I'm setting up this thread for personal info that might affect any player's involvement in RPing. I thought at first of posting this in the General OOC thread, but since it is meant to be mostly fluff, important info would get buried under lots of posts. And since the In Topic Discussion is for storyline stuff, it doesn't fit either. :whaat:

Anyway, I'm finally buying a house, which means that I'm all nervous and can't concentrate on RPing right now. That's the reason why I'm so behind with my RPs. I'll try to keep up, but for most of August, my time in this forum would be very limited. I'd like to put some storylines I'm involved with on temporary hold, but I'd like to hear what you have to say first.

8) M 8)

This is a continuation thread, the old thread is Here by Meteoro Titled Personal Announcements (which affect RPing)