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    Selene was a little scared that the creature that attacked Elian was bigger then H'richtkt'hrt but she wasn't about to show it fear. She nodded her head to Barrett and created him an ice spear to use as a weapon. More were coming and they needed to hurt so they could take them to Pagos and decide what to do with them. The ones that wanted peace would be granted a home in Fotia but the ones that didn't would be killed.

    Here, aim at the opposite side that I do.

    Selene whispered to Barrett since she knew the creatures could speak their language. She promised Barrett she'd keep her distance from the creatures on a battle to protect herself and their baby, so she created an bow out of ice and shot an ice arrow where the creatures arms met its body.
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    Dayana glared at Milson. She should have known he wouldn't understand, he was a human and humans thought their lives mattered.

    I did what I had to do. Who cares about those people anyway? Why do you care? Do you honestly think anything you've done will matter, Milson? In 100 years you'll be dead, forgotten about, and Angel will probably have moved on to the next guy who will worship the ground she walks on.

    Plan A hadn't worked, so now she'd try Plan B. One way or another Dayana was going to get out of here, she thought as she hide her one hand behind her back and gripped a shiv that she created from a glass that she had pretended to break the other day. If Milson had been nice and let her out then she would have granted him immortality and not hurt him. But since he was stubborn, then she'd just kill him. That would teach Angel for stealing her magic to help people in this pathetic planet.
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    Thanks and I will.

    Barrett replied to Selene as he took a hold of the ice spear she made for him. He watched her aim an ice arrow where the creature's arm met its body and he quickly tried to stab it in the other arm pit. While Selene was keeping a distance, Barrett wasn't going to make her keep making him ice spears, so he kept a hold of it.

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    You're welcome. Just try to relax.

    ::Angel told Elian. He seemed to be in less pain but she knew he wasn't out of the woods yet. She naively assumed that she'd have time to heal him since Selene and Barrett were attacking the warrior creature. Then she heard more were coming. She looked up and saw the blood on their pincers, they wouldn't go down without a fight. The problem was that she didn't know what to do. Elian could still die but she also had to protect Doriana from them.::

    I...I can't just let you die.

    ::She told him and looked around. The king and queen were too busy fighting to help her teleport the soldier and the way she got around Nero was more complicated then just touching him and going.::

    Doriana, help me get him up please.

    ::If she could at least get him into a house then maybe he had a chance to survive.::
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    ::Milson should have just walked away but for some reason he didn't. Maybe it was because Dayana was so stubborn she almost border-lined being stupid or maybe it was the fact she constantly insulted his wife. Whatever the reason, he grabbed a hold of the bars that separated them from each other and glared right back at her.::

    I get that you say you wanted to "protect" Nero but you could have just went to the First and the people for help. But instead you've killed lots of people and for that reason I hope you rot in here.
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    With the ice spears, Barrett and Selene were able to immobilize the creatures. Once the ice had pierce the joints in their exoskeletons, they became much more sluggish. Before long, the king and queen had made a sizable dent in the enemy numbers.

    They were still coming, though - fewer, now, but with no sign of surrender until they'd all been taken down.

    Doriana snapped out of her state of frozen fear and rushed to help Angel. Between the two of them - and with Elian helping as much as he could - they were able to get the injured guard on his feet.

    "Thank you, ma'am," Elian said as they half-carried, half-helped him into the safety of a nearby house. "I wouldn't have expected someone like you to risk your life for someone like me, but I'm grateful."
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    A Cheshire cat grin appeared on Dayana's face when Milson came right up to the bars dividing them. Good, he had taken the bait. Angel was draining her everyday to make it impossible for her to just teleport out of her cell, but she still had some energy. She could use it in close contact.

    If anyone is going to "rot", it'll be you.

    She grabbed his shirt and teleported him inside the cell.

    I wonder how long Angel will cry over you before she gets someone new.

    Dayana told him as she stabbed him in the gut with her shiv. The noise got the attention of the guard and he ran over to her. Cursing her out for stabbing Milson.

    Come do something about it.

    She told him arrogantly and stabbed Milson again, this time in the side. The guard was torn, everyone knew they weren't supposed to open Dayana's cell. But she was going to kill Milson if he didn't stop her. He unlocked the door and Dayana turned and stabbed the guard in his thigh with the shiv. He yelled in pain and she pushed him out of her way. She wasn't strong enough to teleport off of Nero yet but at least she could get out of here. She ran out of the jail, leaving the guard and Milson bleeding on the floor.
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    ::Angel was grateful for Doriana's help, it took both of them and Elian trying as well to get him to into the safe house. She smiled at him.::

    You're welcome.

    ::Although she was surprised when he said he hadn't expected her to risk his life for him.::

    Why would you say that? Everyone's life matters.
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    ::Milson realized it too late he should have just walked away. Dayana had been playing him. He yelled out in pain when she stabbed him but when he heard one of the guards coming he weakly told him to go. Sure Dayana might kill him but she obviously couldn't escape the cell using her own power. The guard wanted to help though and got stabbed in return. Milson was in great pain and was bleeding out on the floor. He was sure that unless Angel or a doctor got here fast, he'd be dead. He turned his head and looked at the guard.::

    You should have...just let me...

    No way.

    ::The guard said, he was in pain for being stabbed in the leg. He ripped his shirt to wrap his leg and then moved over to the check out Milson's wounds.::

    She got...away....

    And we'll catch her again.

    ::He was sure of that, even if everything was chaotic right now. The wounds were deep and Milson pushed his hands away.::

    Milson, you need-

    I'll be...okay....Just send a doctor....my way and...see if you guys....can catch her....I mean it.

    ::Milson said with more authority when the guard tried to argue. He nodded his head and limped his way out of the jail. Milson looked up at the ceiling, he wasn't going to tell his fellow knight how much pain he was really or the guard might not have left. Actually wasn't sure if he'd survive long enough for a doctor or Angel to come and help him.::
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    It's working.

    Selene said to Barrett when she realized they were making a dent in the attackers. More were coming but not in as many numbers. Once they were all immobilized then they would taken to Pagos and H'richtkt'hrt would get a chance to talk to them.
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