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    ::Angel hoped the blessed gem would work. It seemed far easier for her to bless a gem with her draining powers then her healing ones. She left the room when Maverik requested everyone to do so and hoped for the best. She had ended up talking to one of the guards while they were all waiting. He and his wife had adopted a four year boy recently from the orphanage and Angel was asking how the boy was and was thrilled that the boy was adjusting very well and loving his new family.::

    ...Of course, he still misses you guys and talks about Hadrian all the time.

    ::The guard said and Angel replied.::

    That's normal, Hadrian misses him too. They were buddies. You three are always welcome to come visit us anytime, though.

    ::The guard said he'd talk to his wife and see when it would be a good time to for a visit. When Gwynn yelled out in pain from being accidentally shot by the crossbow, both Angel and the guard turned their heads. Angel ran over to Gwynn.::

    Are you sure? It won't cost me that much energy.

    ::She knew they'd have to be careful when Afon and Dayana returned but Angel didn't think they'd do that today. Plus Gwynn was her friend and Angel didn't like seeing her friends hurt.::
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    Gwynn thought for a moment and said, "Could you just heal it over so it won't bleed or get infected? Then it can heal the rest of the way on its own. I don't want to waste any of your energy when Afon and Dayana could attack at any time, but that would keep me on my feet. Thanks, Angel."

    The wound actually was pretty painful, although Gwynn was trying not to make a big deal of it because she knew Garnet already felt bad about it. At least it was just muscle, not bone. A little healing would help, and then she could let nature and conventional medicine take over from there.
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    Yes, of course and you're welcome.

    ::Angel told Gwynn with a smile. She could heal the whole wound and it probably wouldn't make her too tired but she respected Gwynn's wish. She only healed the wound enough so it wouldn't bleed or get infected. She'd still be in some pain but at least it wouldn't be as bad. Her hand glowed yellow as she healed Gwynn's wound a little and she didn't feel that tired as a result of it.::

    I'm glad you're back Garnet.

    ::She told Gwynn's twin with a smile, she was happy that she had been successful in blessing the gem and that it helped bring Garnet back to life. If she needed to heal the gem every so often to continue that, she would.::
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    Gwynn and Garnet

    "Thank you, Angel," Gwynn said, flexing her leg experimentally and deciding she was pleased with the results. She'd be able to walk on it, and she wouldn't have to worry about bleeding too much or infection while it healed. "That's a lot better."

    Garnet smiled, and impulsively gave Angel a hug. "Thanks," she said. "And thank you for blessing the gem for me. You helped save my life. I will always be grateful for that. It means more to me than I can say."
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    You're welcome, I'm glad it helps.

    ::Angel told Gwynn with a smile. Gwynn would be in a little bit of pain until her leg fully healed but at least she wouldn't be in any risk of infection. The doctors would be able to make sure the leg healed properly and help Gwynn with her pain. Angel returned Garnet's hug.::

    You're very welcome. You and your family are good friends to me and my family. Whatever you need to make sure the gem is always working, just ask.
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    "I appreciate that," Garnet said. "I'll take you up on that if I need to. Maverik said he'd show us how to replace my power source, too. I think that's a good idea. You never know what might happen with Dayana and Afon on the loose."

    Garnet was relieved to be alive, but she also knew it wouldn't be smooth sailing from here. Obviously, an alliance of evil Firsts was planning something. They needed to be prepared to fight back to protect Nero.
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