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    "I look forward to it," Gordon said with a smile.

    "And by the way... please don't feel like you have to go to a lot of trouble over it. I understand how many children you have in your care, and that they create a certain level of pleasant chaos. I don't mind that. So I hope you won't feel like you have to try to make everything too perfect. I'll enjoy my time with the children being children, and I don't want to give you extra work to do."

    Gordon had always been a bachelor, and he'd been fortunate in his financial situation, but he wasn't ignorant of the realities of life. He wasn't expecting the children to be mere cute decorations. The orphanage was their home, and of course it would be lived-in. He wouldn't mind stepping over toys.

    "I'll see you then. And please, let me know if I can bring anything to contribute to the meal."
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    Maybe or they'll just think it's best to throw away the key and forget I ever existed.

    Geoffers replied to Gwynn. He was trying to stay optimistic but it wasn't easy. He wasn't innocent like the many of the surviving T'brryr were. His actions had gotten people hurt, killed, and ruined their homes and businesses. The Royal Family might recommend what Dayana did to him was punishment enough but in the end the people would decide his fate. They might decide he hadn't suffered enough. His own worries disappeared when Gwynn shivered.

    Oh, okay.

    He replied when she said it was nothing. Barrett was concerned as well but didn't press the issue. There wasn't a long time between the T'brryr's trial and Dayana's. Her trial had been long overdue. Actually she would have been put on trial sooner if they weren't waiting for everyone to fully recover from the illnesses. Geoffers had agreed to testify at Dayana's trial.

    You sure you want to take the stand?

    Barrett asked him. He was sure Dayana would probably fall on her own sword when she began to speak but Geoffers' testimony would help prove her guilt. Geoffers nodded his head.

    I'm sure. I have to face them eventually.

    Barrett nodded his head in understanding and added.

    I'm sure Dayana's trial won't go as smoothly as the T'brryr's did.

    Probably not.

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    Selene had been worried why Gwynn shivered but trusted that if it was something bad, she'd tell them. She also agreed with Barrett and Geoffers that Dayana's trial won't go as smoothly as the first trial had. But that was because of Dayana's own personality.

    This whole thing is ridiculous! I already told you I'd leave your little hell hole alone for all eternity! This pathetic planet and its people aren't worth it!

    Dayana yelled at the Royal Family as two very annoyed guards forced her to walk. Her wrists were handcuffed and she was depowered to the point of being almost mortal. She didn't understand why the gods of Nero gave a crap what the people of this awful place thought. They let the people have a say when they could rule over them as dictators. Gods were far superior to any other life form in the universe but these Firsts apparently hadn't gotten the memo. Selene rolled her eyes and muttered to her family.

    Yeah, this is going to go real smooth.
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    Gwynn knew there was really nothing she could say to Geoffers to allay his fears, because he wasn't wrong. It could happen that way. She would just have to do her best to convince the people of Nero that he deserved another chance. And if it didn't work... well, at least one person wasn't going to forget about him. They would still be together. They could probably even still get married someday - assuming Geoffers was thinking along the same lines, since they'd never actually discussed the subject - although of course children would be out of the question.

    Still, what kind of a life would that be for Geoffers? The idea of him spending his life behind bars was depressing to think about... and it would be such a waste. Relationship with Gwynn aside, Geoffers had such potential to be a force for good on Nero. It would be a shame if that potential was locked away forever in a jail cell.

    At least soon they would know. Gwynn would never stop hoping for the best.

    When the time came for Dayana's trial, Gwynn sat with the others. Although there probably wouldn't be much needed from Gwynn at this trial except to be a quiet audience member, she held Geoffers' hand to give him moral support while he waited to testify.

    Of course, Dayana came out in typical form. What the Goddess of Order didn't seem to understand was that they couldn't just send her away from Nero and unleash her on a different planet. They had to make sure that she wasn't able to hurt anyone even when she was exiled from their world.

    "Yeah, I think this may be a long day," Gwynn said, knowing it was a major understatement.
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    ::Angel was glad that Gordon was looking forward to having dinner with them. She smiled when he said he understood there were a lot of children under her care and that she didn't need to make it too perfect.::

    I'll keep that in mind.

    ::She'd still make sure the children picked up their toys though. It wasn't very fun to step on something one of the little ones forgot to put away. She thought a moment what he could bring and said.::

    Don't feel obligated, but you could bring a dessert.

    ::She suggested and told him how many people lived there. She didn't want Gordon to feel he had to bring anything, though. They were happy to just have a guest over. It was pretty obvious on the day of Dayana's trial that it was going to be drama filled. Not that she expected anyone to ruin it, it would just be full of drama because of Dayana herself. Angel frowned when she felt that another First was here. Not someone she recognized, though. Angel looked around and Milson asked her with a frown.::

    Something wrong?

    ...I'm not sure.

    ::Angel replied, she couldn't find the First and put him or her to the back of her mind when the trial started.::
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    All rise for the honorable Judge Axelsen.

    A voice called as the trial was to begin and the judge took his seat. Like at the first trial for the T'brryr, the Royal Family wasn't going to be running the show. Dayana's fate would be left in the hands of the people she had harmed. Dayana looked angry to be even be part of this three ring circus. Mortals putting a goddess on trial was ridiculous.

    Dayana, do you understand the crimes you've been accused of?

    I've done nothing wrong! I was trying to protect this miserable rock!

    Dayana yelled at the judge and her appointed lawyer nervously tried to calm her down.

    Please, we talked about this. You have to-

    I don't have to do anything you say, mortal! I don't need you.

    She hissed at her lawyer and Judge Axelsen raised an eyebrow.

    You don't want to be represented?

    No. I can defend myself. Everything I did was justified and I did nothing wrong.

    Dayana said raising her chin up at the judge, who shook his head. He had seen many accused criminals over the years but none with the attitude she had.

    Very well. Give your opening statement.

    Fine. Listen up mortals of Nero, what I did was justified. I was trying to protect your pathetic little home from Firsts that would endanger you. The ends would have justified the means.

    Dayana said and took a seat as the judge called forth witnesses.
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    Geoffers held Gwynn's hand as he waited for his turn to speak. Some of the witnesses were people who had seen how Dayana had acted after she made her presence known. Monk Viren testified that Dayana had tried to trick him and the Aireens into going to war with Fotia by pretending to be Selene. People said how they saw her try to get Selene and Barrett to fight at the party they threw to announce that the queen was pregnant. People spoke how she had killed the people of Pembrooke's estate just because she could. One knight testified that she tried to kill Milson to escape. Jared and Luca testified about how she approached them to help awaken the king and queen's powers. Claiming they had to know what they were to protect Nero from Seth. A god who hadn't shown interest in Nero until her own actions brought his attention to it. Everyone's stories were of a goddess who showed no remorse for what she did. She had been willing to do anything and everything to achieve her goals. Eventually it was his turn to speak. He heard grumblings as he slowly walked up on the stage with his cane and he felt Dayana glaring at him. The prosecutor asked him.

    Before the queen and king awoke from their comas, Dayana approached you to help her with her plan, correct?

    Yes. She said that a great danger was coming and-

    Who cares what he says? He's a traitor!

    Yelled a voice in the audience and other people started to agree. Judge Axelson slammed his gavel.

    Order! Order! Geoffers will answer for his own crimes at his trial. This one is about Dayana, not him. Continue, Geoffers.

    Yes, your Honor.

    Geoffers replied and went into detail about the things Dayana had had him do and the power she had loaned him to accomplish this. The prosecutor turned to the people.

    So, Dayana claims everything she did was to protect us from this God of Chaos but yet we now know he didn't care anything about Nero until she tried to cause the kingdoms of Pagos and Fotia to go to war with each other. She says she's the "Goddess of Order" but she seems more like a Goddess of Chaos to me.
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    Death glares were being shot by Dayana at everyone who testified against her. If looks could kill, the undertakers of Nero would be very busy today. She lost her temper at what the prosecutor said about her.

    You listen to me, you little insect! Don't you are dare associate me with Seth. If you have seen the things that I've seen him capable of, you'd be on your knees. Worshiping me for trying to protect you.

    We only have your word that he-

    You idiot mortals can never see the big picture! I was-

    Sit down.

    Don't you dare tell me what to do. I can-

    I just did. This is my courtroom and we are deciding your fate. Your attitude is not helping your case.

    I don't give a crap what any of you think. I know what I did was right. I'd do it all over again too.

    Dayana replied with a glare to the judge and sat down in a big huff.
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    Gwynn cringed when someone in the crowd yelled at Geoffers. She couldn't tell how many agreed with him; most of the faces she saw when she glanced around were impassive. The shouter didn't seem alone in his belief, though, and that worried Gwynn. Of course, things might change drastically at the trial when Geoffers had a chance to speak for himself... but not if people's minds were already made up about him. Gwynn was starting to fear that the people might not listen to Geoffers at all.

    Trying to push these worries aside, she took Geoffers' hand again when he was dismissed from the stand, and whispered, "Good job. You're doing well at this public speaking stuff." Lizard Dog wagged his tail as if in agreement.

    What Dayana said just left Gwynn shaking her head. The Goddess of Order really didn't get it, did she? If she had shown the slightest bit of remorse, she might have been given another chance. What was condemning her wasn't just her actions, but how clear she was making it that she had learned nothing and would be an ongoing danger to Nero. It irritated Gwynn how mean Dayana was being about the humans, many of whom Gwynn considered her friends - not to mention having a human boyfriend.

    All of a sudden, Gwynn noticed that a man across the courtroom was staring at... well, she told herself the man was probably looking at Geoffers, curious about the person who had committed that great treason. That was the only explanation she could make sense of, even though the stranger's attention actually seemed to be focused on her. For her part, she was sure she didn't recognize the guy. Gwynn got that strange sense that Firsts got in each other's presence.

    Oh no! she thought. I hope this isn't another Pestis situation...

    There were a lot of reasons someone might be curious about Gwynn, she told herself. What worried her was that, based on his expression, this stranger seemed to be the one person in the room who agreed with Dayana.
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    Being on the stage, testifying against Dayana, had been a little nerve wracking for Geoffers. He hadn't done any public speaking in months and when the one person called him out as a traitor, it made Geoffers think that his own trial wouldn't go well. Well, actually it'd go better then Dayana's, he wouldn't insist that he was right. He smiled at Gwynn.


    He told her and petted Lizard Dog's head. He turned his head when someone caught Gwynn's attention.

    Do you know him?

    Geoffers asked her quietly. The judge seemed to get more and more annoyed with Dayana. Nothing was going through her thick skull that she couldn't justify killing people or ruining people's homes just because she was trying to protect them. He turned to Barrett and Selene.

    Your highnesses, does the crown have a recommendation for the fate of this goddess?

    We do, your honor. We believe it would be fitting for her to be permanently depowered and taken to another planet where she cannot hurt anyone....

    Barrett described to the court what they had decided to do with Seth and the world Taurus that he was sent to.
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