching - but its natural armour didn't fit together quite so tightly.

    Elian looked up at the sky as instructed, and tried to focus on breathing, slow and steady. "Thank you, ma'am," he croaked weakly to Angel. He was in much less pain now, and thanks to the First's healing, his flesh and bone was starting to knit back together. He wasn't in the clear yet, but it seemed that his survival was a possibility.

    At that moment, though, more of the warrior-creatures poured out of a nearby house, pincers already stained red with the blood of the previous occupants.

    "Run, ma'am!" Elian told Angel urgently. "Take the girl and go somewhere safe. I always knew my duty might mean giving my life for the city someday."
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    Barrett knew his sword wasn't going much damage but if it kept the creature distracted then that was a plus. When he sized up the creature, he could tell they were dealing with a warrior not a scout now. He heard more creatures were coming and told Selene.

    Selene, create me an ice spear. We've got to start immobilizing these things.

    He didn't want to outright kill them but they also couldn't trap them if they were able to fight back.
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