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Thread: Transitions

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    Paloma Sandoval

    Yeah, we both definitely needed one too.

    Paloma told Dipak when he said that he had needed a fresh start. She and Jacinta had both needed that as well after the awful year they had. She didn't think he wanted to hear how her she had lost her job, found out Klaus liked to pay for sex with underage girls, that her mother died, or that her father had started raping Jacinta because he found out that he wasn't her biological father. That seemed like too much information to dump on someone she just met. And definitely not the type of talk to have at a wedding reception.

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    Taras Perov

    Taras grinned when Jagoda said yes. He'd have to enlist Mr. Rosenberg's help in finding a perfect ring of her.

    I'm glad I'm the man of your dreams, because you are certainly the woman of mine.

    Of course, for most of his life he never thought love or a family was something he'd ever get. Slaves didn't get to be married and he was physically incapable of producing children. Perhaps that was a blessing because didn't have to see his own children suffer because of the Markovs, like he had seen Halina's and his siblings' children suffer before they were free. Now, though, he had a family. He had children that he loved as much as if he had been capable of fathering them, and someday Jagoda would be his wife. Life was definitely good for Taras.

    I think Grushenka will be very happy.

    He told her when she said she'd be a mother to Grushenka if she wanted her to be. Grushenka needed to have a good mother and Jagoda was the perfect person for that job. He got up and kissed his new fiancée. He then suggested they go tell their children the good news.
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    Larissa Perov

    A big grin was on Larissa's face when Jagoda accepted Taras' marriage proposal. One down and two...no make that three to go, Larissa thought to herself. She looked over and saw Kuzma with Issa and her children. Her cousin had gotten pretty attached to all of them and she thought maybe she should add Kuzma to her list. Of course, she wouldn't spend the whole wedding reception trying to get people to propose to each other, she did have to spend time with her own family. Plus there were more weddings to come in the next few days, she had plenty of time to convince people. She was heading back to Ferenc and their kids when she saw Vencel. Orin had told her that while she and most of her family were in Krems, Vencel had proposed to Dulcia. She realized that with her own wedding planning, she had never actually congratulated him. Charma needed her mother for something and Larissa headed over to Vencel and told him with a smile on her face.

    Congratulations. Orin told me that you and Dulcia are going to get married.
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    "I used to deliver pizzas," Dipak said. "Not much of a career, but it paid the bills. I came to this country to study at a university, but I ran out of money, so the job was a stopgap. I'm going back to school now, though. I've decided to study law."

    That way if he ever got into another situation like he had with that factory, he'd have the power to fight the system from the inside, rather than merely sabotaging the facilities and going to jail for it.

    "It probably seems silly to you," he added, a little self-consciously. "Going back to school at my age, especially with how things are for immortals these days. I really want to be able to help people, though... and I think if I do this, I'll be able to, even from our new home."
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    Jagoda and Grushenka

    "I hope she will," Jagoda agreed with a smile. She knew that Grushenka liked her - and liked her future siblings - but that was different than wanting her father to marry her.

    As it turned out, Grushenka was thrilled. She hugged Taras, and Jagoda, and Jagoda's kids. "That's wonderful," Grushenka said. "Can I... call you Mom?"

    Grushenka was self-conscious, asking that, worried she wouldn't be good enough to be Jagoda's child... but she grinned when Jagoda replied, "I would love that. I would be glad to have you as a daughter. I'm marrying your father, but this isn't about just the two of us - all five of us will be a family."

    "I like the sound of that," Grushenka said happily.
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    Vencel smiled at Larissa, but he was a bit nervous around her. Although Vencel and Ferenc had become friends, Vencel was worried that Larissa might still despise him for pretending to be part of Gaston's Pack. Of course, Vencel had only done that to protect innocent people - but he'd done it, and she'd seen him acting that way. He wouldn't blame her for thinking that might be who he really was inside.

    "Thank you," he replied. "I've never been so happy. I'm a very lucky man, that Dulcia agreed to be my wife."

    A little awkwardly, he added, "Larissa, I'm not sure how things are between us. I hope that... you can forgive me for the masquerade I had to put on for Gaston and his men. I didn't enjoy that. I didn't see any other options at the time. I just hope you don't think that's who I am."

    The sort of man he had pretended to be wouldn't deserve to be with Dulcia or his daughters, and Vencel didn't want Larissa to worry that they were at risk.
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    Paloma Sandoval

    I don't think it's silly. I think it's nice that you want help people. The world needs more lawyers who actually want to help people, not just make money.

    Paloma told Dipak with a smile. She didn't know much about Nagy Prison but from what she did know, she knew it wasn't exactly a place that encouraged the inmates to pursue higher education. Plus there was nothing wrong with going back to school. She truly didn't think anyone was too old to go. She didn't want the conversation to end and asked.

    What else do you like to do? When you aren't studying?

    Maybe if they had some things in common she could come up with an excuse to spend more time with Dipak.
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    Taras Perov

    Taras had been more worried about Iwan and Zuzanna's reactions to the engagement then Grushenka's. He knew his daughter liked Jagoda and her children. When he saw the smiles on the younger children's faces, he could tell they were happy. He kissed Grushenka's cheek when he saw how happy she was. When Jagoda said Grushenka could call her mom and that they would all be a family, he smiled and said.

    I love the sound of it too.
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    Larissa Perov

    You're welcome. I'm sure you two will be very happy together.

    Larissa could tell that Vencel and Dulcia loved each other and their daughters very much. She was certain they would be a happy family. Although she hadn't realized until she approached Vencel that he was nervous around her. He was friends with Orin and Ferenc and thus she considered him her friend too. It did suddenly hit her that they never actually talked about what happened at Gaston's house after they returned back to the community. He had been hurt and she had meant to tell him she was sorry for yelling at him but then Noah's parents had gotten sick and she had been so busy planning her wedding while he and Dulcia were starting to plan a life together.

    I forgave you the moment I saw that the girls were safe. I meant to tell you sooner but...Well, you know how life is.

    She said with a slight shrug. She smiled and told Vencel.

    I know you aren't who you were pretending to be. You protected my children and you let Gaston think you killed his brother when it would be easier on you to just tell him I did it.

    She felt a little bad what that lie had caused Gaston to do. Vencel had been tortured because of it and could have lost Dulcia and Charma plus his own life because she killed Orson.

    I'm sorry how I yelled at you that day and for the things Gaston did to you and your family because of Orson, and thank you for protecting me and the kids.
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    "I haven't had much of an opportunity for hobbies for the past few years," Dipak said with a self-deprecating smile.

    At Nagy, the activities pretty much consisted of staring at the blank wall of your cell, eating when you could stomach the bad food, sleeping a lot to take your mind off things, and occasionally strolling in the grim paved exercise area. Not exactly the sort of thing he could claim as leisure activities when he talked to Paloma.

    "I used to like hiking, though, and I'm getting back into it. That'll be easier in our new home, when we don't have to worry about crossing paths with silver-toting humans so much. I enjoy photography, too. Mostly plants and animals. How about you, Paloma? What do you do in your spare time?"
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