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    Elian had not expected to be asked to speak at the trial, but he had been curious about the outcome, so he had decided to attend. He wasn't yet medically fit to return to guard duty - he still wore bandages, moved with difficulty, and was being medicated for the pain - so he was here in his capacity as a private citizen, not as part of his job. He stood, with effort, and faced the old man.

    "Sir, two days before the invasion one of my colleagues was knifed while trying to apprehend a suspect in a robbery, and nearly died. I don't see what happened to me as any different. It wasn't 'them' - the T'brryr - who attacked me. It was just one person. That person isn't here; he was killed in the fighting at the first trial. I don't hold any of the other T'brryr responsible for what happened. When we join the guards, we go in understanding that we might have to give our lives. Of course, we hope it won't happen, but it's a sacrifice we need to be prepared to make."

    Seeming to draw more confidence from some reservoir within himself, he continued, "Yes, I am willing to accept the T'brryr as citizens of Nero. When I'm well enough to return to my post, I will defend them to the best of my ability, just like any other citizen. I don't think we can judge the T'brryr as a species by what happened to me. Humans can be just as violent. I believe the T'brryr are capable of just as much good. I'd like to see us all live here in peace."

    Not generally a talkative young man, and rather unused to speaking in public, Elian became self-conscious again. He nodded respectfully to the elderly man who had questioned him, and took his seat.
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    ::Angel and Milson had attended the trial. Both felt the Royal Family's opinion about the T'brryr was the right decision. A mass epidemic that had almost wiped out their whole species seemed punishment enough for them. Plus most of the survivors were children, they shouldn't be hold responsible for what happened anymore then human children were held responsible for the actions of their elders. She smiled seeing Elian. She was glad that he up and about even if he was no where cleared for duty. His words seemed to have a good effect on the crowd. It appeared to Angel that most of the people agreed with the decision as well. Good, she thought. There didn't need to have more fighting over things that couldn't be changed. Personally Angel would rather focus on good things herself, like that her family had recovered from the epidemic and that Gordon would be joining them for dinner soon. The kids were eager to meet Aunt Marta's new friend. Although Angel hoped that they would be more then that someday.::
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    Elian's answer pleased the old man and it seemed to sink into the minds of some of the other people in attendance.

    Thank you, Elian. Are there are any other questions or concerns?

    Barrett asked the people and after everyone's questions and concerns were addressed, it was time of the people to vote on whether or not the T'brryr would be allowed to live on Nero and be citizens. Although Barrett and Selene were the king and queen, when it came to decisions like this, they wanted the people to decide. Nero might have a Royal Family but it also allowed the people to have a say in what happened in their world.

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    Selene thanked Elian as well for his reply. It seemed it got people thinking. Impartial lords, not directly connected to the Royal Family or the T'brryr, tallied the votes. No one wanted there to be a so-called bias in the outcome of the vote. If the people voted for the T'brryr to not be allowed to live on Nero, Selene and Barrett already planned to find them a suitable home somewhere else in the universe. Soon it became clear that their backup wasn't needed. A vast majority of the people voted to allow the T'brryr to live on Nero as citizens.
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    ::Of course, Angel and Milson had voted for the T'brryr to be allowed to be citizens of Nero and they were very happy that a vast majority of Nero's citizens agreed. She saw Gordon in the crowd and approached him.::

    Hi, Gordon. I hope you are feeling better.

    ::She truly hoped he was doing well after almost dying from the two hundred year old epidemic that had swept through the human population. She smiled as she continued.::

    We were wondering if you would like to join us for dinner sometime. The kids would be thrilled to meet you and I know a lot of them would be very interested in your job. Plus, I'm sure Marta would be happy to have you join us too.
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    Gwynn was pleased that things had worked out in favour of the T'brryr. Not that she was surprised - their representatives had spoken eloquently, and she had felt the tide of opinion turning from anger to sympathy as the trial progressed. She could only hope that the people would be equally understanding and forgiving when the time came for Geoffers to be judged. Much as she was trying not to dwell on that till Dayana's trial was over, it was never far from Gwynn's mind.

    She stopped to talk to H'richtkt'hrt and Drbb'ikt, complimenting them on their success and welcoming them to Nero in a personal rather than purely professional capacity - but she didn't stay long, because there were a lot of people waiting to talk to the T'brryr. It seemed that their openness at the hearing had made the human population decide they were approachable after all, which was a good sign for future relations.

    When she'd finished speaking to them, Gwynn returned to her family. She took Geoffers' hand and gave it a squeeze. The easiest of the trials was over. Now the hard parts were coming.
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    Gordon smiled at Angel, and replied, "Yes, I'm feeling much better, thank you. My health has improved, and I'm also relieved that the problem of the portal has resolved itself. I'm glad Doriana won't have to worry about it anymore, either."

    He'd been concerned about the young woman - and had known she was in danger - and it was frustrating that there had been very little he could do for poor Doriana. It was horrifying to think of an entire nebula full of sentient beings wiped out by disease, but a small positive was that it had rendered the portal harmless.

    "I'd be happy to join you for supper, any time. Thank you for inviting me."

    Gordon was aware that for most of his career, he'd worked too much and paid too little attention to forming connections with the people in his life. He had resolved to do better about that, and would put his work aside to attend dinner whenever Angel told him was convenient. The opportunity to see Marta was - he had to admit - a major incentive to get his priorities in order.
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    Geoffers was glad that the majority vote was to allow the T'brryr to have a home. He didn't vote. He was still considered a traitor not a citizen right now, but if he had been able to, he would have voted for them to have a home here. They deserved to have a chance to live their lives peacefully. He wondered if it was easier for the people to vote yes since the survivors were mostly children or had not truly wanted to attack Nero. He was also worried that it wouldn't go as well at his own trial. After all, he couldn't say he was coerced. He squeezed Gwynn's hand back and thought he should enjoy this while it lasted. Surely the people wouldn't show as much kindness to him and he'd probably be only able to touch Gwynn through prison bars. He didn't have to worry about his own trial just yet, though. Dayana was going on trial next and he was sure that she would express no regrets, like the T'brryr had for their actions or that he would for his own.
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    "I know that today can't have been easy for you," Gwynn told Geoffers quietly. The trial had surely taken its toll on someone who was facing a trial of his own. "It was brave of you to come. Surely people will see how hard you're trying to do the right thing."

    Suddenly, she shivered, although she wasn't cold. The chill that had come over her wasn't physical.

    "Sorry," she said, a little embarrassed. "I just got a weird feeling. It's nothing."



    Afon hadn't come to Nero to find Gwynn. He'd come because he was trying to find Maverik, the god-hunter. If all went well, Afon planned to kill Maverik before the Hunter had a chance to kill him. When he teleported to Nero in search of Maverik's recent location, though, Afon felt Gwynn's presence immediately, and it made him smile.

    Of course, he didn't have any illusions that Gwynn had been faithful to him. Gwynn had never been the committing type, or much for fidelity. Nor, for that matter, had he. It didn't matter. When they got together again, it was always as if they'd never been apart.

    He'd ask her to help him kill Maverik. Surely by now, she was well on her way to full awakening. Their powers had always worked well in tandem. Afon was sure that Gwynn would be up for it. Gwynn was always up for that sort of thing.

    After they'd made their kill, when her blood was up... well, killing wasn't the only thing the two of them were good at doing together. Yes, it would be well worth a detour to find Gwynn.

    As he wandered around Eirini, Afon heard that a goddess would be put on trial for her crimes. Not Gwynn, of course. Still, he was curious. How could humans have the arrogance to think their justice meant anything to a First? This, he would have to see...
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    That's wonderful.

    ::Angel replied when Gordon said he was doing much better. She nodded her head in agreement about Doriana.::

    My husband and I are glad as well, although it is sad to think innocent life was lost in the closing. Of course, the positive is that the threat is gone and that Doriana won't be in danger anymore. Also with other people being willing to learn the T'brryr's language, she can go back to being a teenager.

    ::It wasn't that Doriana didn't like helping but she was still a teenage girl. She should be allowed to have experiences like other children her age. The Royal Family respected that and Doriana wasn't going to be expected to the sole translator between the humans and the T'brryr. She smiled when Gordon accepted the dinner invitation.::

    You're welcome, thank you for wanting to join us.

    ::With Dayana's trial rapidly approaching, Angel suggested that Gordon join them the night after it was over. That would give them time to clean up the orphanage. It wasn't dirty but with so many children living there, there wasn't always enough time in the day to clean up everything every single night. She was sure Gordon would rather not step on some toys.::
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