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    I totally agree about not spreading yourself too thin. It's not fun if posting becomes a chore.

    @Jacen: I remember those days. It was fun to have lots of activity but a little exhausting too. Because it always felt like you left someone waiting. Or were at risk being left behind because others wanted to keep things moving. That atmosphere has definitely changed around here. One reason because we have less posters. But also because we're a lot older now and have real life commitments.

    Real life always comes first and now no one has a problem with waiting.
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    Yup. As you get older, you start learning that if your partner can't understand real life commitments come first, you're not really losing out on much if they drift away.

    Just another reason why I love it here, since pretty much we're all adults and have lives.

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    That we certainly do, Shades. Tho I never quite expected my life to look like a couple of parents who need me much the way I needed them.

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    Aye Sojourn, Don't get me wrong.
    I loved those days to, when I was smart
    & only had a few SL's going it was great.
    you could pop out a couple pages of solid
    good rping in an hour or so.
    Trying to catch M in posts


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    Sorry for the delays on my end. Once I found out that Webring deleted my site, I worked like crazy to get it back up.


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    Bummer, Any Idea why it got delete?
    At least you where able to recover most of it from the sounds of it.

    Edit/Added: oooooooo I's find CG comic's on the site(Sigil)
    Last edited by Jacen Bell; 06-25-2017 at 12:08 AM.

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    That looks like a nice site, Sojourn. I'm not surprised it kept you busy.

    I hope you enjoy Wordpress; a lot of my friends do like it, whether they're in Wordpress.org , or Wordpress.net . Each apparently have their own advantages and disadvantages. Unfortuantley, I tend to get lost when folks try to explain the differences.

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    No idea why Webring did that, Jacen. A little warning would have been nice. Especially since Geocities warned people when they were going under.

    And thank you, Anne. I do like it, it's very user friendly.

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    Aye, had lots of time to download my Stuff & save it before the closed....
    Bloody shame Geocities went the way of the Dodo...

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    apologies on the lack of posts, found out the other day we got a Maintenance inspection
    coming on the sixth, on top of that me little bro's(WT/Balba2000) wedding is at the end of
    the month so things are picking up as the days wind down towards the big day I'll
    be busier & busier, I'll try my best too keep up..... Just glad me wife's grad is
    over & done with.

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