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Thread: Family Bonds

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    Family Bonds

    Family Bonds

    Regina Walters

    Regina was almost giddy about what she and Deanna were going to do to Noah and his whole family. After getting the flowers needed to make the poisons, they headed to Krems, Austria to put the plan in motion. Adelle and Conrad Vogl were very predictable people. They had been together for a long time and were sentimental. Every Friday they went to the diner that they had went on their first date. Regina thought it was dorky to do so but now she was glad. She knew where she and Deanna could find the married couple. Of course, she couldn't let them see her. They hated how she had treated Noah and they wanted nothing to do with her. Not that she needed them to like her, she and Deanna watched across the diner and saw which waiter was serving them. Regina grinned because it was a teenage boy. Perfect, she could distract him easily while Deanna slipped the poison in the food. When he was coming out with a tray of food, Regina got out of her seat and walked over to him.

    Hey, honey, you're cute.


    The boy was nervous and Regina just continued on. She took the tray and set it down on the counter and then wrapped her arms around his neck. Pressing her body close to the boy. It was funny to Regina since she could tell he obviously wasn't used to having female attention. His heart was racing and he had no idea what to do.

    When's your shift over?


    He's too young for you.

    A woman, who was the waiter's mother and also worked at the diner, told Regina. She was glaring at Regina who just smirked at her.

    Who are you? His grandmother?

    I'm his mother.

    The woman replied, angrier now that Regina insulted her age. Regina shrugged.

    Hard to tell. He's a big boy, cut the umbilical cord.

    Go find someone your own age.

    I could teach him so many-

    Miss you need to leave.

    Out came the cook, who was also the manager. He was not happy with the whole situation. Regina started to argue with him but he replied he'd call the cops. She shrugged her shoulders.

    Fine. Sorry, kid. I guess I'll have to make you a man later.

    She cupped the stunned boy's face and planted a kiss on his lips. She sneered at the looks on the manager and the mother's faces. Her work was done and she waltzed out of the diner swinging her hips. She waited for Deanna to find her and asked.

    Did you get it done?
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    Deanna chuckled. "I sure did," she said. "And then I had time to stand back and watch. It was quite a show you put on. No one was paying the slightest attention to me, so they didn't see a thing."

    Of course, the New Haven people would suspect something was up anyway. The Vogl parents weren't spring chickens, but they wouldn't both happen to get sick from the same natural illness at the same time. Still, Deanna didn't think she and Regina would be high on the list of suspects, since they were so far from Budapest.

    "Now we wait," she said. "Once they get taken to the hospital, we can send their 'last requests' to see the family, and get them all here."
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    Regina Walters

    Regina laughed and did a little bow when Deanna complimented the show she put on.

    Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Regina was sure that Noah and his friends would think something was wrong with both his parents suddenly getting sick but surely they would have thought Regina and Deanna were still in Budapest somewhere. Regina couldn't wait until they sent the couple's "last requests" and the family got here. Soon Drake would be dead for what he did to her, Noah would pay for thinking he could move on from her, and Deanna would have the kids she wanted. Regina's little show got the attention of everyone in the diner, including Adelle and Conrad. Both were disgusted at her behavior and told the young man and his mother that they had best make Regina wasn't in their lives. Neither elder Vogl cared much for cellphones in general and they made a mental note to make sure to call Noah when they got home and tell him they spotted Regina. Unfortunately they never got a chance to give Noah the message, the poison that Deanna slipped in their food was fast acting and it wasn't too long before an ambulance had to be called to send both Vogls to the hospital.
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    Deanna phoned the hospital, pretending to be Janna and feigning concern about the Vogls. She was easily - too easily, not exactly great security apparently - given information about which room they'd been placed in, and that the diagnosis hadn't been finalized. Deanna thanked the receptionist and hung up.

    "We're ready to go now," she said.

    The hospital's e-mail system was equally easy to hack. Taking the identity of the receptionist she'd just deceived, Deanna e-mailed Noah from a hospital address, and told him that his parents were gravely ill and not expected to recover. Their last wish was to see his new family - all of his new family - before they died.
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    Noah Vogl

    Noah was with Isaac coming up with ideas for some of the new houses that would have to be built when the community when he realized he had an email.

    How the-

    What's wrong?

    Isaac asked his older brother. Noah didn't know what to say and showed him the email and Isaac was on the phone with the hospital. Their parents were getting older but they never in that bad of health. The younger brother was quickly getting angry that the hospital had no idea what caused both his parents to be in the hospital. They were running tests and things weren't looking good. Noah went to find Janna and told her in a voice that was straining to remain calm.

    My parents are dying and they...The hospital said that before they fell into a coma they wanted to see the whole family. Not just us and the kids but Isaac and your siblings and their families too.
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    Dulcia Mester

    Now that Mila was feeling better, Dulcia and Vencel thought it would be a good day to take the girls on a picnic. It was taking time to get her open up but little by little Mila was. Charma was excited. She insisted they go by the pond because Krikor had told her that duckies lived there and she wanted to see them. She didn't even care that much about the food when she saw two of them.

    Mommy! Daddy! Mila! Look! Duckies!

    Charma told them all in excitement when she saw them. She had never called Vencel "daddy" before but the more time she and her mommy had spent with him, it was very easy for her to think of him as her father. Dulcia was speechless a moment but Charma didn't seem to notice. Dulcia told Charma they were pretty ducks and turned to Vencel and asked him quietly.

    It's okay she called you that, right?

    She didn't want to just assume it was okay with Vencel that Charma called him "daddy", especially when they hadn't been dating that long.

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    "Oh, Noah, that's awful," Janna said, wrapping her arms around his waist and giving him a comforting hug. "I'm so sorry to hear that. Your poor parents. Of course we should go, if that's what they want. I'm sure the rest of the family will agree."

    Hesitantly, not wanting to make this harder - it was already hard enough - Janna said, "I think we should be careful, though. There's a good chance someone did this on purpose. Older people do sometimes take a turn for the worse unexpectedly, but for it to happen to both of them this severely at the same time... it probably isn't by chance. We should watch our backs. On the other hand, having everyone together will reduce the risk. Safety in numbers and all, right?"

    It didn't occur to Janna to question whether it was really his parents who made the request for their presence, because in their position Janna would want to see the whole family too.
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    Life had taken a very good turn for Vencel lately. He was enjoying getting to know Mila and helping her come out of her shell slowly. Things were going well with Dulcia, and his bond with Charma was only deepening. It was easy to imagine the four of them as a family. Vencel was wondering if it was insane to start ring shopping this soon; he was sure and committed, but he didn't want to make Dulcia uncomfortable.

    It took Vencel entirely by surprise when Charma called him Daddy... but he liked it. It felt natural, comfortable. It was the first time anyone had called him that; so far Mila called him by his name. Vencel decided he could get used to it. That he wanted to get used to it.

    "Yes, those are very nice duckies!" Vencel replied. "Krikor was right."

    To Dulcia, he said quietly, "Definitely. It's... more than okay. It feels great. I couldn't be happier. As long as it's okay with you, of course."

    Vencel didn't even try to hide the huge smile on his face.
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    Dulcia Mester

    Charma was thrilled that Mommy and Daddy agreed that the duckies were nice. She was very distracted by them while Dulcia and Vencel talked. Dulcia smiled at his reply and took a hold of his hand.

    I'm definitely okay with it.

    She told him. Vencel was a better father to Charma then Gunne would have ever been. She was happy that both Mila and Charma had him in their lives. She let Charma look at the ducks a little long before calling her over so they could eat. She was a little sad to leave the ducks until Dulcia told her that they could save some bread and feed the ducks after they ate.

    Mila, I need to take Charma shopping for some new clothes, would you like to join us and get some new clothes too?

    Charma had been going through a growth spurt and would need some new clothes. Dulcia thought that if Mila felt up to it, she could join them and pick out some things as well.
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    Noah Vogl

    Noah wrapped his arms around Janna, her hugging him was helping a little. He was having a hard time because of the shock. His parents, while getting up their in years, were normally in good health. It was so sudden...

    You're right. I want to honor their wish but we also have to be careful.

    He replied when Janna said it was quite possible this was done on purpose. If it was, he was sure Regina was responsible. She did hate him enough to go after his parents. But he was also sure that there would be enough adults in the family going that they could handle two rogue Vampires. Larissa, Vera, and Ingrid all quickly agreed they should go. Ingrid had always liked Noah's parents and she felt awful what had happened. Isaac asked Melinda to come with them. If Adelle and Conrad were dying then this could be the last chance that Isaac would have to introduce them to her. While they hadn't talked about wedding bells or kids yet, he knew he loved her and he wanted his parents to know that he had found someone who made him happy, just like Noah did. It was hard for Noah to break the news to the children, he had hoped that after the community had moved to a new home, he could fly his parents out there and they could spend lots of time getting to know their grandchildren. Having his kids meet their grandparents on their death beds was not how he pictured it.
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