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Thread: Family Bonds

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    Turner Matthews

    Turner was trying his best to locate where Gaston and his group had moved to and taken the Chinese orphans but Harold was covering Gaston's tracks better then before. It was frustrating but Turner realized he wasn't the only one frustrated today. Elena was as well. She was on the phone and cursing in Italian when she hung up. Turner was never good at learning other languages but he could tell his girlfriend was pissed.

    Hey, what's wrong?

    That freaking idiot won't send us our supplies for the pharmacy.


    Because it's too dangerous here. Damn it, Turner. We need the stuff. Half of it was to replenish the HIV meds. But because of Vampires and Lycans he doesn't care that we have kids here who have that!

    Elena was fuming and Turner put his hands on her shoulders to calm her down.

    He won't sell them at all?

    No, he said we could buy them but have to travel across the city to pick them up and prove we aren't immortals.

    Good thing for inoculation shots then. We'll go get it ourselves.

    Just the two of us?

    That didn't sound like a good idea since between the two of them they had only killed two people their whole lives. They weren't fighters and Turner shook his head.

    No, that'd be crazy. I'm sure someone will come with us for back up.

    Elena nodded her head and they found that Kuzma was free and willing to come with them.

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    Ariel Caspi

    Kuzma was very willing to go with Turner and Elena to get the supplies. It broke his heart a little that kids in their community had HIV and it made him angry that the supplier said he wouldn't deliver the things the pharmacy needed because they lived in a dangerous area of the city now. Ariel and two Lycans were scouting the area. There had been a fifty percent survival rate with the Chinese orphans, they ones who died were thrown in a mass grave. Now it was time to start taking out their enemies. While Gaston was busy going after Vencel, Ariel was finding a good place for them to lead the HPL to with one of their living bombs. They needed a spot for snipers in case the bomb didn't kill all the people who showed up. That's when she saw them. New Haven members who were totally distracted by getting their supplies.

    This is so perfect.

    Ariel said and the one man asked what she meant.

    The lanky guy is New Haven's tech. If we take him, then they'll have a harder time finding us.

    Turner had been the reason both their previous homes had been compromised. From what Harold learned of him, he wasn't much of a fighter. Just a computer thief who had disappeared off the face of the planet for a while. She ordered the Lycans to take on Kuzma. Kuzma might have only one eye but he was a strong fighter. He managed to kill one of the Lycans in the fight but eventually lost when the other one hit him over the head with a trash can lid. Kuzma had yelled for Turner and Elena to run before he blacked out but before they could, Ariel was there.

    Oh, no you don't. You two are coming with me.

    She had gotten into the habit of carrying the sedatives they used at the zoo to grab the kids and injected them both in the neck before they could run or fight her. She told the surviving Lycan to just leave Kuzma where he was and they grabbed the two Vampires. Gaston would be happy Ariel was sure.
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    Vencel was cheerfully expectant as he waited for whatever Dulcia had to say. When he heard it, though, he suddenly lost the ability to breathe, like he'd taken a punch in the gut and had the wind knocked out of him. He hadn't seen it coming at all, and now his whole world had turned on its head.

    You should have expected this, he told himself. You knew you weren't good enough for her.

    He hadn't expected Dulcia to reciprocate his feelings in the first place... but it surprised him that she had pretended she did. It was cruel, and Dulcia wasn't cruel. That meant it had to be his fault somehow. He had to have brought it on himself.

    When he could get enough oxygen to talk, Vencel stammered. "I... I'm sorry Dulcia. I'm sorry I made you feel like you had to say those things. I'm sorry if I pressured you, or made you feel you weren't safe with me, or..."

    What had made him think he could be with her? That she'd really want him, fresh out of prison? That she wouldn't care how much twenty years locked up had hardened him? It was his own fault for wanting a stupid dream so badly. He despised himself for what he felt he'd done to Dulcia, leaving her no choice but to lie to him.

    "I promised I would never force you into anything, and I won't. You have the right to choose who you want to be with. I hope someday you can forgive me for making you feel like you had to say those things. I... I should go."

    Every inch of progress Vencel had made since he was freed had slipped away. He was guarded again, withdrawn. The self-hatred, though, was worse than ever, and although he did his best to keep his face blank, it showed in his wounded eyes.
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    Gabe took a deep breath. He didn't really want to get into this in the hospital - it should have been a more discreet discussion - but he couldn't pretend to Laura that the reason they'd excluded her from their wedding was anything but her own behaviour. Other community members had human family members and friends at their weddings, but Gabe and Ingrid had chosen not to invite Laura. Gabe still thought they had made the right choice.

    "Frankly, we don't feel able to ask you to participate in family events because of your refusal to acknowledge our daughters," Gabe said. "When we adopted the girls, we promised to treat them no differently than if they had been born to us. That includes protecting them from people who would hurt their feelings. When you act like they aren't members of the family, it hurts them, and it hurts Ingrid and me too. We would love to have our whole family get along, but if that isn't possible, we have to put our children first."

    Gabe realized Laura might not understand that, though, because she'd never treated her own daughter as much of a priority.
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    Dulcia Mester

    Seeing the cheerful look on Vencel's face disappear felt like a knife in Dulcia's heart. She didn't want to hurt him, she didn't want to lie to him, but she had no options. She knew Gaston would kill Charma if she didn't but she wanted to start crying. She did love Vencel and she felt awful for hurting him. How she ever kept herself calm, she had no idea.

    It's not you, it's me.

    Dulcia replied when she could see that Vencel clearly thought he had done something wrong. She wanted to hug him, tell him she was lying, beg him to forgive her, but she didn't. Gaston was nearby and one quick signal, Charma would be dead.

    I need to go too.

    She told him and hoped he'd watch her walk away. Maybe he would see that Gaston was waiting nearby and realize she hadn't meant what she said. She walked to where Gaston was and he gave her nice slow clap.

    Oh, that was great. I loved the "it's not you, it's me" line. Such a classic.

    I did what you wanted, now let her go.

    Gaston laughed at Dulcia.

    You really are a blond. I can't just let you two go.

    What? You-

    I never said I let you go. I need you both. Once he's done crying his eyes out, he'll realize I was in the store, Charma's missing, and that you won't be home. He'll come rescue you.

    I just-Why would he care what you do to us now?

    Because he's a love sick fool who loves you and her. Now get in the damn car.

    Gaston told her and shoved her into the backseat with an angry Gunne and Charma. Charma was crying and saying over and over she wanted Daddy which pissed off her biological father.

    Tell her he's not her father.

    He's more of a father to her then you'll ever be.

    Dulcia replied which earned her a punch in the face from Gunne. Gaston told Gunne not to hurt Dulcia too much, they needed her somewhat pretty for Vencel to think she was worth rescuing as Brody drove them to Gaston's safe house.
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    Detlef Bernd

    "Actually, yes, there is a problem, Miss Perov," the man in the suit said. "It would really be better if we speak privately. There's a conference room down the hall."

    When he had closed the door behind them, he said, "My name is Detlef Bernd. I'm one of the social workers who responds to calls from this hospital. I'm afraid I have bad news about your forthcoming adoption. Adoption paperwork had already been filed by another party, and that will take precedence. This other party considered allowing you to maintain custody, but then when she found out that Mr. Lantos is a criminal, she didn't feel comfortable leaving the children in your home, so the department has asked me to remove them from your care. I hope you'll be cooperative; it will be much easier on the children that way."
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    Vencel and Orin

    Vencel managed a sad smile that didn't even come close to reaching his eyes when Dulcia said it wasn't his fault.

    "It's kind of you to say that," he said, knowing it couldn't be true but appreciating her attempt to spare his feelings.

    If Dulcia had simply responded to his initial attraction by telling him she wasn't interested, that would have been one thing. Vencel would have been disappointed, but he would have accepted it and moved on with his life. This, though... this was something different. Vencel had truly believed he had a future with this woman, and now he was hearing that it had all been in his head. Something had to be seriously wrong for Dulcia to go through a charade like that. Since he didn't think she was crazy or that she was mean enough to break his heart for fun, the only other explanation was that it was something he'd done. That he'd intimidated or embarrassed her into lying. Vencel appreciated that she didn't feel the need to dwell on his faults; he was paying dearly enough for them already.

    "All the best, Dulcia," he said stupidly when she got up to leave. Vencel really did wish her the best, though. She deserved to be happy. Charma deserved to be happy. He didn't wish them any ill, even if they weren't going to be in his life anymore.

    Feeling like he was in a dream, Vencel stood too. He told himself not to watch her go, but he couldn't take his eyes off her. Then she turned a corner, he couldn't see her anymore, and he finally managed to tear himself away. Numbly, like a man in a dream, he walked back into the store.

    "Orin, do you think you and Amy could take Mila home?" Vencel asked in a daze. "I need some time to think."

    Orin could see what had changed in Vencel's eyes, and it scared him. "What happened?" he asked.

    "Dulcia left me." Vencel's tone was dull, wooden. "I don't know what the hell I'm going to tell Mila. That's why I need time to think - so I can figure out how to break the news."

    That was the last thing Orin expected to hear. "Did you guys have a fight?" he asked. "Maybe she didn't mean it. Once she cools off, I'm sure she'll..."

    Vencel shook his head. "We didn't argue. She wasn't even angry. She just told me she'd been lying when she said she loved me."

    Orin's jaw tightened angrily. "That bitch! I can't believe she..."

    "Don't call her a bitch!" Vencel countered, his own voice rising.

    "I'm sorry," Orin said, abashed. "I shouldn't have said that. I didn't mean it. But Vencel... that's seriously messed up. She has the right to her feelings, but she doesn't have the right to mess with your head."

    Tears suddenly rose in Vencel's eyes, and he forced them back. "It's my fault. It must be. Somehow. I must have made her think she had no choice. But I don't... I don't understand what I did. I tried so hard to treat her nicely all the time..."

    Orin put a hand on his friend's shoulder. "You did, Vencel. It's going to be okay. I'm going to drive you home, and we can talk about it. I'll just let Amy know, and ask her to keep an eye on Mila. Just a minute."

    Vencel nodded, still feeling gutted. That 'home' thing was also going to be an issue. He didn't think he could stay in the community anymore, not if there was a huge black cloud hanging between him and Dulcia. Especially since she apparently couldn't trust him and maybe even felt threatened by him. He would have to go. But Mila... she was starting to feel at home, making friends and forming ties. And where could they possibly go that would be safe...?

    Orin came back, looking troubled. "Gaston has been here," he said. "We smelled him in the fitting room. Did Dulcia have Charma with her when she talked to you?"

    Vencel shook his head, his heart sinking.

    "Then we think Charma is missing," Orin said gently. "No one has seen her since Dulcia left. We need to go look for her. I'll drop you off and..."

    Vencel shook his head. "No way in hell I'm getting dropped off. I'm coming to look for her."

    "But Dulcia..."

    "Broke up with me. Yes. Charma didn't. I'm not going to be her dad after all, but I still care about her. I'm not going to sit back and do nothing while someone holds her hostage."

    As far as Vencel knew, Gaston only had Charma, and Dulcia had merely gone for a walk to clear her head. Had he known, though, it wouldn't change anything. Dulcia might not love him, but he still loved her, and that wasn't going to change any time soon.

    The kids were taken home, and a search party went out to try to track down the missing girl.
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    Gaston Legrant

    Amy was shocked at what happened in the store. She didn't see why Dulcia would say that to Vencel when she seemed to be really happy with him. She quickly agreed to watch Mila while they searched for Charma, although it also worried her that Dulcia wasn't around or knew her child was missing. Dulcia could be called some things but she was a good mother. So far the day was going better then Gaston had thought it would. Charma was crying and Dulcia was trying to comfort her but it wasn't any good. Charma wanted Vencel and Dulcia couldn't bring herself to tell her that he might not come for them. Why would he after what she said? When they got back to the house, Gaston was thrilled that Ariel had abducted Turner and Elena. Elena's skills weren't something he needed but she could be used against her boyfriend. He had them separated, with Elena being sent to play nanny this time for the orphans. If things went the way Gaston assumed they would, Dulcia wouldn't be alive much longer. Turner was locked in the basement and Dulcia and Charma were locked in a room until he was ready to deal with Vencel. He was so excited that he'd get to kill Vencel but he wanted to be patient. His plan was to lure the asshole into a trap and he couldn't jump the gun too soon. He wanted Vencel to think about how much he lost. Instead Gaston told Harold to send an anonymous tip to the HPL and Ariel was to take a small team to make sure the humans died either by the bomb implanted in two of the kids or by sniper rifles. With orders given out, Gaston decided to see first if he could break Turner for information and then he'd deal with Vencel. Turner was chained to a chair and Gaston slapped him awake.

    Give me the security codes to New Haven's compound.

    Go screw yourself.

    Turner replied and got punched in the face.

    That's not the right answer!

    I don't care!

    Turner yelled back and spit in Gaston's face. That pissed him off more. He wiped the spit off his face and told him.

    You will care. Especially if you don't want your little girlfriend hurt.

    Touch her and you're dead!

    Gaston laughed at the reply.

    Really? A kid could beat the shit out of you.

    He continued to beat on Turner, who refused to give him the security codes even as he started to get bloody and bruised. The beating kept going until the alarm on Gaston's phone beeped. Enough time had passed for the next part of his kill Vencel plan. He turned to Brody and told him to keep beating Turner, bring Elena and rape her if he had to. One way or another Gaston wanted the security codes so they could enter New Haven's compound and blow those assholes to kingdom come. As he closed the door behind him, he could hear Brody continuing the beating. He told Elek, Alek, and Gunne that it was almost time and went to the room that he locked Dulcia and Charma in. Charma had cried herself to sleep but Gaston jerked her awake.

    Leave her alone!

    Shut up.

    Gaston said and slapped Dulcia for yelling at him. Thanks to him and Gunne she had a busted lip, bruises on her arms and legs from being jerked around, and a black eye starting to form. He pushed her out his way and held his phone up to Charma and snapped a picture of her and had Harold text it and a location to Vencel's phone. The location was another one of Klaus' properties but far from their current home. He grabbed Dulcia by her arm and told her.

    Better give her a kiss goodbye, you won't be seeing her again.

    What?! No-

    He dragged a struggling Dulcia out of the room as one of his Lycans grabbed Charma, who started to scream for her mother. Gaston told him to send the girl with the others and had a Vampire put silver handcuffs on Dulcia's wrists. Right now she wouldn't be hurt by them but eventually the inoculation shot for Lycans would wear off. After Vencel and Dulcia were dead, then Charma would get to have a bomb implanted in her, a little detail he left out when he told Gunne the plan. Vencel and his friends might think they were rescuing Charma but all they'd find at the location was a group of people who wanted Vencel dead and the woman who broke his heart. Dulcia was left in a room with Gunne as her guard.

    Gunne, please....I know you hate me but-

    Of course I do! You took my kid from me, let her call that asshole "Daddy" when she's mine!

    Dulcia wasn't truly sorry for that but she was willing to pretend she was. She was pretty sure she wasn't going to make it out of this alive but she still had to try to save Charma's life. Even if that meant trying to appeal to the man she never wanted to be part of her daughter's life.

    I know it was wrong. I...Look, you can't let Gaston hurt her. No matter what you think of me, she's innocent.

    He won't hurt her.

    Yes, he will! Those kids he kidnapped are going to be used as bombs, he'll-

    I don't give a shit what he does to those kids.

    I know but he'll do the same to her!

    No, he won't!

    Gunne growled and punched her in the face to shut up. Gaston said if he joined the Pack then he'd help him get Charma from Dulcia and he could have his daughter. He didn't believe that Gaston would hurt her. Charma was his and Gaston wouldn't take her away from Gunne anymore then he'd let Dulcia or Vencel do it either.
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    Ingrid Laval

    Laura didn't like Gabe's reason to why she hadn't been invited to the wedding nor did she like that Ingrid nodded her head in agreement. Ingrid would have loved for their daughters to have another grandparent but she would never let Laura hurt them like she had hurt her. Like she still hurt her. Laura opened her mouth and then closed it, Gabe had actually made her speechless a moment. A rare thing with her mother. A nurse came over and told Laura that the doctor was ready to release her boyfriend from the hospital. Laura nodded her head and turned to leave and then she did something that Ingrid wasn't used to.

    I...I hope you're happy with your life, Ingrid.

    I'm very happy.

    Ingrid replied, she was very happy with how her life had turned out. She had a great husband and wonderful daughters. Laura nodded her head and said she was glad and left. Ingrid breathed a sigh of relief she was gone. Just as Laura left, a hospital worker came in and asked.

    Excuse me, is Vera Perov with you?

    Yes. Did something happen to her?

    She was attacked outside and since she is a minor, we need someone to sign consent forms for her treatment.

    Ingrid was shocked and asked where Drake was, the woman replied that they hadn't found a baby with her. Janna and Noah got texts on their phones of a video of Regina biting a crying Drake in his shoulder.
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    Larissa Perov

    Larissa followed Detlef and frowned when he said there was a problem with the adoptions. She was confused and got angry when he said that some woman wanted to contest their children's adoptions because Ferenc had been in jail.

    He was proven innocent of those crimes.

    She gripped Ferenc's hand because if he wasn't with her, she might have growled at the man or worse. She knew he was only doing his job but that didn't make her feel any better.

    Who is this woman? We haven't heard anything from her before and why are you bringing this up here? We live in Budapest, not Krems.

    Why wouldn't they had be contacted at home about problems with the adoptions? Larissa didn't always understand how things worked with human laws and courts but things weren't adding up right in her mind.
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