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Thread: Family Bonds

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    Vencel and Mila

    Vencel smiled when Dulcia said she was okay with Charma calling him her daddy. It was what he wanted - and it made him feel confident about the future of his relationship with Dulcia. Dulcia was a good mother, too good to hurt Charma by letting her get attached to a new father who might not stick around. It was good to think about this being permanent.

    Mila nodded excitedly when Dulcia asked if she wanted to go. Then she turned cautious again, and asked Vencel, "Will you let me?" Mila was used to Elek being the dictator of her life, and it was still hard to believe she'd have any freedom here.

    "Of course," Vencel said. "I think it'll be a good thing to do. Your friend Clover will be there, I think. We should look for some decorations for your room, too."

    Mila grinned, and told Dulcia and Charma, "I'd like to go along."
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    Ferenc agreed with Larissa that they should go to meet Noah's parents. He was a little surprised that they wanted him to go along; he wouldn't have expected he'd be important to them, and if they kept up with the Hungarian news, they'd probably heard terrible things about him. It made sense that they'd want to meet Larissa and the kids, though, and it was more polite to bring Ferenc along than to leave them behind. He'd feel better about their safety if he was there to watch their backs, even though Larissa was actually a better fighter than he was.

    The kids agreed - although they were nervous about whether the Vogls would like them, or would look down on them because of their pasts - and they packed up for their trip. Since time was of the essence, the whole family got ready to go as soon as they could.
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    Dulcia Mester

    Dulcia would have never let Charma call Vencel "daddy" if she didn't think they were in for the long haul. When she thought of her future, she saw him and Mila in it with her and Charma. She smiled when Mila seemed excited at the idea of going shopping. For safety reasons it would be a group outing with Amy and Orin's family, people could never be too careful in the community when they had both human and immortal enemies outside the walls.

    Great, I'm glad you'll come with us. It'll be fun.

    Dulcia told Mila with a smile and Charma agreed. She liked spending time with both Mila and Vencel. Just as it was easy for her to view Vencel as her daddy, it was also easy for the little girl to think of Mila as her big sister. Mila might not realize it, but Charma already looked up to her.

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    Melinda Jordan

    The kids weren't the only ones worried if Noah and Isaac's parents would like them, Melinda was too. She couldn't help but think that Adelle and Conrad wouldn't think she was good enough for their younger son. After all their eldest was marrying a doctor and Isaac was dating a recovering drug addict. Yeah...Every parent wanted that for their kid's mate. She had told Isaac she'd go without thinking, he was upset like his brother and she wanted to be there for him. Still as she packed a bag she wondered if she should back out. If Adelle and Conrad died, she didn't want the last things they said to Isaac was that he could do better then her. Sometimes she felt he could even though he always assured she was the one he wanted to be with.

    I...Maybe I shouldn't go.

    She told Brock who looked at her in shock.

    What? Why? Isaac needs you to be there for him.

    I know but...What if his parents don't like me....

    Brock shook his head. He knew his sister was still regaining some self confidence, especially the way their own parents had treated her.

    Melinda, do you love him?

    Yes, but-

    But nothing. If his parents are as loving as he and Noah say then they'll be happy that Isaac has you. Your past won't matter to them.

    Melinda thought about what Brock said and smiled.

    You're right.

    Of course I am. Big brothers always are.

    Brock told her and Melinda laughed. She promised Brock she'd be careful and that she'd keep him, Nikita, and her cousins updated. Although the rest of the Perovs weren't directly related to Vogls, they were worried about them because through Larissa and Vera they were extended family. Melinda hugged Isaac and kept a hold of his hand. She was nervous to meet his parents but she knew that being at the hospital was where she should be.
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    Ingrid Laval

    Isaac was glad that Melinda had come, he did need her support and he wished he could have introduced her to his parents in a better situation. Ingrid had grown up in Krems, not a few houses down from where Noah and Isaac had grown up. She realized sadly it had been years since she had actually been back in their hometown, after her grandparents died there wasn't much there for her anymore. She wished she had came back for a different reason. Adelle and Conrad had always been kind to her, even after she and Noah broke up. She had always wished her own mother could be like Adelle. Someone other family lived in her grandparents house now and maybe if they had come for a different reason she would have took Gabe and their daughters to see the house she grew up in. Instead she was just trying to be there for Noah and Isaac, while trying hard not to get upset herself. Not an easy task with pregnancy hormones running through her body. The Vogls were in bad shape and honestly weren't even aware that their sons had come with the whole family like they asked. Ingrid paid her respects and needed to use the restroom. When she got back out she was shocked to see her mother there.

    Mom? What are you doing here?


    Laura gave her a big hug and make a tsk, tsk sound.

    Sweetie, you're gaining weight. Keep that up and-

    I'm pregnant.

    Ingrid replied in annoyance. Laura, as usual, was totally oblivious to it and told her.

    That's wonderful! I guess that cane didn't effect him that much after. Now you and Gary can-

    His name is Gabe.

    Whatever. As I saying, you don't need to keep those two Chinese-

    They're Cambodian.

    Ingrid said starting to lose her temper that not only could her mother not remember Gabe's name, she also couldn't remember where Tola and Channary were from and seemed think she'd get rid of them because she was pregnant. She didn't even know about Bogdana and Ingrid thought perhaps that was best so Laura couldn't insult her as well. Laura shrugged, she didn't find the details that important even though they were her grandchildren. Ingrid stop her from saying more.

    And I'm not getting rid of them. They'll be great big sisters to this baby.

    Why would you keep them though? They're so old and don't look anything like you.

    Because I love them.
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    Vencel and Mila

    Mila nodded eagerly, and smiled shyly; she looked up to Dulcia a great deal, and it showed. She was also starting to see Charma as a little sister, which surprised her - she hadn't expected Charma to like her at all. Mila enjoyed spending time with her, as well as making friends her own age like Orin's daughter Clover.

    When they had finished eating, Mila and Charma went down to the pond to give the ducks the leftover bread.

    Vencel stole a kiss with Dulcia while the girls were occupied. "Thanks for doing this with us," he said. "This picnic has been really fun. It's good to be a family. For the first time in my life, I feel like I really belong somewhere. It's a good feeling."
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    Gabe joined them, and put his arm around Ingrid. "Hello again, Laura," he said as pleasantly as he could manage.

    It was really hard for Gabe to be nice to his mother-in-law. The way she treated Ingrid was appalling, and he hated listening to her insult his kids. Gabe loved his adopted daughters just as much as the baby Ingrid was carrying, and it made him sick that Laura acted like they could be discarded like trash now that a biological child was on the way.

    "I'm sorry we have to meet again under such sad circumstances," he added, hoping that Laura would take the hint and show a little more respect given the difficult situation.

    Meanwhile, a man in a business suit with a hospital ID badge poked his head in the door of the room, and asked, "Are Ferenc Lantos and Larissa Perov here? I need to speak to you."
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    Dulcia Mester

    Dulcia smiled back at Mila. She was getting attached to her Mila and could tell the girl looked up to her. Charma was thrilled that Mila was willing to help her feed the duckies and held her hand like any little sister would. Dulcia happily returned Vencel's kiss and told him he was welcome. She thought it was wonderful as well and today did feel like the four of them were a family and she loved that feeling. It never crossed her mind anything could wrong on the shopping trip. She was starting to become good friends with Amy and she was distracted with helping Mila and Charma pick out things she didn't realize that their group wasn't the only immortals in the store. She took Charma to a dressing room and that's when her blood ran cold. She caught Gaston's scent and before she realized it, he was blocking their only exit with Brody. Charma hid behind her mother and started to cry that the bad man and his friend had returned.

    What do you want?

    You two, of course.

    Gaston sneered and Brody grabbed Charma's arm and dragged her away from her mother. She started to cry and he covered her mouth.

    Let her go.

    Dulcia growled at him and Gaston laughed at her.

    You're going to be all tough? Don't you remember how that worked out for you before?

    Every time Dulcia had tried to fight Gaston off, he had just her hurt more.

    Vencel isn't that far-

    We know he's nearby and you're going to tell him it's over or Brody's going to snap your daughter's neck.

    Brody's grip tightened his grip on the girl and Dulcia believed that it would happen. Still she didn't get what difference it would make if Vencel thought things were over between them.


    Because when I kill him for what he did to Orson, he's going to think he has nothing left to live for. Now go break his heart or her neck gets broke.

    Gaston replied with a sneer and Dulcia took a deep breath. She couldn't take both Brody and Gaston on, both were stronger then her. She nodded her head and Gaston told Brody to take the girl to the car to her "real" father Gunne. She felt sick to her stomach and wasn't sure how she kept her voice calm when she told Vencel they needed to talk, outside and alone. Gaston was in earshot when she told Vencel.

    I lied. I don't love you.
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    Ingrid Laval

    Ingrid was relieved when Gabe showed up. She could handle her mother better with him here. Laura said hello and didn't get it that it would be hard for Gabe to actually tolerate her. She didn't see any problem with her attitude.

    Yeah, hospitals suck but my new boyfriend broke his leg in a race. Why are you here anyway?

    Laura asked, actually curious why Ingrid and Gabe were in the hospital in Austria when they lived in Hungary.

    Noah's parents might die.

    I see, that's too bad.

    Laura replied, showing some concern but not that much which annoyed Ingrid. Laura suddenly noticed the wedding rings on Ingrid and Gabe's fingers and asked.

    Why didn't you two invite me to your wedding?

    She seemed more upset about that then that the Vogls were very sick.

    One, because I didn't know how to contact you and two...I didn't want you there.

    What? Why? I'm your mother.

    Because I didn't want my wedding day to be full of drama or have you upsetting my children.

    Ingrid, they're not-

    Just don't.

    Ingrid said hoping Laura would stop before she said something that couldn't be taken back. Especially when the girls could hear her. Larissa grumbled to Ferenc what she thought of Laura, although she was suddenly concerned why the man wanted to talk to them.

    That's us. Is something wrong?
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    Regina Walters

    Regina had been waiting for a chance to grab that demon baby that Janna and Noah adopted and she suddenly got a chance. Drake started to get fussy and Vera told Noah and Janna she'd take him for a walk. She didn't want to make Noah feel like he had to be torn between being there for his son or for his parents and she knew that Janna would want to stay with Noah for support. She cooed at her little nephew and told him they'd go outside for some fresh and then they should go look for some pretty flowers for his grandparents at the gift shop. They didn't make it to gift shop though, Regina jumped them when Vera and Drake were outside. Vera and Drake were taking a walk around the hospital and Regina found them in a pretty secluded spot of it.

    Give me the demon baby.

    Go to hell.

    Vera growled at Regina and held on tightly to Drake. Regina glared at her.

    You two get to go first.

    Vera tried to put up a fight but it was difficult because she was trying to protect Drake from being hurt. In the end, Regina got the upper hand on the Lycan by smashing the side of her head against the brick wall. Vera passed out and Regina grabbed Drake. He'd pay for what he did to her but first, Noah and Janna would know she had him.
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