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    "Thank you for telling her," Esaias said. "I didn't know she was a doctor - I've never seen a doctor do that before - but it certainly worked. If she wants to come see me, I live at the orphanage."

    Hastily, to ward off any sympathy preemptively, he added, "I'm not an orphan anymore. Angel and Milson are my parents. Anyway, please do tell her thanks for me."

    Esaias was feeling better, but he was still weak, and he needed to go home and rest.
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    Marta's hand rose to cover her mouth at the shock of what Angel told her. Although no one had worried Marta with the news of the city's disappearance while she was so ill, she'd heard people talking about it as she'd been recovering. Of course, she had put together that it probably had something to do with why Angel and Milson had been gone so long, but she'd had no idea they'd come face to face with the culprit. If Marta had known that at the time, she would have been terrified for them.

    "My goodness!" she said. "I'm glad you're safe, but... that's a lot to digest. I can't even imagine what he wanted you to drain the king and queen for. I hope he just stays away from now on and we never have to find out."

    She doubted they would be so lucky, though.
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    Gwynn hadn't been concerned about Barrett having a talk with Geoffers. She trusted that her brother wouldn't do anything to ruin her fledgling relationship; he seemed genuinely happy for her, and wasn't going to threaten Geoffers into walking away. On the other hand, she didn't expect that Geoffers really needed any sort of warning about treating her well - she trusted him, and had no doubt he would continue to do so. This wasn't like when Barrett had demanded that Pestis stop bothering her. When it came to Geoffers, his attentions were welcome. All in all, there was no need to worry, but she was pleased that her brother and her boyfriend were getting along.

    She tended to her duties as Royal Ambassador, then returned to spend the evening with Geoffers, and got to enjoy more kissing, holding hands, and hugging - but they also just talked. It made Gwynn happy that Geoffers was someone she could talk to. On the way to his room, she had picked up the book he requested, and they spent some time reading together. Gwynn discovered that his taste in literature did indeed closely match hers, so he hadn't just been being polite about the books she'd picked out before he could express a preference.

    It would be nice when Geoffers was able to be up and around enough to go places with her, but for now, Gwynn's life felt pretty great just as it was.
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    ::Angel could tell Marta was shocked. She was glad that no one had told Marta when she was sick about Eirini disappearing. It would have made any difference if Marta had known and Angel wouldn't have wanted to worry her. The woman had already been worried enough as it was. Angel nodded her head that it was a lot to take in.::

    I hope he does too but I don't think we'll be that lucky.

    ::Not unless Maverik suddenly showed up with Janus' head. Until that happened, Angel was sure that draining Selene and Barrett would have some kind of consequence and whatever Janus had planned wasn't over. She smiled and said.::

    But there's no point of worrying about it. When it happens, it happens. All we can do is be alert and try to be prepared.

    ::Well, as prepared as they could be given that their new enemy was someone who come and go as he pleased and make whole cities disappear at his very whim.::

    We should focus on things we can control. Like the dinner idea you have. We should figure out what day would be a good day to invite Gordon over and what we should make.
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    Marta nodded. "We'll be prepared," she promised. "I'll keep my eye out for anything unusual. We'd better warn the children about strangers again, too."

    Because the children were safe at the orphanage, it would be easy for them to let down their guard - as Hadrian had when he let in the First who had made them sick.

    "I think Gordon will like whatever we cook. He doesn't bother making good meals for himself, because he lives on his own. He'll appreciate having food fixed for him... and the company, I think."

    Marta said this with fond sympathy; it was obvious that she was falling hard for the astronomer.
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    Erwinia stumbled through an alley in one of the less fancy residential districts in Eirini. She was badly injured - not from wounds she'd sustained herself, but from damage suffered by Yersinia and Pestis. She might not have been there, but she'd seen and felt every moment of it, joined as their triple consciousness was. Now, they were dead, and she was on her own.

    She would go on, though, she told herself, even as one rotting leg gave out from under her and she stumbled against the wall. Any one of the three could infect hundreds of people, thousands even over time. That was why there were three of them in the first place, so the plague wouldn't stop if one of them were wiped out. They weren't so easy to cure.

    What the god-killer had done was proving a problem. A setback. But the work would go on. Alone now, Erwinia would cleanse Nero of its filth, then move on to purify other planets...

    Unable to rise on her ruined leg, Erwinia ended up sitting on the pavement. Even as vengeful thoughts danced in her head, she collapsed back against the door of a house and died.

    The child in the house would develop a sore throat and runny nose as she contaminated the air with her final gasps, but he would quickly recover; within a few days he would feel as though nothing had happened. The Pestilence had gone out with a whisper, in the end, not the bang they had hoped.

    Erwinia's corpse decayed almost instantly. Within a few moments, she looked like she had been dead for months, putrid and almost mummified. Nero's plagues - of the unnatural variety, at least - were at an end.
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    Yes, we'll have to.

    ::Angel agreed with a nod. Although Angel wasn't angry at Hadrian for what happened, Marta was right. They'd have to have a talk with all the children again about strangers. Especially since not all bad people looked bad. She smiled listening to Marta talking about Gordon. It was obvious to Angel that Marta was starting to fall for him and she was happy for her. Angel was sure the children would be happy too. Although she was biologically Esaias' aunt, all the children considered Marta their aunt too.::

    It sounds like it. I'm sure he'll have a good time then. Since we make good food and of course, he'll have some good company.

    ::Angel was glad that some good came out of this whole epidemic ordeal. Marta and Gordon might be taking it slow, but it seemed like in the long run they would be very happy together.::
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