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    The Adventures of Fredman!

    The Adventures of Fredman!


    This was my final for my Graphic Novel (English 217) class last year. I inked it and my room mate scanned it and put it to her gallery. It's not the best art, but it was either write a 3 page comic with a 3 page commentary or write a 6 page commentary on a comic. *'Fredman' is a pardoy of DC's 1950s comics starring some friends I know from college. Enjoy kids.
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    I don't know about you, but I'm dying of suspense as I wait to find out what Fredman's decision was!
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    Everyone who reads it says that... I need to make issue #2 -_-.

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    ....*Tries to imagine Jas giggling* *

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    Your guess is as good as mine
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    Give us some more! And great job!! *
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    Quote Originally Posted by SilntAngl5
    ....*Tries to imagine Jas giggling*
    Hey now..I may be old and scruffy,but I do giggle on occasion.


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    I remember.... and it's hilarious when you do. *

    I'll do more Fredman when I have the time... I've got requests for More CG collages and such too... we'll see.

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