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    Dusts off a mircophone.

    Sorry for my really long sabbatical. Life, work, and family have kept me busy. And collecting lots of Transformers and constantly watching YouTube in my downtime.

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    Welcome back!

    I spend way too much of my life on YouTube. Cute animal videos, specifically.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    I watch YouTube more then actual television anymore. lol

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    I don't even have a TV anymore. And a shamefully large part of my free time is spent watching panda videos.

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    Sorry for all the double posting. I'm having trouble with my internet connection, which for some reason is causing posts to submit twice.

    Also sorry for no posts tonight. I had my annual re-certification as an election inspector and it always makes my brain tired.

    Shades, I don't have TV either - it's just too expensive. I mostly use Netflix.
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    No worries, I hope your re-certification went well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sojourn View Post
    No worries, I hope your re-certification went well.
    It did, thanks. I even learned something new - what to do if your assigned polling place catches on fire during the election. This is... honestly not something it would ever have occurred to me to worry about, but now I know what to do.

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    I'll be going to Croatia with my family from June 1st through 9th. I probably won't get much if any posting done during that time.

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    No worries at all. I hope you have lots of fun.

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