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    This week is going to be hectic for me with dinner theater coming up next weekend, so I will likely be a bit slow on posts. Sorry!
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    Wow, and here I was thinking it was a short story! Tell Teddy well done!

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    Yeah, no kiddding! 40 chapters? And good on him not to just write it an leave it. Editing is super important to learn how you write and how to write better!

    Also, no worries MK! Knock 'em dead!
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    Thanks! Today was the usual work day, about to leave for dance (I help coach a dance group for intellectually and developmentally disabled adults,) then on to rehearsal. Whew!
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    It became a novel because we fleshed out his basic idea. There was no length goal in mind when we started. He just wanted it to not feel rushed, make sense, and just took a little each time.

    No worries, MK. Break a leg.

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    One performance down, one to go!

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