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    Planet Nero: Consequences

    Planet Nero: Consequences

    Planet Nero is a planet that has two extreme climates and kingdoms. The kingdom to the South is called Fotia and is mainly desert. It has blistering heat. The kingdom to the North is called Pagos and is full of snow and ice. It has freezing temperatures. The citizens of both kingdoms have long since gotten used to the climates. For much of Nero's history the kingdoms of Fotia and Pagos would go to war. This ended 25 years ago because of the Great War. Fotia and Pagos had a war so horrible and bloody it almost destroyed the planet. Children were orphaned and it was hard to find someone who had not lost a least one loved one because of it. Queen Ember of Fotia and King Lars of Pagos called a truce. Both had lost their families and almost their own lives in a war they couldn't even remember why it started. In the Mountains of Mesos, they built the City of Eirini. Built perfectly halfway between both kingdoms, it serves as a peaceful meeting point for the rulers and a place of trade between the kingdoms. Over time the wounds of the past have slowly healed the kingdoms live peacefully with each other until recently.

    Previously on Nero:

    Dayana tried to trick Milson into get free but it didn't work. Instead she almost killed him except her enemy, Seth appeared. DThe invasion began and Selene and Barrett helped the guards try to protect the people. Pembrooke appeared and tried to kill Geoffers. Gwynn killed him to save Geoffers' life, it deeply affected her though. Some of the invaders were captured and it was decided to put them on trial, which was ruined by an attack by more invaders. During the chaos, Dayana (who couldn't resist watching it) was found and Angel and Milson teleported her to the western glaciers with Barrett's help to draw out Seth. Maverik, the Hunter, returned to Nero and offered a truce to stop a dangerous First named Janus. Mass epidemics happened and two Firsts,Yersinia and her brother Pestis, claimed to be "healers". Eventually it was discovered they were behind it and Maverik killed them. Gwynn (who went into her cocoon and aged to that of an adult), realized she loved Geoffers and that he loved her back. The alien invaders who survived the epidemic wanted to give peace a try.
    Now the Royal Family plans on having the trials of the T'brryr, Dayana, and Geoffers....
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    The Royal Family of Nero would be a busy for a while being there were three trials to hold. The T'brryr's trial was first but it was more for H'richtkt'hrt and Drbb'ikt to speak to the people. To tell them what the survivors' roles in the invasion were and to promise peace. After almost being killed thanks to the disease caused by Pestis and Yersinia, there would be no punishments. Almost dying seemed punishment enough, it was time to move forward to the future. Barrett and Selene weren't naive though, people had been hurt and killed. Some could and probably were angry that a home was being offered to the alien invaders. There was lots of security at the trial being held in Eirini. It was the City of Peace after all. Although no one was quite sure why Janus had made it disappeared and made it return so after Angel drained the king and queen with seemingly no consequences. Barrett was sure there was a reason for it but they hadn't figured it out. Well, he might as well worry about things he could control.

    Everyone in place?

    He asked Jared, who nodded his head.

    Yes, your highness. If anyone tries something, they'll be taken down immediately.

    Not by deadly force unless there was no other option but no one wanted a repeat of the last trial for the T'brryr.

    Good, hopefully we're just being overly cautious.

    But it was better to be safe rather then sorry. Geoffers, who had been regaining more and more strength each day since his near brush with death and the life saving blood transfusion from Gwynn, thought it was better to be safe then sorry. He was getting around slowly with a cane but it was nice to not be trapped in his room twenty fours hours a day. Although he didn't mind Gwynn laying in bed with him. He smiled at Gwynn.

    It looks like it's about to start, which means you're needed Royal Ambassador.

    He gave a kiss and took a seat off the stage. Not everyone in Nero were as nice to him as the Royal Family had been. His actions had caused a lot of harm, so he decided to avoid people as much as he could before he had his own trial to go to.

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    Selene hoped they were just being overly cautious about the amount security today. There had been enough pain and suffering lately in Nero thanks to Pestis and Yersinia, that they didn't need people holding grudges against the wrong T'brryr. She felt for the people who had been hurt or lost loved ones but being angry at the survivors wouldn't change what happened, all they do was move forward. The Royal Family took the podium, addressing the people and asking for them to listen and give H'richtkt'hrt and Drbb'ikt a chance to say what they needed to say before jumping to conclusions.
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    Gwynn and the T'brryr

    Gwynn knew she was getting some puzzled looks from the crowd for sharing a kiss with Geoffers in public, but she didn't mind. Their relationship wasn't a secret. Actually, she thought it was good for them to see him. Geoffers had, by necessity, essentially disappeared from society for months. It would be easy for him to get vilified if they forgot he was one of them. Seeing him again, they would surely realize he was just a man who had made mistakes, not a monster.

    They would also see that he was not locked up, restrained, or under guard. That might not mean much to the citizens of Nero now, but when Geoffers showed up for his trial, they would realize he had come voluntarily. Surely that would work in his favour.

    She hoped so, at least. As the date of his trial approached, Gwynn was getting more and more nervous for him. She wished there was some way she could just save him, but she couldn't be unfair to anyone else who had committed a crime but wasn't romantically involved with a royal family member - nor would Geoffers want her to be unfair. Gwynn could only speak her mind on the stand and hope for the best. If the jury went against him... well, they would just have to make it work. Gwynn couldn't imagine being with anyone else, no matter how difficult their lives got.

    The truth was, though, that having Geoffers in prison would interfere with the life Gwynn hoped to have with him. Their relationship was new, but she could imagine them getting married someday like Selene and Barrett and Angel and Milson had. She could imagine them having a family together. Still, she would give those dreams up if she had to. It was more important just to be with Geoffers... in any capacity that was possible.

    "I'll see you afterward," she told him, and took her place on the stage.

    Gwynn's part in this trial would be minimal. Her presence was more of a formality. The T'brryr would speak on their own behalf, and then Gwynn would merely have to stand up and explain that the terms of peace were acceptable to the monarchy, and the T'brryr would be formally welcomed to Nero.

    H'richtkt'hrt and Drbb'ikt both spoke eloquently through their translator. They told the people of a very different world, one ruled by fear and military force. Of life under constant threat, and the brainwashing they were subject to from the time they hatched. H'richtkt'hrt told of his dead mate, and his kidnapped eggs held hostage and threatened. Both of them spoke of the reluctance of many of their people to come to Nero, and the guilt they felt about following their orders. Drbb'ikt assured the people of Nero that those responsible for planning the invasion or committing the acts of violence had already died in the plague.

    The other T'brryr sat silently and listened. All of the adults were present except those who were on childcare and eggcare duty, and all of the children who were old enough to understand were there too. Gwynn thought it would be obvious even to those who saw the T'brryr as strange insects that these were mostly civilians and little ones.

    H'richtkt'hrt concluded their statements by saying carefully and awkwardly but intelligibly in the human language that they were sorry.

    Gwynn stood, and said, "The crown has no desire to prolong hostilities with the T'brryr, or to further punish them after what they have suffered from the illness. We deplore the loss of life that has already happened on both sides, and we don't want to see any more bloodshed. For our part, we accept the surrender of the T'brryr and seek to establish a lasting peace, where we can share this planet and work together for the common good."
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    Geoffers saw the looks some people gave when he and Gwynn kissed. He didn't care, though. All that mattered was what Gywnn and her family thought of him. Gwynn loved him and her siblings accepted him into their family. He stayed off stage so people wouldn't try to make this about him. This trial was about the T'brryr and he was just here to support the family. At his own trial, people could ask him whatever they wanted. The people were willing to listen to what H'richtkt'hrt and Drbb'ikt had to say, which was a good sign. Of course, there were also some people who were vocal no matter what.

    How can you let them live with us when they killed people?

    A man asked in the crowd. Barrett told the man.

    They apologized for that. Many were coerced into fighting, which is no different then what Pembrooke forced the clay soldiers to do at my wedding. We offered the clay soldiers a home, so I see no reason we cannot offer the same to the T'brryr when they have expressed their regrets for what happened. We cannot change what happened but we can move forward as friends.
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    Selene was glad the people were willing to listen and except for a select few, most seemed ready to forgive and move on. The man accepted Barrett's reply but a woman quickly said.

    But they don't even look like us.

    What difference does that make?

    Selene asked the woman whose face turned red when everyone looked at her.

    Well, it's just they look like giant bugs....

    So? Just because they look different then us, that doesn't mean they don't share the same feelings as us. H'richtkt'hrt lost his mate, his wife. As sad as that is, I know many in Nero can relate to that. His children were threatened. I'm sure there are not many of you who would not do what he did if you children were threatened. I certainly would do anything anything to protect my child and he or she is not even born yet. The T'brryr may not look like us but they share many of the same things we do. They have hopes, dreams, and have fears. They are capable of feeling the same emotions we do, like love and friendship. We cannot change what has happened, but we can move forward. We can all be friends.

    Even the woman seemed to agree with that. The T'brryr might look different but that didn't mean they weren't capable of feeling the same things as she or other people were.
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    Gwynn and the T'brryr

    Gwynn was glad that the message was being reasonably well received. She hadn't expected immediate agreement - but she was pleased that they were listening at all. The T'brryr did look and think differently, but that didn't mean they couldn't have peace. They would all just need to give each other some understanding.

    H'richtkt'hrt asked if he could speak again, and he relayed through his translator, "We are not asking your people to place your trust in us today. You have every right to be suspicious, and to want to protect yourselves and your families. We do not blame you for that. All we ask is that you give us a chance to prove ourselves. Not to trust us instantly, but to give us the chance to earn your trust over time. We will not betray you or disappoint you."
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    Grimcleaver and Mercy

    Grimcleaver and Mercy

    (((I couldn't find a time put anywhere, so I guessed at two weeks. I can change it if anyone thought differently.)))

    It had been two weeks since the sudden epidemic, and the equally sudden cure. Grim and Mercy had rested at the palace until Grim was convinced Mercy was fully rested. After a few days, taking the opportunity to be briefed on all the different happenings meanwhile, they decided to leave the palace and head to Eirini. As the attack on Pagos might still be fresh in some minds, Grim felt the last thing that would be helpful right now was that someone should recognize him. "Besides," he had said, "Palace life never suited me."
    They hired an inn in Eirini. Mercy felt that it would be wrong to impose themselves on Angel, although she did go visit as often as possible to help out around the orphanage. Grim spent most of his time gathering reports from various contacts. It seemed that Father Petas still made visits around the village, but they were sporadic, and no one could give Grim a clear schedule for the man. The difficulty was that most everyone in the village held him in high regards; they would never believe that he was the malevolent first that sent their village away.
    Maverik had run off, and Grim had not heard from him since. Most likely, he would reappear when he was needed. He had a habit of doing that.

    On the day of the trials, Grim decided that he would take part of the patrol around town. He thought perhaps that someone might still recognize him, so it would be best to stay out of the trials. Mercy, however, insisted on attending, saying that Grim needed to know what happened. Mad Mikey was stationed nearby, but not inside. If anyone saw or recognized Mikey (it would be hard to forget a lunatic with a sword sticking out his back), they remembered that people like Mad Mikey are best quickly forgotten.
    As Grim made a pass by the building being used as a court-house for the trials, Mercy met him at the door. "Well?" he asked.
    "It seems like they are going to allow the... the... whatever they're called, to stay on the planet without punishment," Mercy informed him.
    "Near genocide is punishment enough, eh? What do the people think?"
    "Some of them oppose it, but Barrett and Selene's support seems to be going a long way."
    "Okay. Keep me informed."
    Mercy went back inside. As Grim began walking away, he poked a stick into a nearby bush. "If something happens, get her out of there first and then find me."
    The bush shook in what seemed to be general understanding.
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    Selene didn't expect the people to all be accepting and all in agreement. There would be doubts and fears. They had seen what the T'brryr were capable of during the invasion. All that was being asked was for the people to give them a chance.

    H'richtkt'hrt is right. All they are asking for is a chance. You saw what the T'brryr could do in a battle but now let us see what they are capable of in peace. If we give them a chance, I'm certain they will prove to be a great addition to Nero.

    The people seemed to agree with that. Being alowed to be suspicious and taking some time to fully trust them was a more reasonable request.

    Where will they live?

    In Fotia because their bodies need to be in a warm climate to survive. But they will be welcome all around Nero.
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    Barrett agreed that they weren't expecting total trust, just to give the T'brryr a chance to prove to everyone they wanted peace and would be good citizens to Nero.

    H'richtkt'hrt is their leader but they will still have to abide by the same laws as everyone else does in Nero. If one of them breaks a law, then the same punishments that apply to humans will also apply to them.

    He didn't want the people to think that T'brryr would get special treatment just because they looked different.

    On the other hand, they will also have the same freedoms and rights you all enjoy as well. Just because we look different on the outside, it doesn't mean we aren't the same on in inside.

    The people, for the most part, seemed to agree as well. A elderly man raised his hand to speak.

    I have a question, your highness, but not directed for anyone on stage. It's for someone else.

    Go ahead and ask, sir.

    Barrett told the man and the man turned to Elian.

    Young man, you almost died because of the T'brryr. I saw it these old eyes of mine. You'd be dead if not for the kind Miss Angel. So, let me ask you, are you willing to accept the T'brryr as citizens of Nero when you could have lost your life because of them?
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